A seasonal cliché. (sad face)

Ever since I saw this watch was due for release by Omega I’ve wanted one. I could go on and on about why I think I deserve one and why I just want one but I won’t. I think it’s the watch that Acer might choose. (Not that I see myself as Acer in any way, I hasten to add.) The watch became available in November. I’ve been dropping a steady stream of subtle and not so subtle hints to she-who-must-be-dismayed that this would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone extra special.

Because Christmas doesn’t exist where I live the giving of seasonal gifts is made on New Year’s Eve/Day. So it was with great interest and not a little excitement that I noticed a box with my name on it had appeared under the New Year tree yesterday. OK it was a little big but that would just be a good tactic for disguising the contents.

When it was time to unwrap I elbowed my three year old aside and fell on my box. I broke a nail in my haste to tear open the wrapping.

Even now, twelve hours later, it’s hard for my to truly convey my feelings for what awaited me. I don’t think that I should try on a public forum.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see why.)

Other than that, 2014 has been a good year for me as a writer. I’ve written a couple more books and I haven’t run out of ideas or enthusiasm for it. I’ve learned a lot, too. One of my books has been translated into German and hopefully there’ll be more this year. Reviews of my books continue to be mostly positive and encouraging.

What lies ahead for me in 2015? Another book in each of my three series, I hope. And I’m going to seriously investigate creating audiobooks. I want to have a go at that myself. I have that kind of belief that I could do a good job. And I think that I would enjoy the experience. A bit of variety. Lots of authors do read their own stuff. There is so much help and advice online at audible.com that I should at least give it a shot. Maybe I could do a sample and put it on the blog for some reader feedback.

This week I played around with Youtube and created a couple of short book trailer videos. One for the R&M Files and one for Acer. It’s so easy and quite fun. Have a look for yourself.

It just remains for me so say a very big thank you to Martin for his skills and contributions to the books. Anyone who read my early stuff knows how improved the latter books are for his input. I’d also like to say thank you to those people who I hope won’t mind me referring to them as my supporters. (That’s everyone else). I value every download, every comment, every thought and, of course, your ongoing interest in and support of my writing.

Best wishes for a brilliant 2015 to you all.

Yay! Slippers!

Yay! Slippers!