The Crime Writer and other stories

The CWAP(3)

I have a new book out: The Crime Writer and other stories. There are four short stories, four novelettes, and two novellas. Nine are crime themed and one is a gory story – plenty for lovers of crime fiction to get their teeth into. It’s available as an ebook and as a paperback.

This is my seventeenth book and it’s the first one I’ve released as both an ebook and a paperback. There is a good reason for this. I’ve entered the book in a competition that Amazon is running called Amazon Storyteller. To be eligible to enter, the never before published books must be available in both ebook and physical book formats.

If you’d like to know more about why I’ve entered this competition see here. Oliver Tidy Amazon Storyteller

If you’d like an ebook copy of the book see here. Amazon UK (Price is only 99p until the Amazon competition closes then I’ll be putting it up to £1.99) or here Amazon US (Price is $1.24 for now.)

If you’d like a paperback copy of the book see here. Amazon UK Paperback (Price £7.99) Amazon US Paperback (Price $8.99)

It goes without saying that anyone who supports me in this receives my sincere gratitude. If you would go the extra mile and read the book and leave an honest review with Amazon before the competition ends on May 19th I’ll be even more grateful.

(These are contemporary crime stories. Expect to encounter some bad language and adult themes but nothing excessive or gratuitous. Rated 15.)


If you received notification of a blog post from me today please ignore it. Or if it came through to you please ignore it. I hit publish by mistake. That post isn’t due to go out until I’ve got the Amazon links attached to it. Give it a day or so and I’ll do it again. Sorry.