5 thoughts on “Christmas Joy anyone? (And the rest of Dover CID, of course.)

  1. Morning Oliver,
    Just pre-ordered my copy of R&M 6. Am I the first? if so I should get a certificate. 🙂
    I’ve just finished by second proof of my 6th novel and am now well chuffed and chillaxed about things. Mine won’t be out until 2016, though, as I don’t even have a cover yet.
    No doubt we will hear from you again before Xmas, so take care.
    BTW, what is ‘normal life’ for a writer? I’ll have to look-up how the greats did.
    Best wishes.

    • Morning Pat,
      Thanks so much for your pre-order. Really appreciated, as always.
      Sorry to report that you were not the first – that was me. I bought 100 copies as soon as it went live.
      Good to know that you’re sounding calmer about your own imminent release. (Makes you sound like a kidnap victim. or chronically constipated!)) Writing isn’t life and death – it’s more important than that – we’re talking a form of immortality here. 🙂
      I lost track of normal after my fiftieth birthday. In fact since then I’ve lost track of most things.: keys, wallet, where I live…
      Have a great festive season with your family. Booze is the answer. Always was, alwasy will be.
      Best wishes.

  2. Hi Oliver,
    Really disappointed I’m not the first. Always was a day late for the January sales. As for losing track of things, I think that’s called early onset dementia.
    You and your family have a great Christmas, too, and an even greater New Year. My year’s ending on a high as all my work has suddenly been discovered: no jokes about old relics please. 🙂
    Best wishes.

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