bad-sons-final-large He Made Me (Large) poor-hands-large  Three Short Blasts  (Medium)

#1 – Bad Sons

#2 – He Made Me

#3 – Poor Hands

Three Short Blasts is a collection of three original stories that are not to be found anywhere else. There is one story in each of the three series that I write: The Romney and Marsh Files, Acer Sansom and Booker & Cash.

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Bad Sons

He Made Me

Three Short Blasts

Amazon US

Bad Sons #1

David Booker returns to Romney Marsh on the south coast of England for a holiday. He is expecting to spend time helping his aunt and uncle pack up the stock of their second-hand bookshop in preparation for a happy retirement.

He arrives in Dymchurch on a miserable April night to find his relatives missing without word or clue regarding their whereabouts.

As events unravel, the outlook of the local police pushes Booker to search for his own answers to the questions surrounding his family’s disappearance. To get them he will look death in the face and owe his life twice over to a woman he hardly knows.


He Made Me #2

David Booker and Jo Cash are experiencing similar stuttering starts to their new lives on Romney Marsh when Rebecca Swaine turns up seeking help. Someone is demanding a lot of money from her husband. She wants to know why.

People come undone and reputations are ruined and made before the meaning of a man’s dying words – he made me – can be guessed at.

Mrs Swaine might end up wishing she’d let sleeping lies lie.


Poor Hands #3

Out of a big old building on the south coast of Kent David Booker runs a book-themed coffee shop and Jo Cash operates a private investigation business. They live there, too. But not like that.

Jo needs help with tracing a mystery client’s living relatives. David needs help with his staffing problems. Sometimes two heads are better than one. Sometimes a poor hand is better than none.


42 thoughts on “BOOKER & CASH STORIES

    • Hi Liz
      Thanks for your interest.
      It’s written. It’s with the gentleman who helps me with proofreading. I don’t think he’s made a start yet. I would love to say by the end of November. (We usually to and fro chapters and suggestions and that takes time of course) but to be on the safe side I’m going to say Christmas latest. Fingers crossed. I will certainly make announcements here on the blog.
      Best wishes.

  1. That’s great – it will appear on my Christmas list then 🙂 will it be available on kindle as well?!
    Thank you for creating such enjoyable books by the way; unfortunately I’m getting withdrawal symptoms as I’ve read them all now 😦
    Best wishes, Liz

    • If I manage to get it out sooner, I’ll make an announcement on here.
      It will be available on Kindle only unless a publisher suddenly appears at my front door on their knees begging for the rights to it with a suitcase full of used fifty pound notes. (I won’t hold my breath.)
      So glad that you’ve enjoyed the books so far. Thanks for saying so.
      I’m sitting here banging away at my laptop working on the fourth R&M File. Over halfway now. It’s going well.
      Best wishes.

  2. Oliver, I have just spent a few days tinselling and Turkeying at Torquay – hows that for alliteration, during which I finished both Acer Sansom books which I must say I thoroughly enjoyed – however, I am now bereft – no new Oliver Tidy books to read, so roll on the new R & M and the Booker & Cash. I’m thinking the must be a publisher who is missing out on loadsa commission if only they would wake up and smell the coffee. Mind you I would probably have to spend more to read your books, so it’s an ill wind, not that I would begrudge the extra if they all lived up to the standard so far set. May I take this opportunity to wish you the compliments of the season and wish you all you wish yourself for 2014 – may you find the publisher you so richly deserve.


    • Hello again, Ray
      What a lovely message. Thanks very much. You’ve made my evening. Make that my day. I applaud your alliteration. Fine effort, sir.
      Thanks for your support in reading the Acers. I’m so pleased to learn that you enjoyed them. I’m itching to get going on the third but it’s all time that I just don’t have enough of.
      I’m really looking forward to getting the Booker and Cash out. It’s different again to the others and I like it a lot.
      If you enjoyed the humour in Joint Enterprise I think you’ll like R&M#4. I had such a lot of fun writing that particular book. Again, I’m really looking forward to getting that polished and out in a couple of months.
      I’m really happy self-publishing but of course I’d love to see my books on a proper shelf one day. Many thanks for your good wishes for that side of things. I really appreciate it.
      Seasonal best to you. Cheers!

  3. Oliver, Have just started reading the Booker and Cash and it’s definitely up to the usual high standard. Just for your information I was taking part in a quiz at my local bowls club when there was a question on resorts, one of which was Bodrun thanks to the Acer Books I knew the answer, My team mates were amazed and asked how I knew that – I replied – Just an advantage of being well read – so thanks for that – keep up the good work – I’ve only spotted one typo so far so the proof reader must be earning his corn

    • Hi Ray,
      Glad you took a chance on the Booker and Cash and that it’s started well for you. Thanks for letting me know.
      I had a good chuckle at your quiz experience. Just goes to show.
      Look forward to seeing how the read works out for you.
      Best wishes.

  4. Hi Oliver, You have said that you would be interested to hear my comments on Bad Sons. Well, I’m not too sure that you will like them a lot, but here goes.
    I absolutely love, (what is love, it’s certainly not the same as like, because I love my wife, but most of the time I don’t like her.) or like a lot then, the start and the narration of the main character, David Booker, who I have to think of as a “Dave” from now on for the following reasons.
    Half way through the book, which is where I am now, Dave turns from a wise, seemingly intelligent being, into a, lets say, (well what is the antonym of streetwise?) complete gormless feckwit. Maybe it was the punch that Pike’s mate gave him? Anyway, I am now completely frustrated with him and I feel like chucking the book on the fire, as he’s made me so angry with his pathetic unawareness.
    What is he doing getting compromised so often in such a short space of time, by heavy duty thugs, after being threatened (somebody making a pistol with their finger and pointing it at me, would have me watching my back for sure, never mind the threat from Pike). Especially as he knows that his aunt and uncle were murdered locally and that Flashman has a motive? How many warnings does he need?
    Anyway, obviously I won’t throw the book on the fire because it’s an expensive Kindle Fire HD. However, I’m sure that I’d give up on the book by now, if it had been written by anyone else but yourself, because I like, very much, your work, so I will finish the story.
    I might be an old fool myself, but I find it very hard to identify with fools like your “Dave.” I’m now hoping that the book will get better, or that “Dave” will get beaten up a few more times and properly maimed, for his own aimless stupidity.

    • Morning Russell

      Enjoyed your feedback. Put a smile on my chops this morning.

      I don’t mind for a moment that ‘Dave’ is frustrating you. It’s a reaction and ‘art’ (ahem) is all about getting a reaction, no?

      Our master Booker is a bit of a fool. He doesn’t act in his own best interests all the time. He’s hot headed and, yes, a bit stupid. He reminds me of me.

      If you’re half way through and thinking of dumping your fire in the fire may I suggest you throw a bucket of water in the hearth before you read on. I have a feeling you’re going to be tempted again before the end is nigh.

      Have a good one!
      Best wishes

  5. Hi again Oliver, I finished Bad Sons, after a late night bedtime reading session last night and the fantastic (as in fantasy) ending had me falling off to sleep in bewilderment. So much so that I had to re-read it this morning. My conclusion, about your conclusion, isn’t really favourable, but then that is only because I’m a bit fed up with the, far too many, incredible last minute escapes that I’ve read or seen in TV or film dramas.
    I know that “Drama” sells, but like ice cream, too much of it and you’ll get a bit sick of it in the end. I’m afraid that I have no suggestions on an alternative ending, because that’s not my area. I’m just another armchair critic. Do you know how many shit armchairs there are in this world?
    However my overall opinion of the book is good, I really like the way it’s written and the way the relationship between Booker and Cash slowly develops, etc. I guess for me the best way to sum it up would be. Nice legs, shame about the boat race. Which would leave you to ask. Who looks at the mantlepiece when they poke the fire?
    Roll on April the 1st, when the next Romney and Marsh novel is released.

    • Hi Russell
      As always, thanks for your thoughts and your comments. Never hurts an author to experience some less positive feedback. (Never mind that it makes me cry.) Sorry this one didn’t work for you as well as the others. Can’t win ‘me all, eh?
      I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about DI Romney being abducted by aliens in R&M 4…(just in case anyone reads this, that is a joke.)
      Best wishes.

      • Thanks for your positive Amazon comment. I appreciate it knowing that the book didn’t please you as much as the others.
        Best wishes.

  6. Just finished Bad Sons. Extremely we’ll written. A little over the top with all the blood at the end but very enjoyable. The relationship between David and Jo is very well paced and interesting. Just now getting up and heading for my laptop to see if there are more available.

    Best regards,

    Bruce Davies
    Dalton, Ga USA

    • Bruce,
      Thanks for getting in touch over Bad Sons. Good to know that you enjoyed it. I appreciate your comments. As you’ve probably seen by now there are no others available yet (ie none written). I’m currently working on Acer Sansom #3 and then I hope to get stuck into the second B&C. It’s all about time.
      Best wishes to you and Dalton.

  7. I found you on Kindle as a feebe since then I have bought everything else available. Am coming to the end of the final one. When and what are you publishing next. Will find you a hard act to follow. I love your books being a Sussex girl myself many of the settings are well known to me which makes reading them so much more interesting as I can picture the place’s in my mind. Thank you for hours of enjoyment.

    • Hi Janet
      Many thanks for your lovely and encouraging message. It always makes my day to hear from satisfied readers.
      I’m currently in the final throes of getting my third Acer Sansom novel ready to go onto Amazon. It’s called Smoke & Mirrors and all being well will be on Amazon by Christmas. I have also finished the second in my Booker & Cash series and that is with the gentleman who proofreads my books. Hoping to have that one out in January. And then I will make a start on the next Romney and Marsh File. I’m itching to get going with that.
      I was born and bred on Romney Marsh and lived there for over forty years. I still have family there and strong feelings for the place. I like to draw attention to the area with my writing. Just trying to pay something back.
      Very pleased to know that you are enjoying the reads. Thanks for that and for your downloads of my books. It’s all much appreciated.
      Best wishes.

  8. Hi Oliver, I finished He Made Me Do It, last week and what a brilliant book it is. I know that I had made a few scathing remarks about the stupidity and the incredible last minute escape of David Booker in R&M1, but I did enjoy reading the book.
    My comments on the second book are short and sweet in comparison. It was a perfect novel and I absolutely lurved the story, the plot, the writing, the humour, the characters. More of this please, pretty please. 🙂

    • Hi Russell
      So glad to see that you enjoyed B&C#2. Thanks for your time and trouble to post here and for your great comment on Amazon, which I will respond to there, as usual. I hope that I can reproduce something similar for #3.
      Best wishes.

  9. Hi Oliver, read he made me in two days and loved it. Can’t wait for the next instalment. Love the fact that David has stayed in dymchurch of which I have very fond memories. Thank you. Stella Byfield

    • Stella
      Great to know. Thanks for giving it a whirl and for letting me know you enjoyed it.
      I had a lot of fun writing it and you must know that I too love the place.
      Best wishes.

    • Hi David
      Thanks for the vote of confidence. Glad you enjoyed them. I had a lot of fun writing this pairing.
      I’m working on R&M Files #5 at present. Then I’ll be writing the fourth in my Acer Sansom series and then back to B&C, probably in the autumn. Just not enough hours in the day.
      Best wishes.

  10. I just finished the Booker and Cash books and downloaded the R/M series. All this from a Kindle 99 cent book. I enjoyed the books very much. Thank you for writing them.
    I also discovered Stephen Booth from a free book on amazon. I have also purchased all of his books. I am meeting British authors I otherwise would not have read because amazon gave away a free book. In one of your blog posts you wondered about giving away books but it is a way to introduce your books to a new audience.
    I am looking forward to the next Booker/Cash story.

    • Hello Brenda
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch. I sincerely appreciate hearing from readers who’ve enjoyed my books.
      Thanks, too, for your downloads. It’s nice to know that promotions and offers work. Such things, I find, are essential for me, a self-publishing unknown to attract readers’ attention. Try before you buy.
      Stephen Booth is a fine UK author. I have several of his books.
      The R&M Files are a little different to the B&C stories. Just FYI, I will say that the first is a little graphic in places but I didn’t do that again in any of the others.
      I’m working on R&M #5 at present. I hope to get back to B&C later in the year.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  11. I’ve just finished reading both the Booker and Cash books which I thought were brilliant. I really like the way the two main characters interact, and have enjoyed both the books story lines. I’m looking forward to any future books in the series. I read the 5 Romney and Marsh File books before the B & C series which I also enjoyed. I’m just starting on the Acer Sansom books. As you can tell I’m really enjoying your style of writing

    • Hello Martin
      Many thanks for getting in touch to let me know you’ve enjoyed the books so far. It’s always good to hear from a reader with nice things to say about my writing.
      I thoroughly enjoy writing the Booker & Cash stories – Jo and David are very real to me – and as Romney Marsh is my home I also enjoy writing about the place. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into number three in that series, but first I have a Romney and Marsh File to finish.
      Thanks again for your contact and for your downloads of my books.Much appreciated. I hope you also enjoy the Acers.
      Best wishes

  12. started with the R and M series and got so caught up in the memories of Dover as well as the brilliant characters, that I moved on to the Booker and Cash books loved them too;
    write more please ?

    • Hi Jayne
      Thanks very much for your wonderfully encouraging message. Much appreciated. Good to know that you’re enjoying the reads.
      R&M#7 will be next and then two more B&C stories.
      Best wishes.

  13. im another one who started with the RM series and im now on the 2nd BC. at the moment i do prefer the RM but thinking about it it did take to the 2nd RM book to really get into them. i am finding that there are bit too many….i said, she said, he said…and im findint it a tad irritating tbh. i was also a bit disappointed in the end of the 1st book as i like clear endings and this left a few questions for me, which i cant mention here as i dont want to put in spoilers

    i do love the cleaver way that the two series [Rm & BC] have been kind of joined, tht is a big irritating of mine with books is how they usually have a total stand alone story and no one or nothing is mentioned from the previous books, so im finding this very refreshing.

    both the main characters are very likable and again this really adds to the story, ive read a few best sellers recently where all the main characters weren’t at all likable and it means you really dont care about any of them. the tension sure gets built up in a few places to the point i couldnt put it down even though i could barely keep my eyes open and needed to get to sleep for an early morning shift….thanks oliver i was knackered the next day lol

    these books are written in the first person as opposed to the RM where the main characters had a say in the stories, i like the different styles and its nice to see an author not sticking to one style but trying different ones. both these series are crime fiction but both are written differently, i dont feel that im reading same old same old from the same author this takes some skill

    i come from dymchurch and these books really are nostalgic for me and takes me back to lots of my old haunts. i look forward to reading book 3 when it comes out.

    • Hi Theresa
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to comment here on the books. That and your downloads of the books are much appreciated. It’s good to know that you’ve enjoyed the reads and that they have stirred some good memories for you. 🙂
      Best wishes

  14. Will there be a book 4? I just read all three in three days and am hungry to know what is happening with these characters!

    • Hi Patty,
      Thanks for your comment and interest in B&C. It’s always good to know that the reads are being enjoyed. I have plans to write more in the series. But I can’t say when. Since moving back to the UK my writing life has taken something of a back seat. When I have news I will post on the blog.
      Best wishes

  15. Just came across these books and have read all three in a week. I,see from the last comment here, made in 2018 that you were considering a 4th.
    Any news?
    Intrigued to find out what happens next
    A great and compelling read!
    Tony Loughran
    New Zealand

    • Hi Tony, Many thanks for your message. Was it really that long ago that I said that? Time flies.
      I did start a 4th B&C and then got distracted with real life. I haven’t gone back to it. But I will. I enjoyed writing the books.
      I’m currently working on a couple of other writing projects and hope to have something out soon.
      All the best and thanks again.

  16. Hi Tony
    Well it’s Feb 2021
    I just started reading again the books you wrote some time ago. Bookers & Cash they really make me laugh. Please can we have the fourth one. It’s light sitting on a tight rope wanting to know what happened between Bookers & Cash. I live in Ashford & worked Hythe so know the area.
    Best of luck

    • Hi Judy,
      Many thanks for getting in touch to let me know you’ve enjoyed the reads. Much appreciated. I am quite sure that I will get back to B&C one day. I have ideas for further adventures for the pair. I just need the luxury of time to have a go at them.
      Best wishes.

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