Come in number 9 – your time is up.

He Made Me (Large)

Last night I finished the final read-through of He Made Me (Booker & Cash #2). I changed one word. (It was an important one, so I was glad I went the extra mile.) Only yesterday I said I’d be releasing it at the weekend but as everything else was ready I thought that I might as well induce the birth. Why wait?

So it’s now available from Amazon UK and at the links below.

Now, instead of spending all week spamming people with news of the forthcoming release of this title I can spam them and tell them it’s available for downloading.

(In case anyone is wondering about that number 9 shizzle, that’s my ninth book.)

8 thoughts on “Come in number 9 – your time is up.

  1. I Just bought it but not from your link to Amazon. com, but from Amazon UK. I got it for only £1.99 and I was expecting to have to pay £2.32?
    I can’t wait to read it but at the moment I have to finish one of my history books, which I really enjoy. The Osprey Guide to The Jacobite Rebellion is superb and even though most of us know the ending, the details are complicated and fascinating and go a long way to explain why many of those north of the border still feel the way they do and why the recent referendum was such a close run thing.
    Next week I’m away, staying with mates in England , so it’ll probably be nearly two weeks before I am sober enough to read again, but at least it will be there waiting on my Kindle to comfort me whilst I convalesce. 😉

    • Thanks, Russell. I appreciate it.
      Talking of nations that don’t love the English, I saw a film the other night ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’ maybe you know it. Ireland under English rule. If that’s half true it explains a lot. I’m sure there are similar tales to be told from any corner of the globe GB has stuck a flag in.
      Have fun in the UK. And I look forward to learning what you think of HMM.
      Best wishes.

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