Christmas Joy anyone? (And the rest of Dover CID, of course.)

Unhappy Families (Large)

Unhappy Families (Romney and Marsh File #6) is back from my gentleman friend. Everything else will now go on hold while I format the finished article, read it through again and pester readers to buy it.

I have organised Amazon’s pre-release purchase function. Release date: December 27th. (Amazon insist on having the completed book ten days in advance of the publishing date. I thought about going for Christmas day but that would put too much pressure on me all things considered and, let’s face it, who’s going to be reading books on Christmas day?) Here are the links for Amazon UK and Amazon US

Please buy it. Please tell all your friends with ereaders to buy it. Please share your love of the R&M Files on your social-media sites. Let me know here, on Facebook or Twitter that you’ve pre-ordered and I’ll thank you personally – be happy to! Thank you.

My chief aim when putting out a new book in one of my three series (after trying to make enough money to extend my sabbatical [just the thought of having to go back to teaching has got me hiding under my writer’s desk, quivering with the PTSD that too many years in the job have left me burdened with]) is to release a work that does not let the side down. I am confident that this latest addition adds positively to the R&M Files canon.

A word of caution: Unhappy Families works perfectly well as a stand-alone read and much as I want it to be downloaded and read and enjoyed, for a reader to get the most out of it (and there’s plenty to get) I sincerely recommend that you don’t read it until you’ve read the other books in the series. (And that’s not me just trying to get everyone to buy the other R&M Files. But if that’s what it takes… )

Finally for today my apologies in advance: I’m trying to make a living out of writing these days. A big part of that is self-promotion (who knew?) and so I will probably be pushing R&M#6 here and about the web up until its release date and beyond…

Now, here’s the blurb:

Dover CID is enjoying a period of relative calm.

That is until DI Tom Romney gets linked with a disturbing find in a dead man’s flat; DS Joy Marsh gets involved with things that go bump in the night; DC Peter Grimes gets friendly with a ride-along author; DC Derek Spicer gets drunk and Superintendent Vine gets taken in by a ruse.

Can the members of Dover CID come through their individual trials unscathed or is it the end of the line for someone?