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Please use this page to leave a comment on the Romney and Marsh Files, or read some from readers who have enjoyed them.

530 thoughts on “The Romney and Marsh Files Comments Page

  1. My wife and i have read all the R&M books,in 4 weeks, and we have never laughed so much. The characters were great (shame we lost Grimes). I just hope you reconsider and write some more R&M.
    We have read the first B&C which we enjoyed although not laughing so much but will read the rest.
    Will have to start a campaign for more R&M.

    • Hi Nigel,
      Many thanks for getting in touch. It’s always good to hear from satisfied readers. But above all else, I prize hearing from readers who’ve enjoyed my idea of humour in the books. I had such a lot of fun writing the R&M Files. I might come back to them one day. For now, I have other projects that I want to have a go at.
      Best wishes to you and your wife. ๐Ÿ™‚
      PS Thanks for giving another of my series a go.

  2. Hi Oliver, I’ve just finished reading Particular Stupidities – I’ve enjoyed the whole series and have downloaded the final two and will start reading number 6 tonight. I just want to point two things out to you:

    Number 1) I can’t remember which book,I think it might have been in book 3, you mentioned a date being the 4th of the month. Unfortunately, the fourth was spelt forth (as in go forth and prosper) rather than the spelling for the number four which in this context is fourth – the letter ‘u’ was left out. I’m happy to reread and find out exactly where this occurred if you need me too.

    Number 2) is the big one – you made out that the girl with Down Syndrome has a disease rather than a disability. My nearly 12 year old has Down Syndrome and he is not sick in the true sense of sickness – he has a disability. There is a difference in having a genetic disability and having an illness like leukaemia or the flu. I would like you to re-write the references you made in the two books regarding Down Syndrome and correct the paragraphs concerned to show that it is a lifelong disability and not a sickness that she was going to get over which to me is the way it was written. People with Down Syndrome have the condition all of their lives and many go on to live a full and fulfilling life – they don’t know any difference and it is just part of their makeup as a human being.

    Anyway, I’m off my soap box and would be glad to work on this with you if you would like any advice etc.

    Keep up the good writing and perhaps write number 8 in the Romany and Marsh Files.

    Regards, Geraldine

    • Hi Geraldine,
      Many thanks for getting in touch. Good to know that you’re enjoying the R&M Files.
      Without having the text to hand I cannot reply in detail regarding your comments on Downs Syndrome, but I will look at it again and I will examine my description of the condition. I am well aware that it is not an illness and would certainly not seek to make light of it in any way.
      My sincere apologies in advance for anything I may have written that caused you any ill feeling for the read.
      Best wishes

  3. Hi Oliver
    my wife and I have worked our way through the Acer Sansom series ad moved on to Romney and Marsh. I enjoyed the AC books but love the humour of the Romney and Marsh Files even Romney’s occasional foul ups. I have just finished the last one White Knuckle and loved it particularly the TV interview and the CC response. My wife is just finishing the fifth one and loves them as much as me. Shame about Grimes but like the final tribute, perhaps you could write James Peters Book with Pg as the DI and maybe even pen Romney’s book.
    About to try out Booker and Case, having just worked through the three short stories and think they show promise. Like the link to Booker’s just before Peter’s demise.
    Best regards
    Andy R’.

    • Hi Andy, Many thanks for getting in touch. It’s always good to hear from readers who are enjoying the books. Thanks for your support.
      I had such a lot of fun writing the R&M Files. I miss the characters. I don’t have any plans to write another in the series but never say never. I have actually considered having a cross over with B&C in a one book.
      I hope you enjoy the B&C stories.
      Best wishes

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