On my beloved Dymchurch beach.

Thanks for coming. Bear with me and I hope you will be encouraged to help me try to win £20,000 for Romney Marsh charities.

I was born, raised and educated on Romney Marsh. I’ve lived here most of my life. After a few years working abroad I’m back. I love the place and can often be found cycling round the back lanes in search of places to commit crime.

I write crime stories and self-publish them on Amazon. Here is the link to my Amazon Author Page. There are also links to my books in the header menu above. I’ve written several books and they’ve been generally well received. Earlier this year I was picked up by a publisher Bloodhound Books (You can find me on the author page.) They are going to re-release my Booker & Cash stories over the coming months. (You won’t find those on Amazon because I have withdrawn them in line with the publisher’s re-release programme. But you can find out something about them by clicking on the Booker & Cash Stories link in the header menu. They are set on Romney Marsh.)

That’s me in a nutshell. On to why you’re here.

Amazon are running a storyteller competition. Here is the link Amazon Storyteller Competition First prize is £20,000 and some writing perks.

The CWAP(3).pngThe competition dates coincide with my latest book being ready for publication. (See image). I had a thought – as  this book is ready to self-publish within the competition’s time frame and I meet all the other competition entry criteria, why don’t I enter it? So I have.

To be in with a shout of the first prize a book must be popular on Amazon. That means it will need to sell well and have largely positive reader feedback.

I have no doubt that a lot of writers will be entering this competition and many of them will have a huge social media reach where they can mobilise significant numbers of followers to buy their books and leave them great reviews. It’s the nature of the beast. Ordinarily I would not have a prayer against these writers but then I had an idea – if you can’t beat them, join them. I thought about the Romney Marsh associated Facebook pages I’m a member of. And then I thought: why don’t I try to get a good number of fellow Romney Marshens on my side? How could I do this? What would be in it for the people of Romney Marsh? Why should they help me?

This is what I came up with:

  • I price the ebook as cheaply as Amazon will allow me to. That is 99p. (I make 29p after Amazon take their cut, so I’m clearly not in this for the money.) I am offering to sell a book that has taken me over a year to write (not to mention the blood, sweat and tears) and put together for less than the price of a bag of crisps. (That’s an ebook not a ‘real’ book. Paperbacks of this book are also available but pricing of those is largely out of my control.)
  • I pledge to donate the full £20,000 prize money, if I win, to Romney Marsh charities. I’m thinking four charities based on Romney Marsh, for Romney Marsh, could each receive £5000.

So that’s what I’m offering. All anyone interested in supporting me in this would need is an Amazon account (who hasn’t got or doesn’t know someone with one of those?) and something you could read the ebook on: a tablet, a computer, a kindle or other ereader device, even your smartphone. Or you can always invest in a paperback copy from Amazon. Buy it, read it, review it.

I do have a decent number of very supportive readers who I hope will download this book anyway, but to really stand a chance of challenging the big names who will be entering I need far more support than I can ordinarily count on.

Possibly you’re wondering whether a book written by someone you may never have heard of is worth 99p. If you’re in any doubt about that please check out comments I’ve received on my books from readers from all over the world through the links in the header menu above or go to Amazon or Goodreads and look me up.

And if that still isn’t enough to sway you to part with 99p for a good cause and a good read, check out my books on Amazon and you will see that I have two full-length novels that are free to download – help yourself. And on my home page on this website you can sign up to my newslettter and get another free book. You could end up with four great reads for 99p.

The CWAP(3)If you’d like to be part of this please click here Amazon UK  to be taken to the book’s  Amazon page. Here is the link to Amazon US for any of my reader-friends from across the pond and other parts of the world who’d like to be part of this. Your support is just as welcome and valued. Book currently priced at $1.24.

Paperback versions can be found here: Amazon UK  Amazon US

Any questions, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I’ll get back to you.

Please help by sharing this page link on your social media sites.

This really could work. Wouldn’t it be something good?

It goes without saying that anyone who supports me in this receives my sincere gratitude. If you would go the extra mile and read the book and leave an honest review with Amazon before the competition ends on May 19th I’ll be even more grateful.

Do it for Romney Marsh.

(These are contemporary crime stories. Expect to encounter some bad language and adult themes but nothing excessive or gratuitous. Rated 15.)


  1. Hi Oliver
    How do I purchase the book in Australia?
    I tried buying from amazon U.K. But it won’t load on my kindle au account.
    Looking forward to the Ten Tall Tales

  2. I’ll certainly support you in this. Will purchase the book etc later today. Good luck ! Look forward to hearing you’ve won!

  3. Hit the buy button straight away ! I was a bit worried that I might miss out on your blogs since I deleted my Facebook account but, no worries I got it.
    When will B&C 3 be ready ?
    Best wishes.
    Bob G.

    • Hi Bob,
      Good to hear from you. Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy the read.
      B&C#3 with publishers. Should be out in the summer sometime. I’ll post news on here when I have it.
      Best wishes

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