Booker & Cash #2 (labour pains have started)

Bad Sons Final (Large)  He Made Me (Large)

I do like seeing the covers in my series alongside each other. I like to see them multiply. It feels like I’m getting somewhere.

I continue to think that the cover for Bad Sons is really brilliant. And although it’s early days (it only came yesterday afternoon) I feel just as strongly for He Made Me. If and when you read it go back and look at the cover again. Then tell me I’m wrong.

I’m currently re-reading HMM for what I hope will be the last time before I self-publish it at the weekend. Thirty percent in and I’m enjoying it. When you consider that I’ve read it at least a dozen times already, oh yeah and I wrote the thing, I think that bodes well. It encourages me to think so anyway.

If you follow this blog (thanks by the way) please forgive the daily spam this week but what can I do? I’ve got a book coming out and conventional self-publishing wisdom suggests that authors should go on about it. And of course I want readers to read it.

The Blurb:

David Booker and Jo Cash are experiencing similar stuttering starts to their new lives on Romney Marsh when Rebecca Swaine turns up seeking help. Someone is demanding a lot of money from her husband. She wants to know why.

People come undone and reputations are ruined and made before the meaning of a man’s dying words – he made me – can be guessed at.

Mrs Swaine might end up wishing she’d let sleeping lies lie.

6 thoughts on “Booker & Cash #2 (labour pains have started)

  1. Hi Oliver, just thought I’d have a quick look here before hitting the sack and so pleased I did. Dashed over to Amazon and purchased. Down side, no time to read before the weekend with work and family concerns. Still I can sit and admire yet another great cover and build the anticipation of what’s in store. As always, really looking forward to this and will let you know how it goes as soon as I can.

    Oh and by the way I know you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but what the F*** is with the 3* review on Amazon for Smoke and Mirrors – were they reading a different book of the same title? ‘Slow paced’ – ‘a filler’ – are they having a giraffe – I mean of all the… I am just lost for words. I hope you manage to consign that to the place it deserves to be consigned to…

    and relax: rant over. Andrew

    • Andrew
      Thanks so much. Much appreciated. You know that, of course. I really like the cover. Look at it again when you’ve finished the book. I think it might mean more.
      On that review: well I was a little disappointed with a couple of things. OK I can accept that not everyone is going to enjoy the read. No problem for me and no problem for readers to leave feedback to that effect. But the two things I did object to are the idea that it is merely a ‘filler’ (that made me growl into my morning coffee) and the other was that the reader expressed a liking for other books of mine that he has read but do you think he’s left feedback saying so on any of them? He hasn’t. It’s not the first time I’ve had a negative comment from a reader who professes to having enjoyed other books of mine but not left comments to that effect. Some people only want to complain. A year ago ı would have replied saying more fully. I’ve grown up a bit since then.
      Best wishes and I look forward to seeing what you make of HMM.

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