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Please use this page to leave a comment for one of the titles not in my series: currently, Cold Kills, The Crime Writer, The Prole Soldier, The Fallen Agent and The Harm Farm. No spoilers for other readers, thanks.


21 thoughts on “Other titles comments page

  1. Just finished reading the 10 short stories ,, excellent & Iv completely enjoyed reading every other book and sentence you’ve published. Your writing puts me there right on the page.. honestly, the dogs dangly bits 😉

    • Hi Leigh
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to leave such an encouraging comment. A great start to my day. 🙂
      Very pleased you enjoyed the shorts. Thanks for your ongoing support of my writing.
      Best wishes

  2. Hi, just finished fallen angel, great read and hopefully the start of another great series. Have enjoyed the rest of your books over the last year so,look forward to the next

  3. Hello Oliver
    I’ve just finished Fallen Agent and found out to be another great read. Hopefully this is the start of another series.

    I’ve read most of your books now, including the short stories, and wondered if you would be interested in having some of the short stories broadcast on an internet radio station. I am a Rotarian and in the process of setting up a station, Rotary Radio UK, which we hope to have up and running this Spring. If you are interested please let me know and I will send further details.

    Best wishes
    Steve Wood

    • Hi Steve,
      Many thanks for getting in touch and for your ongoing interest in my writing. Much appreciated.
      I’m certainly interested in discussing with you further your proposal regarding the short stories.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes.

      • Hi Oliver
        I am chairing a project group to set up an Internet Radio Station for Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland. Our plans are provisionally agreed and we await final approval for funding, which is due in February. Our initial target audience is the 55,000 Rotarians in this area but our ultimate audience is their families and friends, together with those listeners who pick up on independent radio stations. Our aim is to provide an entertaining platform that will also broadcast news about the achievements of Rotary in RIBI and across the world. Our initial plans for output include a blend of popular, classical and niche music, general and Rotary news and content such as short stories and interviews with interesting people. We plan to broadcast 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, which is a lot of time to fill. Our studios are going to be situated on the Isle of Sheppey and the immediate audience will be Rotarians etc in what we refer to as Rotary District 1120, which is all of Kent, East Sussex and the southern fringe of London, ideal territory for Romney & Marsh and Booker & Cash stories I think.
        I will keep you in touch with progress and come back to you as soon as I can.

        Thank you for your interest in this.

        Kind regards

      • Hi Steve,
        Many thanks for providing the above information. It all sounds very interesting, encouraging and ambitious. I am very interested in discussing things further with you when you are in a better position to do so. My email address is olivertidy@yahoo.co.uk, if you would prefer to contact me that way.
        Best wishes and best of luck with the project.

  4. Just finished “BAD SONS” and truly enjoyed it. I appreciated the many one liner descriptions such as – a practicing Catholic family could live here. Looking forward to the next book. I’m new (well actually, I’m old) to your books so need to get busy catching up!

    • Hi Sally,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Good to know that you enjoyed the read. I hope book two gives you reading pleasure, too. You can download the first books in my two other series for free from Amazon. The R&M Files have some funny in them. The Acer Sansom stories don’t.
      Best wishes

  5. Very difficult to comment on Cold Kills cos of not being allowed to be a party pooper, but I sussed the main twist about a quarter of the way in – – – I cannot quite believe in your wolves, though – – the trouble with reading these days I have to keep Wikipedia open and looking up Stuff all the time – map of Alaska, the pipeline, vulpine habits, the Andes plane crash, other similar life-threatening situations – I remember a fellow PHD student telling us about a teacher who had made a great impression on her – he identified the chalk-dust covered blackboard as “ignorance” then wet a finger to make a small dark circle in the dust saying it was knowledge – – – and there you are – the bigger you make your store of knowledge, the more you realise there is to learn – – daunting!

    • Hi Terri, Thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment. Much appreciated. Don’t judge a wolf by it’s cover, my nan used to say. I like your illustration of knowledge and ignorance. I might ‘borrow’ it for a book one day. 🙂
      Best wishes

  6. The idea of The Prole Soldier didn’t excite me as that is not my favoured genre, but as a follower of OT I simply had to buy it as I have thoroughly enjoyed allother titles and their characters.
    However, I am almost at the end of what has been established to be a particularly excellent read rather too quickly! This is one of those books that is hard to put down and I highly recommend it.
    Can I also say that the price of every single book is below its worth!
    Kind Regards and please write faster!

    • Hi Ian,
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment. And thanks for your ongoing support of my writing by dipping a toe in my change of direction. Good to know you’re enjoying the read.
      I could charge more for my books but to be honest, with the competitive nature of the whole ebook market these days, I’d probably be pricing myself out of it. Just the way it is. But thanks for the vote of confidence.
      Best wishes

  7. Just finished Prole Soldier (actually read it twice). I will put my cards on the table firstly, I think George Orwell is probably one of the best authors of the 20th Century and has written 2 of my all time favorite books (1984 and Coming Up For Air) and when Oliver invoked Orwell in his description of Prole Soldier I was a little hesitant. If any other author had done this I wouldn’t have even bothered but I enjoy Olivers writing and was willing to at least give it a go.

    Pole Soldier is definitely a book in 2 parts (I know it has 3 parts but it is essentially 3 scenes but a 2 part narrative). The first part paints a desolate picture of Rainbow City, somewhere ravaged by war and civil unrest and paints a bleak picture of the lives of many of its population. I personally found it well written giving the right amount of description of the environment and giving flesh not only to the main characters but also the supporting cast, this is something that is consistent across every series Oliver has written. Having Theos mother in the story giving a breadth of age allows the story to show how over time the residents of the blue zone are basically ground down. I found thispart of the story engaging and of course there are many easy comparisons to 1984 but some of the ideas only implied or touched upon in that novel are expanded on by Oliver. Knowing a little about Oliver you can tell he has drawn on experience of the darker sides of the UK and Turkey to paint a grim picture of the possible ultimate end position that certain policies would lead to.

    At the start of the second part of the book I was initial disappointed at the direction it took, I honestly thought it could well turn into a bit of a cop out.. I was however pleasantly surprised. The interaction between the characters is explored well and the progress in their relationships and how they ultimately work together is not only believable but also understandable. The second part has a message of hope running through it and shows how the simplest actions and a belief can make huge changes.

    In conclusion I found Prole Soldier and engaging and fun read that also has nods to ideas that make you sit back and think a little. Unlike Cold Kills that was saved by Olivers writing, Prole Soldier is a great idea that is made all the better by Olivers engaging style.

    If there is a second book I will look forward to reading it, if not what a great standalone read that finishes on a positive future.

    • Hi Mark, Sincere thanks for taking the time and trouble to write such a thoughtful and encouraging review. Much appreciated. Good to know that you enjoyed TPS, especially as you hold Orwell in such high regard, as I do. Many thanks, also, for your ongoing support of, and interest in, my writing, whatever direction I take it in.
      Best wishes

  8. I have read and enjoyed all of your books that I have found on Amazon. I especially like the Booker and Cash series with the self-deprecating humor that is so entertaining. I just finished The Crime Writer and wondered if we were meant to notice the book titles that were “sprinkled” throughout one of the offerings or if it was done for your own amusement. Please give us a new Booker and Cash soon!

    • Hello,
      Many and sincere thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch. It means a great deal to me to learn that you have enjoyed the books. Thanks for your support. I’m also always glad to hear from readers who have ‘got’ my sense of humour. That was always an important aspect of my writing.
      Those book titles? A bit of fun for me but it puts a smile on my face to have it recognised.
      I’m on a writing sabbatical at the moment (a case of real life getting in the way of my fun) but look forward to returning to the fray with another B&C among other things in, hopefully, the not too distant future.
      Thanks again and best wishes.

  9. I found the book unusually hard to get into initially because of the dark theme. However. I persevered and I am glad I did because I found it thoroughly enjoyable in the end. Welcome back Oliver, another masterpiece!

    • Hi Ernie, great to hear from you. Many thanks for your ongoing support of my writing, whichever direction it takes. Much appreciated, as is your time and trouble to leave feedback.
      Best wishes

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