Christmas Joy anyone? (And the rest of Dover CID, of course.)

Unhappy Families (Large)

Unhappy Families (Romney and Marsh File #6) is back from my gentleman friend. Everything else will now go on hold while I format the finished article, read it through again and pester readers to buy it.

I have organised Amazon’s pre-release purchase function. Release date: December 27th. (Amazon insist on having the completed book ten days in advance of the publishing date. I thought about going for Christmas day but that would put too much pressure on me all things considered and, let’s face it, who’s going to be reading books on Christmas day?) Here are the links for Amazon UK and Amazon US

Please buy it. Please tell all your friends with ereaders to buy it. Please share your love of the R&M Files on your social-media sites. Let me know here, on Facebook or Twitter that you’ve pre-ordered and I’ll thank you personally – be happy to! Thank you.

My chief aim when putting out a new book in one of my three series (after trying to make enough money to extend my sabbatical [just the thought of having to go back to teaching has got me hiding under my writer’s desk, quivering with the PTSD that too many years in the job have left me burdened with]) is to release a work that does not let the side down. I am confident that this latest addition adds positively to the R&M Files canon.

A word of caution: Unhappy Families works perfectly well as a stand-alone read and much as I want it to be downloaded and read and enjoyed, for a reader to get the most out of it (and there’s plenty to get) I sincerely recommend that you don’t read it until you’ve read the other books in the series. (And that’s not me just trying to get everyone to buy the other R&M Files. But if that’s what it takes… )

Finally for today my apologies in advance: I’m trying to make a living out of writing these days. A big part of that is self-promotion (who knew?) and so I will probably be pushing R&M#6 here and about the web up until its release date and beyond…

Now, here’s the blurb:

Dover CID is enjoying a period of relative calm.

That is until DI Tom Romney gets linked with a disturbing find in a dead man’s flat; DS Joy Marsh gets involved with things that go bump in the night; DC Peter Grimes gets friendly with a ride-along author; DC Derek Spicer gets drunk and Superintendent Vine gets taken in by a ruse.

Can the members of Dover CID come through their individual trials unscathed or is it the end of the line for someone?

23 thoughts on “Christmas Joy anyone? (And the rest of Dover CID, of course.)

  1. This book will be delivered to Les’s Kindle on … No pressure on you then! Cannot wait having just re read the full set! Not my place to say but I sort of hope that our hero has a ‘fling’ with the ‘ginger ninja’ – at the risk of sounding like a dirty old man, the glimpse of stocking top was ‘interesting’ . Our hero obviously thought so.
    Keep up the great work .
    ( happy paying customer)

    • Les, that made me hoot. You seem to understand Tom well – then again he is a man. Romney and Boudicca? It’s the R&M Files – anything can happen. Good to know you enjoyed the existing books enough to read them again. Many thanks for your purchase and support. I hope you enjoy it.
      Best wishes

  2. Dear Oliver:

    Joy to the Reader (& to you)!
    After reading your post, I immediately clicked thru and pre-ordered Unhappy Families despite my Kindle Unlimited membership. Hopefully, the air will resound with the joyous sounds of your Amazon ranking/sales increasing along with their ‘cash registers’/your pockets.filling with pre-orders.

    Nose back to the grindstone ensuring R&M 6 arrives in our Kindle apps come 12/27! Hope it goes smoothly & rapidly to allow you to make pleasant memories with family and friends during the holidays.
    May your dreams and aspirations (& action plan 😉 be realized in 2016.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and stories with us.


    • Hi Lucy
      Did you see what I did with the title? 🙂
      What another lovely message. Thank you for your kind thoughts. And thanks for the order of R&M#6. All much appreciated. I’ve only just realised that I’ve probably ruined my own Christmas now by putting out the book then – I’ll spend most of the festive weekend hiding behind the sofa having anxiety attacks. Such is the price we must pay for our ‘art’, ahem. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the read and all the best to you and yours for 2016.
      Best wishes.

  3. I do enjoy the email updates as it’s nice to be able to see and understand the hard work that goes on writing books never something a non writer can fully grasp .

    • Thanks, David. That’s really good know. The blog has become a personal record of my writing/self-publishing experiences – my writer’s diary. As such it’s very valuable to me and nice to know that what I share gets read and appreciated.
      Best wishes

  4. Nipped over to pre order before finishing reading the email! Now wishing my life away (as if it isn’t going fast enough already) waiting for the 27th! Rest assured that everything else I am reading will be put aside until I have finished reading Unhappy Families!!

  5. I reckon these are my favourite series of books, the only other author I look forward to reading as much is Bernard Cornwell, the characters are so real, the storylines are so clever and they way your books are written just flows off the page, soooo pleased this one is nearly here and off to order it now 👍

    • Hi Steve
      Thanks very much for your great message of support and your pre-order. All much appreciated. It really does give me a buzz to read nice things about the books. Hope you enjoy this one, too.
      Best wishes

  6. Hi Oliver
    I’m soooooooooooo excited As soon as I got to the link to pre order I was off. I’ve got boxing day sorted now. My husband is at work so I can settle down for a visit with Dover CID and re read
    1-5!!!!!!!! Then I can get up early on the 27th for a fresh visit
    I’m sure your endeavours will have produced another entertaining tale for us Romney and Marsh fans and I can’t wait.
    I hope you still manage to enjoy Christmas

    • Hi Denise
      I’m loving these messages I’m getting today from R&M Files readers. Thanks so much for your ongoing support.
      I like the sound of your Boxing Day 🙂 I sincerely hope this next installment maintains your enthusiasm for the series. Do let me know!
      Best wishes for the season to you and yours. 🙂

  7. I don’t understand why Oliver Tidy’s book don’t get into hard copy. Most of his book are a great read and would make excellent Christmas presents or recommendations. There is so much rubbish one can buy ‘off the shelf”; a new R & M story on the kindle will be my Christmas treat..

    • Hi Joan
      Many thanks for your kind words and pre-order of the latest R&M File. Much appreciated. I have made 2016 my target year for getting hard copies of the books sorted out. Looking forward to that and seeing what you make of this latest offering. Happy Christmas reading.
      Best wishes

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