8 thoughts on “He Made Me (A Booker & Cash Story)

      • Finished He Made Me the other night, which was a page-turner and have left a review on Amazon. What can I say? Once again I really enjoyed the story, the plot, the characters, the humour and the writing, which smacks of Christie and Wodehouse. Enjoy your break, and I look forward to the return of Romney & Marsh in the near future.

      • Hi Pat
        Home again in sunny and warm Istanbul. Thawing out nicely.
        Thanks so much for your time and trouble to read and then leave kind words for HMM here and on Amazon. Sincerely appreciated. I’m glad you liked it.
        I’m very interested in your Christie/Wodehouse comment. (Don’t tell anyone but I am yet to read an Agatha. I really can’t understand why.) And you’ve made me wonder if my recent brush with reading PG had some subliminal effect on my writing. Like I say, interesting.
        Hope all is well with you.
        Best wishes and thanks again.
        PS R&M#5 going OK.

      • Hi Oliver,

        Still freezing cold here, and will be glad when I can dispense with the thermal underwear – must be a sign of old age. Years ago I spent one winter in Lahore, Pakistan and it was like an English summer, so I am envious of your warm and sunny Instanbul right now.

        To expand on my comment about PG and AG, I had to think hard about it without trying not to over-analyse my comment which would make me sound as if I had my head up my arse. But as soon as I put your book down after finishing it, PG and AG immediately came to mind.

        I, too, had just finished reading a few of PG’s Psmith series, and wanted to find out why I made the connection so I did a little research. I put your book, HMM, beside PG’s ‘Mike & Psmith’. They both begin precisely and straightaway set the scene with clear, well-written prose that flows easily, leaving us in anticipation of what delights there are to come, therefore I found your style and PG’s very similar.

        AG’s staying power can be compared with PG’s. What I know of the authors they were both patient, hard-working, and both wrote what their readers wanted. Both authors were tempted to write something different but were both humble enough to stick to what they did best. I did not know this but PG himself thought he and AG were comparable.

        Like AG’s stories your stories contain horror and violence, but there’s an assurance in you both that although we are suspended for a while in another world, we can easily move back into our ordinary lives and like AG you miss nothing; details are important. And as both your plot-lines are believable we find ourselves in a story where we can use our own powers of deduction whilst we manoeuvre the twists and turns to be thoroughly entertained.

        PG had Jeeves, Wooster and Psmith. AG had Marple and Poirot. OT has R&M, B&C and Acer. Both PG and AG are as popular today as ever they were. There are not many authors you can say that about unless you refer to the likes of the classical novelists.

        Trust this explains my comments and will gladly post this on your blog if you wish.

        Best wishes.


      • Hi Pat
        What a lovely surprise your reply was. Thank you for your time and trouble to provide the detail. I really enjoyed reading your very flattering thoughts. I don’t know what else to say, so I won’t say anything else other than to thank you again for your encouragement and ongoing support.
        Best wishes, as always.

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