This page carries details of books I’ve written or projects I’m involved in that are outside my three main series.


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Cold Kills is a snowy survival story.

When a plane crash lands in the Alaskan wilderness the survivors must battle harsh elements, hostile geography, a hungry wolf pack and horrifying moral dilemmas if they are to live to be rescued.

Here are the links: Amazon UK & Amazon US


The CWAP(3)


The Crime Writer and other stories is a collection of ten tall tales. There are four short stories, four novelettes, and two novellas. Nine are crime themed and one is a gory story – plenty for lovers of crime fiction to get their teeth into.

Here are the links: Amazon UK & Amazon US



 The Prole Soldier (2).png

The Prole Soldier is set in a dystopian near future.

Theo is fifteen and living in Rainbow City’s Blue Zone. He dislikes his life. He despises the injustice and inequality that prevails. When the opportunity arises for him to be involved in the fight for change he grabs it, knowing failure will cost him everything.

The Prole Soldier is a work in progress.


The Fallen Agent(1).jpg


The Fallen Agent features disgraced ex-spook Jess Albion.

Jess has a new identity and a new life on the other side of the world. A job went bad and she was saved from prison by a boss who knew she’d been made a scapegoat.

But Jess’s past is coming after her. She’s about to find out you can run but you can’t always hide.

The Fallen Agent is a work in progress.