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  1. Have you thought of Neil Pearson?

    Fans of Peter Robinson had him up for Alan Banks but ITV disastrously chose Stephen Tompkinson who just never looked or felt right for the role.

    • Pearson would make a fΔ±ne Romney, I’m sure. I’ve liked him in a few things. If you just happen to know him personally, please tell him to get in touch πŸ™‚
      As for DCI Banks, I’ve only read Gallows View (the fΔ±rst) and that was a long time ago, so wouldn’t be able to express and opinion on Tompkinson. Again I’ve liked him in other things.
      Best wishes.

      • I always imagined George Gently as Romney, sub-consciously!

        Hi Oliver, I recently discovered you soon after buying a Kindle and I have read all of your Romney and Marsh Books and am now nearing the end of Bad Sons. I find crime thrillers compulsive and am becoming sleep deprived from reading too much at night instead of going to sleep. I like your writing style, plots and characterisation very much, the latter keeping me wanting to read the whole series once I get into the relationship between the main characters. I just have one minor negative comment – when did the word exit start to be used as a verb all the time as in ‘he exited the car’ instead of ‘he left the car’ or ‘he got out of the car’? I’ve seen this with several other contemporary writers and can’t help being irritated by it as it seems affected; an out of place Americanism perhaps…I’m not sure if it is from America but it sounds like the sort of made-up word they’d use πŸ˜‰

        Amazed to see from your blog how quickly you have written so many books, wish I could do that. Any tips? Don’t stop…

        Best wishes,

      • Hi Charlotte
        Many thanks for getting in touch. It’s always good to hear from readers who are enjoying a book or two (or the whole series.).
        Martin Shaw for Romney? Absolutely perfect casting… if only he were a bit younger. I’m serious; I can see him fitting the role to a T. Sigh.
        Funnily enough (true story) I’m editing today and I came across the word exiting and I changed it for leaving (Romney driving out of the station car park.) I agree with you – exit is jarring.
        My writing tips: sit down, write. Simples!
        Another timely true story: this week I’m reading a book by Stephen King called errr… something like Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. It’s great. If you are a writer or an aspiring one it is, in my humble opinion, well worth the time spent to read it.
        Back to writing for me.
        Best wishes and thanks again. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Oliver,
    Really enjoyed the first Romney & Marsh book but please note Willesborough has an e in it. You spelt it Willsborough and it’s driving me nuts!! LOL. Looking forward to reading the next one now. Thanks. Sandie

    • Hi Sandie
      Good to know that you enjoyed this one too. Sorry about that mistake. I will do a penance. I should have got it right, I played table-tennis in Willesborough for years.
      Hope book two does the job. Thanks for your downloads and messages.
      Best wishes.

  3. Rope enough, Making a killing just finished reading.
    Really enjoyed them, so just downloaded your third in the series.
    Easy to read, good stories, page turning.
    I am a fan of Simon Kernick having read all his books, but think I’ve found a new favourite, Oliver Tidy!!
    Graham Hyland

    • Hi Graham
      Many thanks for getting in touch. Great to know that you’re enjoying the R&M Files thus far. Much appreciated, as are your downloads. I hope #3 encourages you to go for #4. And #5 out in a month or so.
      Best wishes.

  4. Hi Oliver
    Didn’t see that coming at the end of Joint Enterprise, cliffhanger or what! You just want me to buy your next book, well I just did!!
    Congratulations on getting into the amazon top 1000 greatly deserved!!

    • Hi Graham
      Thanks for your comment, which made me smile. I hope that the cliffhangar proves worth it. And thanks for your thoughts on my bit of success.
      Best wishes.

  5. Have been waiting for ‘particular stupidities’ to be available on kindle. Absolutely love the Romney & Marsh series. Both brilliant characters and always great storylines. Thank you!

  6. HI Oliver read your first four R/M books very good preordered book five from amazon now reading one to four again to refresh the memory

      • Hi again Oliver what I really like about your books is that you don’t try to be 100% accurate in your r/m books and it makes them so enjoyable I really like them I did 30 years in the prison service so I like an interesting read not one that goes into all the technical side of things

      • Thanks again, Peter. I try to stay away from the nitty-gritty of police procedure. Mainly because I don’t know enough about it. But I find that works for me and the stories.
        Best wishes

  7. Just finished a dog’s life.
    Yet another very enjoyable book to read in the series.
    Really enjoy the characters and l think Ms Vine is warming now to Romney, guess we’ll have to wait and see?
    No 5 here we go!
    Hope you’re getting stuck into book six! Come on!

  8. Hi Oliver,
    Am currently re~reading the first four R&M books ready for no.5 of which is sat on my kindle itching to be read! Have loved all four books so much so have pushed them onto friends and family who feel the same so thank you! Having grown up in and around Dover (now moved away) I love to read your books as I can really visualise the scenes and places etc.However, and please don’t take this as a serious criticism, but I sense you yourself are not a real fan of some of the people and not a great lover of that area. Where you ever once a Dovourian and may I ask why it seems to have left something of a negative stamp on you? With kind regards and appreciation on many happy reading hours x

    • Hi Lisa
      Thanks for getting in touch over the books. I’m touched that you would want to read the first four again before embarking on the fifth. Thanks for your support, and kind words. And thank you for the recommendations to other readers you know. Word of mouth is so important to self-published writers like myself.
      In my few years of doing this you are the first person to ask me about any possible negative feelings i have for the Dover area. (For the record, I enjoy being asked questions that make me reflect on my writing and my motivations. Certainly no offence taken.)
      I spent quite a bit of time in Dover several years ago. I always found the town a bit grubby, neglected and dejected, apart from around the seafront. (Some nice period properties around there.) But Dover also has some wonderful features for me the person and me the author to enjoy and explore. Lots of wonderful history as well as more modern man-made places and then the sea and the cliffs and the surrounding countryside. I love Dover’s history and geography.
      I can’t say too much regarding the good people of Dover. I couldn’t claim to know too many. I think my depiction of them relies a lot on DI Romney’s view of humanity in general. It’s fair to say he’s not much of a people person.
      Maybe I should look to redress that balance in a future book.
      Best wishes and thanks again for your contact.

  9. Oliver, just finished Particular Stupidities. Loved it, just like your other books. I read your latest Booker and Cash story whilst on holiday recently with the family. That took me 4 days, this one just 3 days! Love your fast pace style and quirky twists and personal bits. As a teacher I particularly understood and enjoyed your portrayal of the “school receptionist”. I’m sure we are not far away from retina scanners and bullet proof glass for entry!! Great book as usual. Thanks so much for writing them, I really do enjoy reading them all.

    • Hi Ben
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch.Much appreciated.
      Great to know that you enjoy my books. I often say it – writers are nothing without readers.
      I always knew I’d end up writing about a school somewhere. I had to! Did you notice the dedication in the front matter, I wonder?
      Best wishes.

      • Ben, Just a quick one to say that I’ve edited your comment and my original response to take out a potential spoiler that another reader just highlighted for me. Hope you don’t mind.
        Best wishes.

  10. Hi Oliver

    Really enjoyed the latest Romney and Marsh outing. I especially like the added touches of humour, the believable characters and the convincing story line.

    I have all your books and look forward to each new release. I believe I read somewhere that this is the first title you have made a book available for ordering in advance of publication – good idea as it gives us fans something extra to look forward to.

    I notice that Particular Stupidities already has a number of glowing reviews on Amazon (including one from me). I hope your growing number of fans will spur you on to completing your next book.

    Well done.


    • Hi Paul

      Thanks for letting my know. I appreciate your comments both here and on Amazon and your ongoing interest in my writing. I had a lot of fun writing this one. (Actually, I had a lot of fun writing all of the R&M Files.)

      I’ll definitely use the pre-order function again. I think it really helped sales and generated extra interest.

      I’m also thrilled with the feedback so far for PS. I couldn’t have hoped for better. It really does make me proud of the following that the R&M Files have.

      Next book will be R&M#6, which is currently under construction.(Just don’t ask me when it will be ready!)

      Best wishes and thanks again.

    • Dave, thanks for your response. I appreciate it. I could have kicked myself all round the room for that blunder. Lesson learned.
      Good to know you’re enjoying the read and that you can relate to Tom. That is also good to know.
      Best wishes.

  11. Hi Oliver
    I have just finished the second R and M book and have already downloaded three and four – I paid for 2 3 & 4!
    No 2 was a good read and a bit better than the first; the characters are maturing and developing well although the body count was edging towards Midsomer Murders territory. This does, of course, mean the series would be great for TV.
    Keep up the good work

    • Hi Steve
      Thanks for getting in touch to let me know you’re enjoying the R&M Files this far. Much appreciated. I hope that continues, especially as there is now a #5 available.
      That body count was pushing things, I agree. I like to think that it was just a blip on Dover police’s stats.
      Many thanks and best wishes.

      • Hi Oliver
        I’ve just finished all the current books in the R&M series, including Particular Stupidities……in itself an interesting theory especially to a retired HR manager and local authority (guess which one) Teacher Recruitment Manager like me.
        I have really enjoyed all the books and hope there will be more. It will be great if Romney cheers up a bit and treats his team a little better after they bailed him out re Julie Carpenter.
        Keep up the good work
        Steve Wood

      • Hi Steve
        Good to hear from you again. And very good to learn that you’ve enjoyed the R&M Files thus far.
        I enjoy hearing from readers who’ve got something out of Romney’s theory. As a teacher myself who had cause to study Gardner’s MI theory, the theory of PS does resonate. It amused me hugely to slot it into a book. (It hasn’t amused everyone, but there you go.)
        Not sure from your message whether you’ve read #6 yet which came out a couple of weeks ago. #7 is in the editing stage. (I’m working on it today.) That should be out in a couple of months tops.
        Many thanks for your ongoing interest in my writing.
        Best wishes.

      • Hi Oliver
        I’ve just finished Unhappy Families – on a 9 hour flight from Heathrow to Atlanta where the in-flight entertainment system was not working. So I read the whole book in one go and it was certainly the best one yet. Romney appears to have lightened up a bit and I was sad about Peter Grimes. It appears you have set things up nicely for the next episode with Romney’s new love interest and new DC. I will look forward to it.

        I’ve got Three Short Blasts on my Kindle so here goes.

        Please keep them coming.
        Best wishes
        Steve Wood

      • Hi Steve
        Nine hour flight without a film? I think I’d have been climbing the walls. I’m very pleased to learn that you enjoyed #6. Thanks for sharing. And great to know that TSB is also on your Kindle. Thanks for your ongoing support.
        Best wishes.

    • Hi Oliver
      The entertainment system on the flight back from Atlanta was working so that and some sleep delayed me getting in to Three Shirt Blasts and A White Knuckle Christmas. I Thoroughly enjoyed both. TSBs has got me into the Booker and Cash series. Just finished the first one and it was another good read albeit a bit gruesome at the end.
      I’ve now got a week in Italy and will read the second one soon.
      There must be a TV series in all this somewhere/sometime!
      Keep up the good work

      • Hi Steve
        Good to hear from you. And very pleased to learn that TSB has encouraged you to give B&C a go. Thanks for your support.
        Enjoy your Italian break and here’s hoping the B&C#2 encourages you to look for #3 when it arrives.
        TV? The thing of dreams. It would certainly be something very special.
        Best wishes.

  12. Just read Rope Enough and what a fantastic read it was. I really enjoyed the no nonsense approach from inspector Romney. I would put this book on a par with Ian Rankins inspector Rebus books. I’m looking forward to downloading the rest of your books. Well done youn man πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • Hi Andrew
      Many thanks for getting in touch over the first R&M File. Much appreciated as is your great comment and rating on Amazon. Good to know that you enjoyed it. If and when you get around to book two I hope it doesn’t disappoint.
      Best wishes

  13. Hi Oliver, I finished R&M #5 quite a while ago, but as we are in the process of moving from Switzerland to the USA, I only just got around to reviewing it on Amazon. I’m sorry but it’s not the best one that I have given you, but it’s honest and not bad. At around the same time as reading your book I read Stephen King’s Misery, which I found gripping. I had seen the film years ago with James Caan playing the author, Paul Sheldon and have meant to read the book for years now. So if you have also read the book, I’m sure that you will be relieved that I am not your “Number one fan” but a fan I am and looking forward to your next book. Kind regards, Russell

    • Hi Russell
      Good to hear from you. I remember you saying that a move to the States was on the cards. Hope that all goes well for you both.
      Thanks for the feedback. Sorry this one wasn’t up to scratch for you. What can I say?
      Let’s talk about Misery. I haven’t read the book (I am still to read a Stephen King novel!!!) but over the summer when I was in the UK I sat down with my sister and we watched the film. It’s absolutely brilliant. Superbly acted and the story and script are so good. My favourite bit was when she waves at him and smiles from the snowbound garden that she’s working in and he just gives her a blank stare and the finger in reply. Laugh out loud stuff.
      All the best.

  14. Just read my first Romney and Marsh book. I really enjoyed it and will certainly be reading more. I have only one small niggle: please don’t say “sat” when you should say “sitting.”

    • Hi Barbara
      Thanks for getting in touch to let me know you enjoyed the first R&M File. I hope the next lives up to your expectations.
      I promise never to use ‘sat’ where it should be ‘sitting’ again.
      Best wishes

  15. Hi, I’ve just finished Rope Enough, really enjoyed it. I’ve actually been putting it off for ages as I live in East Kent and didn’t totally fancy a story set nearby. However, I was so wrong, I really loved it. Your writing is clear and expressive, without the over use of descriptive prose that so many of the big writers seem to turn to. I think most people reading a detective story are looking for a story with good quality writing and story line and that is exactly what you have given us. Thanks, just going to download the next one. ☺

    • Hi Katherine
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch. I always enjoy hearing from a reader who has enjoyed one of my books.
      Thanks, too, for your kind words for my writing. I try not to refrain from letting it get flowery. One of my favourite writers is the late Elmore Leonard. One of his rules of writing went something like: if is sounds like writing I cut it out.
      I hope you continue to enjoy the series. I’ve just finished the first draft for #7.
      Best wishes

  16. Hi, I did leave a comment after reading the first book in the Romney and Marsh series. I have just finished the last book and I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed reading your books. They have all been real ‘page turners’.

    Please say that you intend to write some more Romney and Marsh books.

    • Hi
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch. It’s always good to hear from a satisfied reader.
      The good news is I have R&M#6 and R&M#7 finished in their first draft forms. I’m working on getting at least #6 out by Christmas and #7 as soon after that as I can. You can always find out how I’m doing against these schedules by dropping by the blog now and again where I update my progress weekly.
      All the best and thanks again.

  17. Was looking for a decent read for my holiday this year and Romney and Marsh #1 came up as a free download. Seeing my holiday was my annual excursion to the Romney Marshes seemed like a no brainer. I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it at all starting off but by 50% in I was hooked. Loved the character of Romney (although the sex could be toned down) felt that Marsh was more of a make weight though. Finished book 1 and immediately got book 2 and have to say the improvement was massive, characters were becoming well formed and the story was engaging. Read the all 5 now and feel they have just got better and better. Romney is a character I like and feels like an old friend, Marsh is now far more formed and I care about both of their progression in the stories. The supporting cast also work so well giving depth to the world you have created for Romney and Marsh. Looking forward to story 6

    • Hello Mark
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch over the R&M Files. Much appreciated as are your downloads of the series. Good to know that you enjoyed the reads. Thanks.
      There are elements of R&M#1 that I sometimes wonder about editing out (the sex scene for one) as they are not really in keeping with the way the series evolved. I also wonder if such things end up putting off prospective readers from trying the next in the series.
      I’ve had a few comments that Marsh was something of a cipher in #1. I accept that. I like to think that these days she’s really holding her own in Dover CID to the point of being the better detective.
      It’s very encouraging for me to hear positive things re the development of the series from someone who has read all five in fairly quick succession having known nothing about them beforehand. Your comments on that score reflect what I would want readers to feel. Thanks again for that.
      #6 should be out before Christmas. #7 is written and I would dearly love to get that out too as it’s a Christmas setting but time might be against me there.
      As you have an association with Romney Marsh, I’d like to mention my Booker & Cash books if you haven’t seen them. They are actually set on Romney Marsh. Dymchurch for the most part to be precise.
      Please look by the blog from time to time for news of publication of those R&Ms to come.
      Best wishes and many thanks.

      • Ordered book 7 will be a nice treat post Christmas. Downloaded Booker and Cash 1 last week (been busy) and I like Booker already (i’m 18 chapters in) he hates the new sea wall as do I . Finding it a great read and a decent slow burner. Loving the description of Dymchurch – it’s an area I’m very familiar with along with St Mary Bay, St Mary in the Marsh and Brenzett due to family ties – and you have really managed to capture the place, even the greyness of a wet spring day. Have to say I do enjoy your writing style and Booker and Cash will get read in order.

      • Hi Mark,
        Good to hear from you again. Thanks for your pre-order of the new R&M File. And good to learn that you’ve given B&C a try. Much appreciated. I intend to write a few in that series.
        The Marsh is a place I’m very fond of. It’s nice to know that you think I’m doing it some justice. Like Booker, I’m no fan of the ‘new’ sea wall. Mind you, if it keeps the sea out I shouldn’t complain.
        I have to ask: was Stan Ramsden a relative of yours?
        Best wishes.

  18. Hi Oliver i really enjoyed this your first book, was not bothered by the odd typo and found it refreshing to have a setting that was a bit different. The characters were very believable .
    I also had to have a laugh at your wheelchair ramp . I live in Borneo and am a retired teacher and have seen similar attempts at being helpful to the disabled here. The last one was a disabled parking bay next to a series of metal posts which only a dog with agility training could have passed through.
    Do keep up the writing,

    • Hello Annette
      Thanks for your comment and kind words for the first R&M File. Much appreciated. Glad you liked it.
      I have been contacted by readers from all over the world (it’s been a great thrill of self-publishing) but you are the first from Borneo! I know nothing of the country except roughly where it is and that whenever my father would see particularly hirsuit gentleman he would make some comment about ‘the wild man of Borneo’, which always made us laugh. I’d love to know where in Borneo you are – I’d Google it and see what they have to say.
      Best wishes.

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed Rope Enough. I enjoyed knowing a little about the protagonist but not having it handed on a plate. I am a fan of Ian Rankin and James Patterson and feel this book gave them both a run for their money. My only very minor criticism is the use of the word till. It should have been ’til, an abbreviation of until. This was around 95 per cent or there abouts (on Kindle).

    I will download more of your books.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch over the read. Good to know that you enjoyed it.
      You have paid me a high compliment with your comparisons. That’s really encouarging for me as a writer.
      Thanks, too, for highlighting the typo. I do actively solicit reader’s suggestions and corrections and I always appreciate receiving them. It will go on my list to change in the next edit.
      The R&M Files now number six with number seven on its way. I hope you’ll give the others a try.
      Best wishes

  20. I think these books are well-written–and I have read a lot of detective fiction. But I have a few comments: In one of your books, a girl with Down’s syndrome becomes violent, has to be locked in a room, and attacks Romney. This is a very unlikely scenario for someone with Down’s syndrome, and I think it casts such people in a negative and undeserved light. Perhaps you meant an autistic person.
    I also think Romney is not all that likable. He seems alarmingly nasty sometimes, even sadistic. And strangely, old fashionably, misogynistic. I keep wanting to like or sympathize with the guy, and then the rug is pulled out from under my feet.

    • Hi,
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch regarding my writing. Much appreciated, as are your downloads of my books.
      Your comments regarding the young woman are noted. You are not the first to mention this to me. It is certainly not my intention to portray all Downs syndrome sufferer as being violent and I regret that it might be interpretted like that.
      As for Romney, yes, he is not a particularly likeable character, certainly in the first few books. I like to think I’ve done something about that in the later ones. Again, you are not alone in finding him unpleasant.
      What I do hope to have done with the series as it has progressed is to make Marsh a match for him – a foil to his character. Someone the readers can like.
      Thanks again for your feedback.
      Best wishes

  21. Mr. Tidy, you ask to be notified of any errors. Not being picky, but you have asked.
    Unhappy Families.
    Chap. 6, p.3 – baring, not bearing.
    Chap. 42, 1st para. – that it, not it that.
    Chap. 46 – whom, not who.
    Congratulations, you’ve done it again. Eagerly awaiting your next publication, no matter in which series.

    • Hello
      Thanks very much for those. Just made a note for an update. I do honestly welcome any corrections.
      Good to know that you’ve enjoyed this one, too. I think Acer#4 Deep State will be next out – sometime early in the new year.
      Thanks again and best wishes for 2016!

  22. I forgot to mention that I had technical difficulties downloading Unhappy Families. Once I finished reading the book, I reloaded it to see if it was a temporary glitch. Each time, when opened, it began at 1% at the copyright page, then the book series, table of contents, and one tap brought it, the first time to 13%, the second time 22%. Then I got an error page when trying to get to the beginning. The “go to” button got me back to the copyright page, but the same sequence occurred. After a few tries I back tapped get to chapter 1. One tap too far, brought me to the same stalemate! Grrr. Finally, I was able to begin at the beginning, and I had no further trouble. Being as untechy as possible, I have no idea if this was an Amazon problem, my Kindle (never had this happen before), but I thought it was worth letting you know. Happily, I perservered and enjoyed the book! I’m glad to have provided you with a new word; I’ll be watching for Maven to appear in your prose:-)

    • Hi Dianne
      I must confess to working myself into a little bit of a paranoid state over just such a potential issue while I was waiting for the book to go live. I do all the formatting and uploading to Amazon myself and I lie awake at night sometimes wondering if I have made a mistake. If your above message had been the first feedback I’d received i probably would have jumped out of the window or curled up into a ball behind the sofa. Thankfully, no one else has mentioned a problem so here’s hoping it was just a temporary glitch with your Kindle. Good news for me is that you didn’t give up on it. I’m glad for that.
      Best wishes.

  23. Just finished Unhappy Families. I didn’t rush it because I was enjoying it so much I didn’t want it to end so I limited myself to 2 or 3 chapters each night. Thoroughly enjoyed it, great conclusion, nice to include Booker and Cash in a little cameo scene it would be nice to see this in the next B&C. Only a couple of errors I spotted a “to” duplicated at location 4222 & the name “Peter” used at 3821. Didn’t detract from the enjoyment though. Well done again Oliver, look forward to your next offering.

    • Hi Ernie
      Good to here from you.
      Really pleased to learn that you enjoyed R&M#6. Thanks for letting me know. And thanks, too, for those corrections. Always glad to receive those for future updates.
      R&M#7 should be out in a couple of months.
      Best wishes.
      PS I’m reminded I still need to update that other site with your suggestions.

  24. Hi once again,
    A website I have found helpful in finding new international authors is Authors are listed by country of birth – although they may write of a different locale – and a bio and bibliography for each is included. I checked for some of my favorites while also looking for some new authors to try, and I noted that you are not included. Others who are self-published and, to date, have only released ebooks are there. I don’t know how you would be included, but perhaps readers might discover your books through that site. Just a thought that you might pursue. From your blog, it appears that you have a full plate for the next four months. What makes that your deadline? May the creative gods sit on your shoulder!

    • Hi Dianne
      I’ve just been over to eurocrime for a look. What a wonderful resource and very comprehensive. It’s gone onto my Favourites list. Thank you.
      I looked up some self-published authors that i could think of but couldn’t see them listed. Who have you seen? It’s a showcase I’d like to be in.
      On the other question you ask let me know your email address here and I’m happy to share. (Don’t want to spoil a forthcoming blog-post on the topic here and now.) Or you can wait and see for that. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes

  25. Hi Oliver, in terms of fiction I enjoy novels by Joseph Wambaugh and John Grisham etc. My wife has always liked novels with a romantic ‘twist’.
    Since we bought kindles a few years ago we have become much more avid readers and I managed to encourage my wife to read a crime novel – nothing too gruesome. She then downloaded the first Romney & Marsh novel and recommended it to me. From then on we have been hooked on this series and I was really pleased to discover that the latest book had become available. My wife started reading it immediately and only has a couple of chapters to read. She is really enjoying it! As for me, I am desperately trying to finish reading a massive book on history – books don’t look that big on kindle! Like the ‘last sweet’ I am looking forward to reading your latest book in due course.
    The point I want to make is that we are hoping that this series continues ad infinitum and that nothing ‘bad’ happens to the main characters. It might be easy to simply kill somebody off just for the hell of it, but we would rather you did not do that! They should acquire the immortality that the hero in one of your other series seems to be blessed with!
    Please keep turning them out!

    • Hello Graham
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch tolet me know that you and your wife are enjoying the R&M Files. Your kind words and your downloads of the series are sincerely appreciated.
      I can’t say exactly why, but I do get a particular pleasure when I learn that more than one member of a household is enjoying the reads. It’s good to know.
      Your comment about the longevity of the series is timely one for me. I am currently working on A White-Knuckle Christmas R&M File#7. It’s presenting me with opportunities for consideration regarding this pairing. I shouldn’t say much more other than to assure you both that, for the foreseeable future, I have every intention of continuing with both of my lead characters in this series.
      Best wishes and thanks again.
      PS I enjoyed your Acer reference. πŸ™‚

  26. Dear Oliver,
    Just finished Unhappy Families – this series is going from strength to strength and I am very happy for you! Read an awful lot of crime fiction and you are rapidly becoming one of my “go-to” guys for entertainment ( imagine the Romneyesque finger movements there yourself)
    I love authors like Paul Gitsham (another underrated author like your good self), Adrian McKinty, Stuart McBride and Peter James….or should that be James Peters?… as they all bring an element of humour to the subject. I work for a service attached to law and order and believe you me, its the (sometimes black) humour that gets you through the day, that and the people you work with. You are in an elite band of authors that get that across, that there is a place for humour in a serious job.
    So just wanted to say, keep them coming, hats off to you sir!
    Now get back to your cubby hole and get writing..-
    Lou xx
    PS Even after downloading all five previous, only found this one on going to Amazon main page.(gotta love their recommendations, don’t you? No, I do not want to download the new James Patterson, I’ve never bought any before, why should I start now?)
    PPS Am I the only one who spell checks posts sent to authors just in case they don’t think I’m an illiterate idiot? (Any errors in this one, I’m blaming auto-correct…)
    PPPS I do love a good ellipsis..-

    • Hi Louise,
      Many thanks for getting in touch with your very encouraging and humorous message. (It’s always nice to get some back.)
      Naturally, I’m very happy to learn that you’re enjoying the R&M Files. You can probably tell that I had a lot of fun writing them (when I wasn’t crying.)
      I do wish Amazon would fall in love with me and recommend me to more readers more often. We had a ‘fling’ a few years back but now… well, I don’t know what I did wrong.
      I always speel cheque everything. It takes me as long to formulate, edit and proofread a blog-post as it does to write some of the chapters of my books. (You are not alone.)
      R&M #7 should be out in a couple of months. It’s written but needs some work. I hope you’ll give it a whirl.
      Best wishes and thanks again… πŸ™‚

      • I’ve read them all and certainly won’t miss number seven, unless you start asking a ridiculous price for it!!
        Once again, congrats on a beautifully developing series xx

  27. Dear Oliver, how brilliant to include Booker and Cash in Unhappy Families, I was delighted. Book is great and I am whizzing through it. Thank you, kindest regards, Stella Byfield

  28. Well Mr Tidy that was another fine book you got me into !! Excuse the pun I thought that was quite funny, lol.

    I really enjoyed this book Oliver like I have done with all of your books. I particularly enjoyed how there was no immediate crime at the begining but it sort of developed as the book went on. If you know what I mean.

    I just read a previous comment about Booker & Cash having a cameo role. I can’t remember them! Where about in the book ? Also, sad news about Peter. Can I just ask is the decision of yourself to do this with the character (don’t want to spoil for others) or some outside influence to spice things up? I was reading Shirley Wells books and she did something similar with the DI’s wife. She later explained that she was more or less told by her publisher to do it.

    Anyways, keep up the very good work. I’m already looking forward to the next one out in March. When will there be a number 8? LOL

    Happy newer by the way



    • Hi Andy
      Good to hear from you. I never object to a L&H line. I love those guys.
      Glad that you enjoyed the latest R&M File.
      I’m interested that you should comment on the way the book starts. Everywhere you look the advice is start the book in the middle of an action scene. Hit the ground running and all that. That’s not the way I always see the R&M Files and I’m glad to see you mention it. I suppose one of the good things about writing a series is that there are a lot of readers who will be prepared to give the next book out a bit more time to warm up before they get fidgety. Just my opinion.
      As for the ‘incident’ involving Peter, it was literally a spur of the moment thing. It was almost a coin toss between him and his company, if you get my meaning. Not having a publisher or an agent I get to make all those decisions myself. The buck, as they say, stops here.
      I see your other query was answered.
      All the best and thanks for your support. And Happy new Year to you and yours, too.

  29. Booker and Cash served cake to Peter and his writer colleague at their shop just before they went on the investigation they were supposed to be doing…..

  30. Firstly a big thankyou for your books, im probably a bit biased being as I am dover born and bred, but I really enjoy your Romney & Marsh books, just finished your latest, obviously being able to identify with the area is great and you sir know our little town so well you must surely be a resident…. your characters have depth and now familiarity, like putting on a cosy jumper… i know with every new it will keep me gripped…hopefully not long for another…

    • Hi Susan
      Many thanks for getting in touch. It’s always good to hear from readers who are enjoying a R&M File or 6, especially when they are local to the town. it’s good to know I’m doing OK geography-wise. πŸ™‚
      I lived in Dover off and on (it was a girlfriend thing) some years ago. And I spent a year at what was South Kent college doing a course to get me into university. They were halcyon days for me. I really like Dover. I think it’s got so much going for it, lots of places of interest and some great pubs.
      I live in Turkey at the moment but I come back to the UK every year and always catch the 102 from my base on Romney Marsh to Pencester.
      R&M#7 is in the pipeline. I’m hoping for a couple of months. I’ll be posting information here when I know more.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  31. I’ve read four of the five (still looking for the first one) Romney & Marsh books and liked them very much. The characters live, the plots are good, and the grammar outstanding for this day and time. However I doubt if you would want me as a reader since I am old, fat and a Christian.

    • Hello Marjorie
      Many thanks for getting in touch to let me know that you’re enjoying the R&M Files. Good to know. (Of course, I want you for a reader! I want everyone to read my books. Please don’t confuse some of Romney’s values as being values I share. Not all of them anyway. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your kind words for the reads.
      There are actually six books out now. The latest is called Unhappy Families and is available through Amazon.
      As for the 1st title – it’s called Rope Enough and the reason you might not have come across it in the usual way is because it’s currently free to download through Amazon. It’s my try-before-you-buy initiative.
      BUT… if you want to read Rope Enough can I suggest that you wait two weeks. Of course, you don’t have to, it’s there and waiting. The reason I say this is because I am currently involved in some quite heavy revisions of that title. It was my 1st book and there are elements in it that don’t really ring true with much of the rest of the series. I’m toning a few things down that readers haven’t liked. In my opinion the book will be a better read for the changes. It will still be free to download after I’ve made the changes.
      Whatever you choose, I hope that you continue to enjoy the R&M Files. #7 will be out in a couple of months.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  32. I love your Romney and Marsh books, and I’ve just finished Particular Stupidities. I just have a minor comment to make about the Kindle edition.

    Location 5165, approximately 94% through.
    Marsh frowned. ‘If you don’t mind me saying so, you’re outlook and attitude..
    It should be “your”.

    I’m looking forward to the next one, which I’ll be downloading straight away.

    • Hi
      Thanks for getting in touch to let me know you’re enjoying the R&M Files. It’s always good to learn.
      I’m always grateful to readers who take the time and trouble to let me know of any errors they find in my books. I’ll make a note of this one and next edit, I’ll sort it out. Thanks.
      I hope you enjoy #6!
      Best wishes.

  33. Hi Oliver,
    I’ve just finished ‘Rope Enough’ and I’m looking forward to the next Romney and Marsh episode. I’ve lived near dover for most of my 73 years and thoroughly enjoy the local nature of the story. The characters are so well drawn and I like the relationship between Romney and Marsh, mainly very professional but occasionally a hint of something more.

    • Hi Mike
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch to let me know you’ve enjoyed R&MFile #1. It’s always good to hear from readers with a positive message, especially readers local to the area.
      If you go on to #2 I hope you’ll forgive a little artisitc licence with the location of the golf course. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

      • Though not a golfer, I couldn’t recall a course on the Deal road but you’re allowed some artistic licence. As a fan of Rebus, Tom Thorne and Harry Bosch, I’m finding that your stories stack up well against the best, helped, of course, by the familiar locations.

      • Hi Mike
        You have paid my writing a great compliment. Thank you. I am a huge fan of Bosch. I find it hard to admit to it, but I am still yet to read a Rebus. I must be one of the few.
        Best wishes.

  34. I finished R&M#2 yesterday and have just bought #3.
    I believe that building the characters is as important as the plot and a touch of humour with a soupcon of romance just adds to the reading pleasure and you are doing all of that so well. It’s the reason I enjoy Rebus, Thorne and Bosch so much.
    I’m sure the reason you haven’t read Rebus is because you are so busy writing but if you find time, the TV series with Ken Stott is one of the best book adaptations I’ve seen. The main characters are exactly as I imagined, Ken Stott IS Rebus!

  35. Hello Oliver
    I have just finished reading Unhappy Families and as with the rest of the series I really enjoyed it.
    The crime writer that featured, James Peters, is it uncanny as I have also been reading crime novels by the Sussex author Peter James.
    Looking forward to the next Romney and Marsh book, hope it’s not too long a wait.
    Trevor Smith

    • Hi Trevor
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch. Good to know that you’re enjoying the series so far.
      As for James Peters/Peter James I might have been having a little fun there. But I’ll deny everything if it gets to court.
      R&M#7 is on the way.
      Best wishes

  36. Just finished Unhappy Families and it is the best yet. Like the slow build to the story and also the fact that there were many threads on many investigations, makes it more realistic in a way. The fact that the team were having to juggle multiple cases was very well done. Loved the Booker and Cash crossover, making R&M and B&C exist in the same universe is great. Was surprised you went the way you did with one character but it did allow you to explore the other characters from an angle that has never been seen before.

    Thought the last chapter was excellent and almost signaled a change in dynamic within the team that hopefully will be built upon in future books.

    All in all thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one.

    • Hi Mark
      Great to know that you enjoyed this offering in the R&M Files series. I had a lot of fun writing it.
      The B&C crossover has proved popular with lots of readers and it’s got me wondering whether I could write a story with all of my main characters in it. Just for fun. I have a scenario that could work.
      As for the fate that befell one character, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Time will tell on that.
      R&M#7 is in production. Not sure when to release it though. See this week’s blog-post for details of that.
      Best wishes and thanks again for your support.

  37. Just finished R&M 6 and eagerly await 7. However, don’t you just hate that word, what happened regarding the stolen mowers? Much was mentioned re the investigation and the events involving two key characters and the fateful outcome. But after the Grimes affair, nothing. Didn’t spoil the book but I cared enough to want to know the outcome

    • Hi Peter
      Many thanks for getting in touch. Good to know you’re enjoying the R&M Files experience. #7 won’t be long now.
      As for the stolen mowers thread and everything around that, I just couldn’t see it adding much to the narrative to go into it all. I figured that the culprits were unveiled and the police would go through the motions of sorting it all out. There is the not insignificant detail that the ramming incident took place outside the jurisdiction of Dover police so they would have had nothing to do with the following investigation. Hope that clears up my take on it. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes.

  38. Just finished “Enough Rope” and really enjoyed it. Know the land area well so doubly interesting. Liked the dinamics of the various relationships and that the characters are human not hyped up. Even had me looking up Gordian Knot so learnt something new along the way. Big thanks for the journey.

    • Hi Renata
      Thank you for getting in touch to let me know you’ve enjoyed the first R&M Files. I really appreciate your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Best wishes.

  39. Recently finished reading Rope Enough and really enjoyed it. 2 chapters in I knew I had made a good choice, I really liked the style and the characters.. So much so I immediately bought the next 5 books and have pre- ordered White Knuckle Christmas.
    I am now halfway through Making a Killing and am enjoying it just as much.
    I noticed that you have written two other series so this afternoon I bought Three Short Blasts to give them a try. Will be reading it next.
    Best wishes
    Hilary King.

    • Hi Hilary,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to comment here as well as on FB. All sincerely appreciated as are your kind words and downloads of the others in the series and the latest, Three Short Blasts. I hope they measure up to expectations and you find something in them to enjoy. I had a lot of fun writing them.
      Best wishes.

  40. I’ve read all your books, and eagerly downloaded Unhappy Families on to both the family Kindles Only to find all I get is the front cover and information before the list of chapters on both Kindles. I have tried it on my iPhone and it works but the list of contents are altogether in one paragraph and written in blue.
    I’ve tried to download it twice, the first time Amazon refunded my money, I have read a few other books on the Kindle between both downloads but again it will not work
    Have any of your other readers had trouble downloading this particular book?

    • Hello Martin
      This sounds worrying.
      Firstly thank you for your download of this and other books of mine.
      I can confirm that I have not received word of any content issues from other readers for this title.
      The book is formatted as you describe – front mater and then the chapters in blue (hyperlinks within the document) and then if you continue down you should come to chapter one.
      I set the chapters out like I do (in paragraph form) because the alternative is just a long list that can take up so much dead room in column view.
      I really don’t know what to suggest other than you contact Amazon with the problem. If you meet with success I would appreciate you letting me know.
      Best wishes.

  41. Thank for getting back to me. I had decide to read it on iPhone, as last time I contacted Amazon they gave my money back with out offering to sort out the problem.
    This morning I checked Kindle again and the book has appeared over night. So all OK, although strange as books usually download within seconds.
    I’m looking forward to starting it tonight

    • Hi Martin

      Phew! That’s a relief. Thanks for letting me know. Must just have been a downloading glitch. I hope the read will prove worth the trouble. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes.

  42. Mr. Tidy. I have read the first two of your “R/MFiles” series (I could not find the ampersand icon on my keyboard), and must say that I enjoyed them very much, indeed. Having received my Kindle as a gift, it has resulted in me at least doubling the number of books I read a month (up to roughly twenty, or so), and I have particularly enjoyed stumbling upon a number of quite talented self-published authors. Also, as the choices I make regarding which books I’ll “take a chance on”, particularly those written by authors unknown to me — thus, making my choices almost entirely impulsive — I cannot emphasize to you enough how much AN ENTICING COVER and AN INTRIGUING TITLE influence one’s/my purchases and downloads. Your covers are wonderful, even if some lean a bit more toward highlighting the “humerous” aspects of the books as opposed to the more “mysterious”. But, you are a natural born writer. Your prose is accomplished, your dialogue is tasty and is, for the most part, character-specific, and your characters are uniquely drawn and compelling.

    I do have a couple of general comments. First, Romney and Marsh seem, at least to me, to have very little to actually DO with each other. Certainly not enough to merit a series of books being named after “their” adventures together. They are not partners, officially or unofficially. Romney says; “Marsh, with me!”, a lot and that’s about it. And, while he clearly holds Marsh in high regard (at least compared to his other available, woefully limited in number, personnel), he also finds Marsh both too “green” and far too unnecessarily contrary and “by the book”. Marsh, while respecting Romney’s rank and experience, doesn’t even appear to particularly LIKE him, finding him both unnecessarily vulgar and far too willing to ignore accepted, even legal, procedure. Which brings me to my second comment. Romney seems to relish advancing his investigations by bending, even breaking the law, putting into jeopardy his station, his fellow coppers, as well as the “results” of his own investigations. (Often putting into jeopardy the possibility that his investigations would hold up in court, should not nearly all of his suspects and witnesses keep DYING on him — something I find, as a reader, both implausible and disappointing). Most troublingly, aside from his own defiance of proper procedure, he also openly encourages his lower-ranking officers to do the exact same thing (most unfortunately with “Wilke” in Book Two)! Now, crime fiction is filled with partners who drive each other crazy, but their differences usually result in solved cases, and the reader is made to understand that, whatever disagreements they may have, each would take a bullet for the other.

    All this makes Romney something of an anti-hero, doesn’t it? Constantly putting Marsh, his non-partner, and someone nowhere near his equal, rank-wise, in rather uncomfortable positions.

    END OF RANT. MOST important is that I enjoy the hell out of your books, and shall be buying them all. In fact, I shall begin reading Book Three in this series the moment after I send you my comment.

    Also, I am a screenwriter and TV writer here in The States, and hope you approve of me bringing your work to the attention of certain producers and executives I know who are always asking me to point them in the direction of exciting new material.

    Keep writing. I shall keep reading. You are a real find. Keith

    • Hi Keith,
      Fear not, sir. Your comment arrived in my inbox and just needed approval to go ‘live’.
      Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to get in touch with detailed feedback on your R&M Files experience thus far. I sincerely enjoy hearing from readers and I’ve learned a lot about my writing from comments.
      I’m very pleased to learn that you’re enjoying the series so far. I hope that continues.
      I appreciate the points you raise about the books and the characters. Other readers have also highlighted similar concerns about the relationship between R&M. I pay close attention to reader feedback and I like to think that as the series progresses R&M’s relationship and ‘liking’ for one another grows. At least they become more familiar and comfortable with each other.
      Romney’s behaviour is not often something that endears him to readers. But I like to think that he’s effective and his heart is in the right place.
      I’m always grateful for any attention given to the R&M Files. I would, of course, like them to be better known.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  43. Just read Rope Enough. What a great introduction to your writing. Really enjoyed it, looking forward to reading more. Thanks.

  44. Hi Oliver,
    Like many of the other readers who have commented here, the acquisition of a Kindle seems to have greatly increased the number of books I read and so the search for new authors is an ever pressing need. I am not really sure what it was that made me try the first R&M book but I have become increasingly glad that I did.

    I am now halfway through Unhappy Families and the series just seems to have got better and better. Great characters, compelling plots, lots of humour and, as I have once again just discovered, enough shocks to keep the pages turning quickly. I am recommending them to all my friends.

    I will of course be moving on to your other creations when I finish the adventures of Dover CID, Thank you for all the entertainment and pleasure so far and keep them coming please.

    Steve Budden

    • Hi Steve,
      Sincere thanks for your time and trouble to leave such encouraging and positive for your R&M Files experience. Much appreciated and really good to know.
      Thanks also for your word of mouth recommendations. That sort of thing is so important for a self-published author.
      Being a Kindle owner and voracious reader myself I understand the need to find good reads. It’s nice to be considered a provider of such.
      Your message is timely as R&M #7 came out today.
      All the best.

      • Excellent,
        Thanks Oliver, I will get myself to Amazon at once.

        Actually, I have just downloaded the first book in your other two series as well.


  45. I’ve just finished Unhappy Families, it was brilliant, and so sad. A White-Knuckle Christmas downloaded with no problems and I shall start it tonight. My partner is reading Unhappy Families as I type, and has asked when the next Booker and Cash novel will be out. She’s partially sighted and finds reading a bit difficult, but she loves your books, it’s good to hear her chuckling as she reads

    • Hello Martin
      Thanks for your comment and your kind words. Really good to know that you and your partner are enjoying the R&M Files. It pleases my as much as any feedback to learn that readers are enjoying my idea of what’s funny. I have a lot of fun writing those books.
      Many thanks for your ongoing support of my writing. I hope #7 pleases you as much as #6.
      I’m writing B&C#3 now. I’d say I’m about three-quarters of the way through, although I have no idea how it’s going to end.
      Best wishes to you both.

  46. Really enjoying the entire R&M series – just finished no.7. I love your descriptions, and you show the beauty of this part of England despite the hazards of the snow. The idea of a white Christmas has always intrigued me (I’m from Australia) and you’ve conveyed it beautifully. Are you from the Dover area yourself? Your writing sounds as if you love that part of the world.

    I’m a lover of British police fiction, and R&M is one of yhe best series – keep them coming!

    • Hi Kathy,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to leave such an encouraging message. Much appreciated, as are your downloads of the series. It’s always good to hear from readers who are enjoying the R&M Files as much as I enjoyed writing them.
      I was born and bred a bit down the road from Dover – on Romney Marsh. But I spent a few years there off and on with work and study. I have fond memories of the place. I always thought it would make a a great location for a series of crime novels. (And perfect for a TV series of R&M!) Sigh. One day, maybe. πŸ™‚
      Thanks again for your kind words.
      Best wishes.

      • Romney Marsh! Of course!
        I also meant to add that I love the development of Romney’s character, from a fairly grumpy individual to a nice bloke – not quite a Sensitive New Age Guy, but getting there!

      • They weren’t originally going to be called that but when it occurred to me I couldn’t resist. Not everyone approves.
        I thought it was fitting the Romney underwent something of a change in character. He was getting a lot of readers down – me included. πŸ™‚
        Best wishes.
        PS I’m not sure he’ll ever get round to hugging people… or trees. πŸ™‚

  47. Hi Oliver, I just finished reading A White-Knuckle Christmas, and the series just gets better and better. I very much enjoyed the interaction between Romney and others; he has grown and become a very likable and interesting character. When reading A Lamb for a Sheep, the R&M short story, I thought he was made to be Clouseau-like, rather bumbling and buffoonish; I was hoping that he was not going in that direction. No fear; Romney is better than ever! It sounds as though you may be ending his literary life, however. Now that I have praised your latest offering, I have some knits to pick. Andrea Bauer is referred to by her complete name over and over again, even within the same paragraph. It is not as though the book is peopled with a myriad of Andrea characters, and we need to keep them straight. You also seem to have become a punctuation minimalist. There is a paragraph concerning Ellie Daley’s walk through town that is one sentence long with no punctuation. To say it is run-on is an understatement. And my final knit regards a misused word, I believe. When the two authors are to make a “corroborative effort” in writing a book about particular stupidities, I believe they are actually making a collaborative effort, as in working together. These little things, however, did not detract from a job well done!
    Dianne P.S. I did post a review on Amazon.

    • Blimey!!
      I didn’t know there was a new one. Just downloaded here in France!!! Brilliant. Can’t wait to get stuck in.
      Keep em coming Oliver!

    • Hi Dianne
      Good to hear from you and great to know that you enjoyed AWKC.
      I did want to Romney to experience some change, to mellow a little in his life – the influence of a good woman is perhaps all he needed. Just a guess.
      I’m putting the R&M Files on hold for a while as I look at other writing projects. I won’t say that I’m finished with them, yet. I just don’t know.
      All your ‘nits’ are noted. Thank you for the feedback. I do appreciate constructive criticism. I’ve learned a lot from it.
      And many thanks for leaving a very decent review and rating on Amazon. Again, much appreciated.
      Best wishes.

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