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  1. I always do enjoy the read Oliver. Alesys!
    Thanks so much. You are one of my favorite authors so please, please, please, keep them coming.
    Best wishes to you ,

  2. hi i have just finished your latest book and can say that i was in stiches wen rommny was in the tv
    studio.the last one before tha had a nice twist to it. so am looking to wards you next book,
    we have read all the rommny and mash, ,all the best richard and wendy rowe

    • Hello Richard and Wendy,
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch over the R&M Files. I always appreciate hearing from readers, especially those who share my idea of what’s funny. I laughed a lot with the TV scene.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  3. I stumbled on your books via bookbub and am absolutely delighted. I live in Kent, so its brilliant reading of places I know. I particularly enjoyed the third book as I am a historical re-enactor myself and this range true. Keep up the good work. Me, I’m trying to ration myself so I don’t finish them all too quickly. Janice (on the river Medway).

    • Hi Janice,
      Many thanks for getting in touch. Great to know that you’re enjoying the R&M Files. And very good to hear from someone on the inside of re-enactment that I wasn’t far off the mark.
      Thanks for your support. I hope the rest of the series measures up.
      Best wishes.
      PS I just wrote about a couple of bodies being fished out of The Medway! (Booker & Cash #3)

  4. I’m with Janice. I try to read another book in between my R&M just to make threm go further. Will do the same with the other series too. Keep up the good work.

  5. Stumbled across Romney & Marsh books and really enjoy them. Have read first four and like some others I am rationing them so don’t finish them too soon. It’s not often that crime books make me laugh out loud and when I do my husband looks over and says “Romney & Marsh?” He by the way isn’t a great reader so I read bits out to him which then makes him laugh too! Have decided to download some of your other books too and I’m sure they will be as good…….watch this space 😆
    Thanks Nicky

    • Hi Nicky,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch. It’s always good to hear from another reader who is enjoying the R&M experience.
      The humour is a big part of this series for me. I have a lot of fun writing them and it’s good to know when a reader is with me.
      The idea that you read bits out to your husband has put a smile in my face this morning. I wish someone would read to me sometimes.
      If and when you get around to any of my others I hope you enjoy them. Each series is different. No laughs in Acer’s life. 😦
      Best wishes and thanks again.

    • Hi Justin
      Thanks for the comment. Good to know you enjoyed the read.
      I’m guessing you’re referring to ‘A White-Knuckle Christmas’. Just checked that paragraph. Not sure which bit you mean. The only thing I can think of that might cause confusion is the reference to the Discovery. If I’m right ‘Discovery’ in this context is referring to the Land Rover car. If I’m completely off, or I’ve got the wrong book, please let me know. I like to clear these things up if I can.
      Best wishes

  6. Hi Oliver,
    Just finished White Knuckle Christmas.I enjoyed it. However, I think that your use of the character James Peters was a teeny weeny bit naff.
    I have read all the R&M books and will give the others a go.
    Keep up the good work.

    Barry Laidler

    • Hi Barry,
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch over the reads. Good to know that you’re enjoying the R&M Files.
      If and when you give any of the other books a try, please let me know how you find them.
      Best wishes

  7. My husband and I have just finished White Knuckle Christmas. We have read all the novels in order. We really enjoyed then. Please hurry and write the next. Can’t wait.

    • Hi Pat
      That’s great to know. Thank you. It puts a smile on my face to think that the books are being enjoyed by more than one member of a household.
      Not sure when I’ll be putting pen to paper for another. I have quite a number of other writing projects I want to have a bash at. But any writing news I’ll put up on the blog.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  8. Just finished ‘Rope Enough’, and it’s right up there with the very best I reckon. Even felt moved to review it on Amazon/Goodreads, so it must have been a bit special! At least there’s a few more to go at before I start pestering you to write another one….best of luck with the DIY.

    • Hi Dave,
      Very good to know. Thank you for sharing here and elsewhere.
      If and when you get to the rest in the series I hope they bring you as much reading pleasure.
      Best wishes
      PS I think I need more than luck with the DIY. Divine intervention, perhaps.

  9. Just finished “Rope Enough” R&M. I was born in Canterbury and worked in Dover. In the story a mention was made of studying for a nursing degree at Kent uni. As far as I know, Kent (the University of Kent) don’t offer this subject. My middle daughter, however, is at CCUC (Canterbury Christchurch University College) studying nursing, which is Canterbury’s other university.
    Apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to reading more of this series.

    Nick Marshall

    • Hi Nick
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      That’s a bad mistake for me. I went to CCUC, so I know that’s where the nursing is done. And I know they don’t do nursing at Kent Uni. Something for me to rectify.
      Glad you enjoyed the read. Here’s hoping there are no more clangers waiting in the series. 🙂
      Best wishes

  10. Hi Oliver, finished reading White Knuckle Christmas a few weeks ago and again like the rest of the series this is an excellent read. I love the dry humour and especially the part where Romney is getting ready to be interview by the TV. I had the scene like something out of Wilt (Tom Sharpe) going through by head. Very funny

    I decided to give the Booker & Cash series a read, and again I have thoroughly enjoyed those too, especially the first one. I am now near the end of your first Acer novel and look forward to the other three books.

    You have a very special talent my friend in your style of writing. I have enjoyed every single book and look forward to many more.

    Please keep all three series going !!! I do hope there are more to come ??



    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your time and trouble to leave a great comment. Very pleased to learn that you enjoyed AWKC and that the humour worked for you. I always have fun with R&M. I wish I could write like Tom Sharpe. I think he’s brilliant.
      It’s always good to know that a reader has moved on to try another series, or two, of mine. It’s much appreciated, thank you. And thanks for your very kind words. I have plans to extend the B&C series in the near future and then I’m going to try something different. Maybe I’ll get back to R&M next year. Oh, and Acer#4 should be out soon.
      Best wishes.

  11. Have just finished reading the 7th R&M book. Have loved them all, particularly the laugh out loud humour! Please keep them coming! Will read your other series to keep me going! Many thanks. Jo

    • Hi Jo,
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch. So pleased that you’ve enjoyed the reads and my idea of what’s funny.
      Not sure when they’ll be another; I’m concentrating on some new writing at the moment. If and when you try one of the others, I hope you enjoy those too. Let me know.
      Best wishes.

  12. Hi Oliver, I don’t know where I tripped across your first Romney & Marsh book earlier this week but I loved it. Now, three days later I have finished all seven — clearly I am hypnotized by you. Your writing is excellent, character development well done, crimes and police procedural brilliant. I was sad to note the publication date of ‘A White-Knuckle Christmas’ was so recent that another in this series will be a while coming. On the other hand, I am thrilled that you’ve written two other series I can dig into. Also, having never been to Dover, thanks to you it is now a must visit. Again, thank you for writing and publishing, I will definitely continue to read your work. Best wishes, Kris! Neifeld

    • Hi Kris,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch regarding the R&M Files. I’m so pleased to learn that you’ve enjoyed them enough to share your feelings with me. Such positive feedback is a real tonic for authors.
      I’ve had a few readers let me know that they’ve read the series back to back, as it were, but I don’t recall anyone managing that in three days! I’m amazed, but thrilled that they motivated you to crack on at such speed.
      If and when you get around to either of my other series I can only hope you find something to enjoy in them, too.
      I haven’t decided whether there will be another R&M File. If there is it will be a while coming as I have other writing projects that i want to have a bash at.
      If you have the opportunity you must visit Dover. The town isn’t much to rave about but the cliffs and the historic attractions are wonderful.
      Thanks again for your kind words for my writing. You’ve made my day.
      Best wishes.

  13. I have just finish reading the fourth book in the Romney and Marsh series and thought it was time I left a few words to tell you how much I have enjoyed them and also how I am looking forward to book five.
    As I live just outside Folkestone I am very familiar with the locations in which the stories take place and it gives added interest. I am a regular reader of police procedurals and find your plots as good as any others I have read including those by better known authors.
    DI Romney is a flawed character as are many other fictional detectives are but he is flawed in such a way that you can sympathise with him and hope that he will have more luck in his romantic affairs sometime in the future. DS Marsh compements him very well with her commonsense attitude to her career and life in general. The minor characters are also well drawn and sometimes quite funny.
    I shall keep following the duos adventures as long as you keep writing and thank you for the pleasure you have given me so far.

    • Hi John,
      Sincere thanks for getting in touch over the R&M Files. I never tire of hearing from readers who have enjoyed the reads, especially those local to the area. Positive feedback is such a boost to morale. Thank you.
      Great to know that you’ve enjoyed them thus far. I hope that continues.
      You seem to have the measure of both Romney and Marsh and the dynamics of their particular relationship.
      I look forward to learning what you think of any others in the series, if and when you get to them.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  14. Firstly a big thank you for keeping me sane – was waiting for Surgery last Friday and had saved A White Knuckle Christmas to keep me company and it did.

    I think I’ve said this for every installment of R&M but this was the best yet, a great story and really well formed characters. Both Romney and Marsh have come on a long way since the first story and as always the supporting cast give a depth to the story which makes it all the more enjoyable.

    I understand this may well be the last R&M file which is a real shame, however I fully understand your reasoning. I was a fan of Colin Forbes writing (you may know of him) and he wrote a series of books based around the secret service, his lead Characters of Tweed and Paula Grey were actually a lot like Romney and Marsh – your character are equally as engaging and you care about their progress. However he wrote a book every year for about 14 years and by the end he was writing books by formula, I read and enjoyed every one but there was no denying that the series could have done with a break. Your R&M books are still fresh and taking a break from them makes a lot of sense, but from the selfish point of view of a fan I do hope you revisit Romney and Marsh (maybe heading up a Kentish serious crime unit) sometime in the future.

    Reading Acer 1 now, what a great story that is too

    • Hello Mark,
      It’s very good to hear from you and to learn that R&M#7 didn’t disappoint. More than that: that it brought some comfort through a (dare I venture?) worrying time. Gecmis olsun as we say in Turkey. (Get well soon.)
      I know of Forbes but don’t think that I’ve ever read him. Should do.
      I do feel that R&M have matured/grown with me as a writer. We will always have a very special attachment. And I don’t want to spoil that. You understand.
      As you suggest, and I sort of left the door open for it in #7, an option is to do something with them in a different context. I haven’t ruled anything out, but I do want to try some other things, for better or worse. I will see how I feel when I have satisfied my other writing cravings.
      On a positive note, very good to learn that Acer is off to a good start. #2 is better than #1 (IMHO) and, perhaps, #4 is the best of the lot. Or am I just trying to get you to buy the lot? 🙂 I’ll let you be the judge.
      Best wishes.

      • Thanks for well wishes, surgery was for a long term shoulder problem which is now on the mend thankfully.

        Totally understand you have a connection with R&M and don’t want to spoil that. I imagine you have invested a lot of time and effort developing the characters and feel protective toward them as you rightly should.

        The Acer book is great about half way through now (been a busy week) and it’s a nice fast paced story that keeps the reader engaged. I will no doubt read them all and can’t wait for B&C 3 as well.

        So if I read all Acer stories it will put you in a rarefied group in my reading habits of authors I have read all of their writings – one of 3, the others being the previously mentioned Forbes and the other George Orwell

      • Hi Mark,
        I might need the name of your surgeon. My shoulder has been bothering me for months. And now I’ve got tennis elbow in the same arm. Thankfully, it’s my weaker arm.
        I wonder if you’ve ever tried Gerald Seymour as a thriller writer? I find him excellent. I look forward to learning how Acer #4 turned out for you.
        Best wishes.

  15. Good day from Goodyear Arizona USA, Completed reading White Knuckle Christmas and found superb mysteries with a lot of humor.I have read all of your books and enjoy all. I am wondering what the big final act of the Moore’s was going to be since we were missing one eldest child from the one couple who were childless.. Please keep writing! Sincerely, Nancy B

    • Hello Nancy,
      I love hearing from readers of the R&M Files from far and wide. It really does give me a thrill to learn that the books are being enjoyed all over. Thanks for your kind words.
      On Moore’s final reveal… I remember reasoning it through with myself as i was writing the thing and thinking that, yes, that could work given the discrepency in first borns to go round. It would make a good finale, even though I knew I wouldn’t be writing it. Guess what? Now I can’t remember what it was. Sorry. That sounds a bit lame but there it is. If if ever comes back to me, I’ll find this thread and let you know.
      Best wishes

  16. Recieved a Kindle as a Birthday present last November , ploughed through the Grace and Rebus books , found the R and M series by default , very enjoyable , love the mordant wit as well as the actual tales , now on the third of series , ,thank you , if this fine weather continues will finish the lot soon !

    • Hi Clive,
      Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. It’s always good to learn that the R&M Files are being enjoyed. If you get through the series, I look forward to learning what you think.
      Best wishes

  17. Just finished reading all your Romney and Marsh series .I loved them all and rally felt you developed all the characters so good.I’ d like to work for the CID.Just about to start you other series.

    • Hi Jeanette, many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch over the books. And thank you for your kind words. I’m always so pleased to hear from readers who have enjoyed the reads. There may be a vacancy coming soon at Dover CID.. 😂
      If and when you try another series please let me know what you think.
      Best wishes

  18. Have just finished the first R & M – thanks to book hub for the suggestion – and to you for the the novel. I feared the protagonists surnames might indicate poor humour inside the novel. I’m very pleased to learn I was wrong. Looking forward to reading more

    • Hi Daphne,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to share feedback here. Much appreciated. It’s always good to know that the books are being enjoyed . The names have not found universal appeal but that’s something I have to live with. 🙂
      If and when you get around to the next in the series, I hope you enjoy that also
      Best wishes

  19. Hello!
    I’ve just read all of the books within the last 2 weeks, I only started White Knuckle Christmas yesterday and have already finished! So I came on to find out if there are plans for another book in the series? I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Just downloaded Three Short Blasts too, that should get me through tomorrow haha.

    • Hi Clare,
      Sincere thanks for your time and consideration to get in touch. It’s always so pleasing for me to hear from a reader who has enjoyed the reads.
      All seven books in a fortnight could be a record:-) I certainly take it as a great compliment. Than you.
      I hope TSB gives some entertainment and maybe piques your interest to try one of my other series.
      Best wishes

  20. I have just finishes the fifth book in the R&M series, they really are an addiction, it’s almost impossible to put the book down. I have thoroughly enjoyed each book and cannot wait to read the next one. Really great story lines!!

    • Hi Molly,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to leave such a wonderfully positive message. It’s always good to learn that the books are being read and enjoyed. Two more to go. I hope they bring you equal pleasure. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Best wishes

  21. Hi Oliver

    So far I have read 5 of the Romney & Marsh Files novels. For me, they are up there among the best and most enjoyable crime fiction I have ever read. I am housebound due to chronic illness, and reading is my lifeline and main activity. It is great to find an author whose books are so enjoyable, but are also serious works of crime fiction rather than lightweight pulp fiction. I’m away to start book 6. Cheers!

    • Hi,
      Apologies for lateness of my reply, I’ve been away from my laptop for a few days.
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch with such a positive message regarding the R&M Files. It’s really good to know that you are enjoying them. (Your comments are very kind.) I sincerely hope #6 and #7, when you get around to it, live up to expectations.
      All the best and thanks again for making my day. 🙂

  22. Enjoyed the book but I found it frustrating that some obvious logical things weren’t done in book 4 A Dogs Life. Just makes clunky reading. For example it wasn’t explained or even bothered to be investigated why both sisters dressed the same at the insistence of one. Also the first place to look for a missing person would be to check out their home wouldn’t it? But no one did. However I enjoyed the anti hero Romney who is certainly not a modern policeman. Keep writing. I am onto book 5.

    • Hi Anne,
      Apologies for the delay of my reply, I’ve been away from my laptop for a few days.
      I’m glad that you’re enjoying Romney. He is a chip off the old block.
      I sincerely wish I could offer some meaningful response regarding your queries re plot progression, but (and this is me being quite honest) I wrote #4 and last read it so long ago that I’m struggling to recall aspects of it.
      I am always happy to accept criticism that helps me to reflect on my writing, and where I can I like to respond with clarification (excuses) regarding readers’ concerns, so I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I’m unable to do so in this case. Sorry.
      Best wishes

  23. Dear Oliver,
    I have just finished reading ‘Rope Enough’ and enjoyed it very much. I would like to buy more ebooks in the Romney and Marsh series but KOBO in the UK only list ‘Rope Enough’ as being available?
    Can you tell me where I can buy your books in the epub file format that is compatible with my eReader?

    • Hi John
      Many thanks for getting in touch regarding the Romney and Marsh Files.
      I’m sorry to say that Rope Enough is the only R&M File available for download through KOBO. This is because I give it away for free and the Internet retailer I use to distribute the book has access to KOBO and others. The other six books in the series are available only through Amazon and one of their demands for the programme that I am locked into is exclusivity. If that should change in the future so that the R&M Files are available through other online outlets such as KOBO I would be happy to let you know.
      Best wishes and thanks for your interest.

  24. Hi Oliver
    Just read the seven Romney & Marsh series and thought them excellent. Compulsive reading and well done for creating the characters, the tempo and moods. I admit to not laughing so much at any book I’ve read for some time. Maybe the same base humour. As a former employee of Booker, I’m tempted to pick up the Booker & Cash series out of curiosity. I really look forward to the next Romney and Marsh book, hoping he takes up the Task Force opportunity and drags Marsh along with him. We shall see!

    Best wishes

    • Hi Rob
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to comment. Much appreciated.
      It’s always good to learn that the R&M Files are being enjoyed. I had a lot of fun writing them, as you can probably tell. The humour, or should I say my idea of what’s funny, is very important to me. Good to know it struck a chord.
      Have no fear, the Booker & Cash series has nothing to do with cash and carry stores.
      I haven’t decided whether there will be any more R&M Files – so many writing projects I want to have a go at and so little time. But never say never. As for your suggestion, those are the lines I was thinking along.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  25. I have read and enjoyed all the Rommey and Marsh Files books. They have all kept me up at night, I couldn’t get enough. I will say that these books have also got me laughing so hard my wife had me read to her what was so funny. I do hope you continue with this series. I’m going to have to buy my father in law a kindle so he can enjoy these books too.
    Thanks for brightening up my life.

    • Hello Jim.
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch and with such a positive message.
      I’m always pleased to learn that the books are being enjoyed, particularly when a reader comments on the humour in them. I had so much fun writing the R&M Files.
      Not sure that there will be another in the series – many other writing projects that i want to have a go at and so little writing time. But never say never.
      If and when your father in law gets to read them i hope he gets as much out of them as we did. 🙂
      All the best and thanks again.

  26. I do so enjoy your books, have all the available ones on Amazon. Although I now live in New Zealand I was born in Chatham, my parents then moved to Bromley just before the war started.
    I do like many of the subjects you bring out, religion, the particle theory, stupidities, etc. One tiny thing i did wonder about in the first Booker Cash series. The bad lads had a large quantity of coiled up flexible pipe in the shipping container. When the real bad lads were just about to despatch Booker and Cash they denied that it was to be used to go through the one remaining PLUTO pipe, even though Cash had found a connector just outside the cottage. Maybe I missed something! Please carry on writing your wonderful books I am having to reread the Romney and Marsh series a second time, dear me.

    • HI Colin
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch over the books. Much appreciated. It makes my day to hear from readers who are enjoying them.
      As you may have worked out, many of Tom Romney’s little theories are my own. He is my alter-ego in many respects. I had a lot of fun writing the R&M Files.
      As for that plot element you mention from Bad Sons I’m embarrassed to say that it seems so long ago that I wrote some of these books that I struggle to remember much about them. I have a terrible memory. But I am due another read through of the B&C books in preparation for the work I’m doing on #3 so I will keep a close eye out for inconsistencies.
      Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. After a summer break I’m back at my desk and working again. I hope to have something out by Christmas.
      All the best.

  27. I did wonder if you had published the new B&C book yet but found that the prospective title you mentioned bought up O. Henry as the author!
    I also have some similar feelings as Romney, the main one being by myself (result of being an only child)!
    Anyway, hope you get back to your writing and the ‘muse’ is bountiful! Best wishes Colin

  28. I have really enjoyed reading the Romney and Marsh books. A good detective story with a great background story about the people involved. Just finished White-Knuckle Christmas so looking forward to the next installment. Would highly recommend

    • Hi Stephanie, Many thanks for taking the time to leave a very positive comment for the R&M Files. It’s always good to know that the books are being read and enjoyed. Much appreciated. I’m not sure yet whether there will be another. If there is it won’t be for a while as I want to devote some time to other writing projects.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  29. Oliver,my wife and myself greedily devour your books as soon as they appear.The romney and marsh are our favourites, they have superb plots with many twists. Your descriptive text is excellent and not overdone people and placesyou describe come to life. Please, please write more!! We also read a new writer, christopher savage.
    Many thanks for hours of wonderful reading.

    Richard and pat beattie-swann

    • Hi Richard,
      Sincere thanks for your time and trouble to leave a very kind comment. It’s always good to learn that the books are being read. And it gives me added pleasure to know that more than one person in the household is enjoying them, perhaps discussing them. That’s great.
      I will check out Christopher Savage, he’s a new name for me.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  30. Hi Oliver
    I have just finished reading Rope Enough, which I happened upon via a Facebook recommendation to BookbBub. What a fantastic read – I finished it in a few hours as I couldn’t put it down. Rest assured I will be downloading the rest of the series, I can’t wait to read them all. Fantastic writing, plenty of suspense, main characters with depth and warmth (the good guys anyway!) and a great plot – thank you for such a great read.

    • Hi Dawn
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch over your R&M Files read. It’s always good to learn that the marketing efforts are encouraging readers to give my books a try. Great to know you enjoyed the read enough to consider going onto the next. Thank you. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.
      Best wishes.

  31. Oliver, First you ruin Christmas Day as I will be desperate to leave the family and festivities to get into Cold Kills – then you tell us you may have finished with R & M! As a totally loyal fan and owner of, I think, everything you have published, I have to say-this is just not good enough! At least one more please – it would allow you to write an end ( I still think Tom and the Ginger Ninja should get together with mutually embarrassing and humorous results)
    I love the humour that you slip in so skilfully into R & M along with the plot twists and mystery.
    I am sure I will not be the only one who shouts “More Please!”
    Best wishes and success with whatever you decide
    Les Browm

    • Hi Les,
      🙂 Thanks for your comment, which I really enjoyed.
      I’m always careful not to state that I’ll never write another R&M File. it could happen. As for Tom and the GN getting it on? haha. I think there’s more chance of Southampton winning the Premier League this year. 🙂
      If you don’t want to spoil your Christmas dinner leave CK ’til Boxing Day. You’ll thank me later. Enough said. 🙂
      Best wishes

  32. I used to live near the town of Dover, and still visit on occasions. From this knowledge I am able to picture the stories almost as if I am there. It is like a film playing inside my head. Please keep them coming as I get a lot of enjoyment from them. I have read the first six and the seventh has been downloaded ready.

    • Hi Jim,
      Many thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. Good to know you are enjoying the R&M Files and that they seem so visually vivid for you. I take that as a real compliment.
      Here’s hoping #7 keeps you entertained.
      Best wishes.

  33. Dear Mr. Hardy,

    I just finished your first Romney and Marsh book, Rope Enough, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It is so well written,the characters are well drawn and interesting and the plot was fascinating. I found the dialogue realistic and believable. Now, I am going to Amazon to order the next one. Thank you for providing me with a most interesting read.

    Leigh Phillips

    • Hi Leigh
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch regarding Rope Enough. I’m always very pleased to hear from readers who’ve enjoyed one of my books.
      And thank you for your download of the second in the series. All much appreciated. I hope you enjoy it as much.
      Best wishes.
      PS Mr Hardy made me laugh. I bet you were thinking of that Laurel and Hardy double act. Easily done. And I’ve been called a lot worse. 🙂 No problem. 🙂

  34. Just finished Unhappy Families. Mr. Tidy, you weave wonderfully well-crafted & written tales with refreshingly imaginative plots. (So sick of the ”family of officer in danger from serial killer they are closing in on’. But I’m comforted that if you do one of those, it will be in a way no one else has!) One of the things I like best is that there is always more than one ‘crime’ per book & not all murders, which I’m pretty sure is very true-to-life. But I have to admit that I was waiting throughout the book for a passing reference to the outcome of the FunRun mentioned in Particular Stupidities. (And I hope that Romney ends up with credit as the creator of that theory; you certainly deserve credit for articulating it!)

    • Hi Julian,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to leave such a positive comment. That and your downloads of my books are sincerely appreciated. It’s always good and encouraging to hear from a reader who is enjoying the stories.
      I think the Funrun gets a passing mention in #7 and as for the theory of PS… it’s DI Romney’s gift to the world. 🙂
      Best wishes

  35. I have just finished Book 7 of the hugely enjoyable Romney and Marsh series. To say I have loved them would be an understatement! Thank you for these entertaining and gripping stories a d the most likeable characters in them. I have also enjoyed the Booker and Cash books. Please can we have some more very soon.

    • Hi Loraine,
      Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to feedback to me on the R&M Files. I’m so pleased to learn that you enjoyed them. I had a lot of fun writing them.
      I’m not sure if and when there will be another R&M File but another B&C is in the pipeline.
      Best wishes.

  36. I read a lot. I enjoy all of Grisham’s stuff, love Lee Childs’ books, am a fan of Mitch Rapp, and in my estimation, the Romney and Marsh series is right up there with them! Romney is one of the all time great characters! My only complaint is the same as with the others; you don’t write several books per year! ( I didn’t mention Michael Connelly’s books; Romney is like Bosch but with wonderful humor!)

    • Hi Tom
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to comment here. And what a wonderfully encouraging comment it is. Thank you. Some top drawer names for Romney and co to be considered with. Im always very happy to learn that the R&M files are being read and enjoyed. You’ve made my day.
      Best wishes

  37. On a flyer, I bought the whole R & M series at once, and SO glad I did! It’s like one giant book I just can’t put down – only one to go. The plots are great but best of all the characters are so much fun to spend time with. And your descriptive talent is utterly priceless! Judi

    • Hi Judi
      Apologies for the lateness of my reply – just back from a computer free holiday.
      How lovely it was to turn my computer on to find such a positive message for the R&M Files waiting for me. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment here. That and your downloads of the books are sincerely appreciated. Great to learn that you are enjoying the reads. I hope #7 lives up to expectations.
      Best wishes.

  38. Started reading the second Romney Marsh ( cant seem to get the first one downloaded into my kindle) Anyway, Im hooked.!! have read all Romney Marsh ( except the first )and am now on the second Booker Cash. Absolutely love your style of writing. Please, please keep them coming.

    • Hi George,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to leave such positive feedback for my writing. It’s always good to hear from a satisfied reader. I had a lot of fun writing both of those series. Booker and Cash #3 is out sometime in the summer.
      Best wishes

  39. Oliver, any chance your books will be available in Audible format? I love sharing passages with my vision impaired sister, but I’m a horrible narrator – mostly because of constant laughter (think the bit where Romney appeared on PrimeTimeCrime). And my sister made me wonder if someone really COULD die laughing – I’d love for her to hear the whole books. Judi

    • Hi Judi
      Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment. It’s the first thing I’ve looked at as I sipped my first cup of tea of the day at my desk, and it made me smile. Thank you.
      It’s always good to hear from readers (and listeners) who are enjoying the R&M Files, especially when much of the enjoyment comes from sharing my sense of humour. I had a lot of fun writing these books.
      I have no plans to have audible copies made, although, of course I would love that. It’s just so expensive with upfront costs. I have toyed with the idea of trying to narrate them myself. I reckon I could do a decent job but then I’d need to take time out of writing and I haven’t got that to give just now.
      Maybe one day a publisher will come along and offer to do it all for me with some top class British actor reading the books. How wonderful that would be.
      Oh well, I can dream. Back to work, I suppose.
      Best wishes to you and your sister and thanks again.

  40. On enough rope to hang…..I have just finished so why did Claire’s mum ring Avery so much and am I right in assuming Claire didn’t give her anything to hide. Was she blackmailing Avery when she really knew her other daughter in Bkackpool had a package and was that not stupid if she didn’t really have a package?

    • Hi Vicky
      Thank you for your enquiry. I fear I am going to be unable to provide a satisfactory response, although I will do what I can. It’s so long ago since I had anything to do with this book that much of the detail has slipped my mind. (I know – lame.)
      I ‘think’ it was more a case of Avery ringing Claire’s mum than the other way around and she encouraged him because Romney had told her Avery was looking for something and she, being an unscrupulous woman thought she might be able to make him think she had it and then profit from it. Maybe when she met up with him she tried to get money out of him saying she would pass on the ‘thing’ later and things didn’t go to plan for her. She did not know about her other daughter’s involvement. I remember that much.
      Again, apologies if this doens’t answer all your questions. I can only say that at the time it all made sense to me. (Famous last words of someone, no doubt.)
      Best wishes

  41. A new author with a series of books to enjoy. As a prolific reader of crime fiction I am always pleased to find a new, to me, good author, Oliver Tidy is one such exciting author. Well worth a try

  42. Hi Oliver,
    Thank you for blessing us with your writing. I’ve only recently discovered your work and have just finished the second Romney and Marsh book. I’ve been chuckling away at the second book, and can’t wait to read more in the series. I finished both books within 3 days, so I may have to slow down. I’m curious as to how it it takes you to put your books together, just for someone like me to devour so quickly.

    I’m fairly familiar with Dover as I used to live in East Sussex, and your descriptions bring the places to life, without over doing the detail.

    I’m loving your two main characters, as we observe how they develop and as they both get to know each other.

    Well done and thank you.

    • Hi Sue,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch and let me know you’re enjoying the R&M Files. I’m always very pleased and grateful to hear from happy readers.

      I was about halfway through writing the second book, Making a Killing, when I felt I was hitting my stride with the series. I hope you’ll get as much fun out of the following books as I did writing them.

      The R&M books usually took me about three months from start to self-publication. I’ve written other books quicker and some take me longer but generally when I get cracking on a project I like to finish it quickly, time and life permitting.

      Best wishes.

  43. Firstly let me say that for me to write a review of a book is very rare.
    I’ve just finished A White Knuckle Christmas (RM7) and am feeling rather bereft… what am I going to read now as I’ve read all of your books one after the other and thoroughly enjoyed them all?
    Please tell me you have plans for more of any of your book series – Romney and Marsh, Booker and Cash, Acer Sansom.

    Kind regards,

    Sue Read (read by name, read by nature!)

    • Hi Sue,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch. I really appreciate hearing from readers, One of my maxims is that writers are nothing without readers.
      It’s great to know that you’ve read all of my series and enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing that.
      Romney and Marsh and Acer are having a break at the moment. I don’t know if and when i will come back to them. Booker and Cash will continue. In fact #3 is out on 11th July. As for the future I have more projects that I want to get involved with and too little time.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  44. Hi Oliver.
    I read a great deal and no books have given me more pleasure than yours
    I have just finished Booker and cash 3 and look forward to the next in the series.
    Please reconsider more Romney and Marsh as the characters are so entertaining
    that I have read all them twice.
    Best Wishes Gordon

    • Hi Gordon,
      Many thanks for your very kind words. It means a great deal to me to hear from readers who have enjoyed my books (especially those who’ve read them twice). 🙂
      I’m still not sure whether there will be anymore Romney and Marsh. Perhaps the mood will creep up on me one day. But I have plans for more B&C and other projects are in the pipeline.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

    • Hi Marilyn. Thanks for your comment. I currently have no plans for another Romney and Marsh book. It might happen, but not in the near future. I have a number of other writing projects that I want to have a go at and time is limited.
      Best wishes

  45. Hi Oliver, I have just finished reading all the Romney and Marsh stories and I know my husband would enjoy them too. However, he won’t read on my kindle, so I want to know if they are available in paperback now or likely to be in the future. Joan

    • Hi Joan,
      Many thanks for your comment and many apologies for the delay of my reply. I must have missed your message in my inbox.
      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the R&M File and think that your husband would also. However, I’m sorry to say that at the moment none of them are available in physical book form. That is something I hope to rectify one day. When I do I’ll be sure to drop you a line.
      Best wishes

  46. Hi Oliver,
    I have read all seven of the Romney and Marsh series. Please make it 8 (or 9, or 10…). As someone who has now retired from Kent Police I have thoroughly enjoyed your characterisations (I ignore the procedure). A lucky benefit is that my parents lived in Dymchurch so it’s great to start reading (and enjoying) the Booker and Cash series. Don’t stop.
    Best wishes.

    • Hi Neil,
      Many thanks for your comment. Great to know that you’ve enjoyed the R&M Files, despite my, at times, rather suspect police procedure. 🙂 Thank you for not being too harsh on me for that.
      I had a lot of fun writing the series. I currently have no plans to add to it, but never say die. I’ve got a lot of other writing projects that I want to have a go at and so little time. If I do ever come back to Dover CID I’ll be sure to make an announcement on my blog.
      I will be writing more in the B&C series. I hope those please you as much as R&M. (I might not know much about PP but I know plenty about Dymchurch and Romney Marsh :-))))
      Best wishes

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