The Harm Farm


The Harm Farm kindle and paperback shot

The Harm Farm is now available to download from Amazon using the following links. ebook   @£1.99 ebook    @$2.99.

The book will also shortly be available in paperback form from Amazon outlets.

Of course, I dream that everyone who owns a kindle will buy it, love it and then leave rave reviews all over Amazon, social media and the wider web. Perhaps even write letters to whoever owns Netflix demanding the screen rights be optioned for a healthy six figure sum so that I might retire to the south of France and write all day from my balcony overlooking the sea.

Failing the realisation of my delusional fantasies (we all need them) I would be quite content if some of my readers found the blurb appealing enough to download a copy read and review. If that’s you, I thank you in advance for your ongoing support. As always, it is sincerely appreciated. I hope you find something in it to enjoy.

All the best, everyone.

Megan Granger, an investigative journalist, discovers a rundown farm in the English countryside is being used to detain and torture convicted criminals for pleasure and profit. Unable to resist a story that could make her reputation, she becomes entangled with people for whom extreme violence and murder represent a way of life. As the danger escalates, Megan understands she will need to become like them, if she is to survive to tell her tale.