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  1. Really, really enjoyed ‘Rope Enough’. We’ll crafted and your characters are human and believable. I understand that there are two others in the series and I will be sure to get them

    The internet and ebooks are wonderful. It lets us read new authors like yourself. Please keep writing. Yours is a real talent and I plan to read all your writing.

    My best regards,

    Bruce Davies
    Dalton, Ga., USA

    • Hello Bruce
      Many thanks for getting in touch.
      It’s always good to learn that a reader has enjoyed one of my books and then taken the time and trouble to get in touch to let me know. That kind of thing is a big part of what has made self-publishing such an enjoyable experience for me.
      It’s also good to know that you are encouraged to try the next in the series. I hope that when you get around to it you’ll let me know what you think.
      I agree with you entirely about the Internet having proved a great resource for readers to find writers whose books would otherwise never see the light of day. Thanks for your kind words regarding that and my writing.
      I hope to be writing and self-publishing for a good while to come.
      Best wishes.

  2. Mr Kindle introduced me to your work. Fun and interesting… Especially since I live in Kent! One thing stuck out in Making a Killing: one of the characters dies while hypoglycemic:

    ‘So, would such a low level of insulin in his blood have proved fatal?’
    ‘If it wasn’t balanced with insulin, undoubtedly. He’d have gone into a coma and, if he’d not been found, he’d have died.’

    There are two misconceptions here:

    Firstly, it isn’t a lack of insulin in the blood that causes a hypoglycemic coma and death, but a lack of blood sugars: if they fall below a certain level (and that can differ from person to person, and from circumstance to circumstance: one day you could be walking and talking [though possibly not very sensibly!] with blood sugars as low a 1.25 milimols per liter, the next time that could lead to fitting and coma!), yes, coma and death can follow. Adding insulin will reduce the blood sugars even more. What the hypoglycemic episode needs it treatment with sugar and carbohydrates, not insulin.
    Someone who is ‘hypo’ can indeed behave as if they are drunk. More usually in my experience of living with Type 1 diabetics, they become uncoordinated, disorientated, confused, subject to strange delusions, and lack the concentration to do anything as complex as hang themselves. They would be more likely to fall over and become obstreperous about getting up again!

    Secondly, lack of insulin leads to Hyperglycemia: raised blood sugar levels. If untreated, this will eventually lead to ketoacidosis, and a slow, lingering death. Someone suffering from advanced ketoacidosis can easily be brought back and suffer no long-term ill effects with the proper administration of insulin. People with poorly regulated raised blood sugar can live for many years, but may well suffer from the effects. Typically these are problems related to poor circulation and its complications. Loss of limbs to gangrene is not uncommon even now.

    My father’s stepmother was one of the first people to access insulin treatment, and lived into her 80’s, despite losing one eye, becoming blind in the other, and losing both legs. Nowdays, with a far better understanding of the whole condition, and significant advances in treatment and management, my husband has suffered no such side effects so far, after 20 years, and my son is as large, fit, and healthy as any 19YO sporting type of his age, currently enjoying weekends as a PI with the KACF and airsofting, and his college course in engineering.

    It’s a small niggle, but if we you are to introduce something like this into a tale, you owe it to the sufferers not to get the simple things wrong, as this perpetuates misconceptions and ideas that do folk managing the condition no good at all, and can feed the idea that things like type 1 diabetes is a thing to be feared rather than managed sensibly.

    • Hello Kate
      Many thanks for getting in touch. Glad you enjoyed the books.

      You are not the first reader to let me know about my horrible error regarding my medical ‘knowledge’ regarding diabetes. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of my mistake over this that I wrote a blog post about it. Here’s the link. I’d love you to have a look. It explains things.

      I am at present involved in my first proper edits of the three R&M books and this is something that I am going to rectify. I lament all those copies out there already with my mistake in, but there is nothing I can do about that now. Live and learn.

      I thank you for your detailed information. I will certainly refer to it when tackling that issue in the book. And it is good to know that medical science has advanced to such a stage that you son is enjoying a healthy active life.
      Best wishes.

  3. I have just read the first of your books courtesy of my Kindle. It’s a great way to explore new authors. I really enjoy the Crime genre and I shall certainly be on the look out for the next two in the series. I read Rope Enough in just two days. Absolutely gripping. You did ask for the reader to flag up typo’s etc. Well when Romney and Marsh go up to the cliffs to lure Park into going for the gun they park the car near a “stile” but your spell checker didn’t pick up the use of “style” in your script. A minor point but I do like correct spelling.
    I’m off to download the second in the series.

    • Hi Denise
      Many thanks for getting in touch. I always appreciate readers letting me know they have enjoyed one of my books..And thanks for pointing out the typo. I’m currently in the process of doing an edit of all three books and I’ll be including that one. Bad one for me because I used to climb them on my way to school. I should know better.
      If and when you get around to the next in the series, please let me know what you think of it.
      Best wishes.

  4. Hi Oliver,
    Just finished “Rope Enough” and wanted to thank you for a fab read.
    The characters are human and believable and show the difficulties that the Force have in dealing with both crime and relationships at the same time.

    Just off to check out the other books in the Romney and Marsh series.

    Carry on with the good work. 🙂

    Best Regards.

    • Hi Nancy

      Many thanks for getting in touch. I’m really pleased that you enjoyed Rope Enough. Thanks for your kind words. If and when you get around to the next in the series, please let me know what you think.
      Best wishes.

  5. Hi Oliver I left you a message after I read the first of the Romney and Marsh files and you will pleased to know I enjoyed it so much that I have paid for (which is unusual for me as I am kindle free book surfer) and read the next two and was not disappointed. I thourghly enjoyed both and like your no nonsense writing stile. I do get board quickly with books that spend chapters describing how green the grass was. I prefer your style where insignificant details are left to the readers imagination and get on with the telling of a thrilling and gripping story. I am looking forward to the release of number 4!
    Again keep up the good work

    • Hi Derek
      Many thanks for getting touch with such an encouraging message. I’m very pleased to learn that you enjoyed the other two in the series. Thanks for your purchases.
      Like you, I don’t like to read passages and passages of descriptive writing. I never find myself imagining things the way the author describes them and it slows things up. The odd reference for the reader to build something onto if they choose is the way I prefer to write. It’s always nice to know that readers appreciate that.
      Number four is with my proofreading friend. Should be available in a about a month. I look forward to seeing what you make of it.
      Best wishes.

  6. Dear Oliver

    I have just finished the third book in the Romney and Marsh files series. Can’t wait for Number 4. I have been recommending it to family and friends ever since I found the book on Kindle. I am local to the area so that has been an added bonus.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Karyn
      Many thanks for your wonderfully encouraging message. Much appreciated. I’m always thrilled to learn that readers have enjoyed the Romney and Marsh Files, especially when they know the area. You’ve probably seen from the blog that #4 should be out around about the end of this month.
      And thanks for those recommendations. Word of mouth is so important to a self-published writer.
      Best wishes.

  7. Just to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the Romney and Marsh books and I am so pleased to see a fourth one is on the way. Any ideas when it will be available to purchase on kindle?
    Thank you.
    Janie Day

    • Janie,
      Many thanks for your encouraging message. Glad you liked them. I’m always pleased to learn that a reader is enjoying the books.
      I’m hoping to get R&M#4 out around about the end of this month. More announcements here on my blog in due course.
      Best wishes.

  8. Enjoyed Rope Enough and just started book #2. Plan to read all the Romney and Marsh books straight through.

    It’s pretty darn cool that you are self-published. Nice to see the Internet being used for something other than porn. Pretty sure some agent and publisher will soon snap you up, though. Too much money on the table for the traditional book trade to ignore.

    One question: does Romney Marsh refer to the wetlands in Kent or the breed of sheep?

    Keep up the good work.

    • Michael,
      Many thanks for your encouraging and positive comment. Much appreciated as are your downloads. I hope that the following books live up to your expectations.
      Thanks too for your kind words regarding my venture. The traditional publishing deal is the thing of dreams. But, like Martin Luther said…
      Romney Marsh definitely refers to the land in the south-east of Kent. I was born and raised there and when the thought occurred to me to name my detective duo after the place it was a sealed deal.
      Best wishes

  9. Hi
    I’ve just finished reading the latest Romney and Marsh book and I wanted to say how much i have enjoyed them all.
    On the back of my enjoyment of the first two books i started on the Acer books which I also enjoyed very much and I hope there is another one on its way sooI was never very good at English at school so if therehave been errors i doubt i’ll have noticed them!
    Looking forward to future releases.

    • Gill,
      Thanks very much for getting in touch to let me know you’ve enjoyed the R&M Files. Much appreciated as are all of your downloads of my books. I really have a lot of fun writing R&Ms in particular. I’m writing Acer#3 at the moment. It’s going well. I hope to have it ready for the summer.
      I’m not too great at spotting my own mistakes. Fortunately, these days I have a gentleman who does my proof-reading for me. I keep him busy.
      Best wishes.

  10. Fantastic…Yet another superb book…Yet another 5 star rating and review left on Amazon and Goodreads.

    “Ranking with the best!!!

    Anyone who likes a good Murder/Mystery/Police Procedural need look no further than the Romney & Marsh series. Book #4 is, in my opinion, right up there….with the best of British Thrillers/Mysteries and what’s more…..with the best of British writers.

    Crafted with all his usual skill and, of course, the right smattering of humour, Oliver Tidy has once again brought a wonderful set of believable characters to life…and I’ll never ever brush my teeth again without Romney’s Particle Theory entering my head!!!

    Well done Mr.T…..back of the net once again.

    Now then…where’s #5???”

    Many thanks for all your efforts… keep up the good work.

    • Andy,
      Many and sincere thanks for yet another glowing comment here and for your time and trouble to feedback positively on Amazon and Goodreads. It all really helps. Very pleased to see that you enjoyed this one, too. I’m glad the humour is working for you. That’s become important to me with these characters. Thanks for your kind words for my writing. R&M#5 is a thought in progress.
      Best wishes.

  11. Mr. Tidy
    Well, I’m obviously late to the party having just finished “Rope—“. Like the characters of Romney and Marsh,(I see what you did there. RomneyMarsh indeed). I really am smitten by the phenomenon of self-publishing, although as you have said elsewhere on your blog there are some stinkers out there. I’ve even spent money on them.
    I will be going to Amazon to give your book a review and probably give you a shout out on Facebook.
    You had asked for comments, corrections and the like at the end of your book. I can’t really think of any jarring errors that took away from my enjoyment of the writing. I’m just an old dumb country boy from Texas, so I would never think about trying to correct a speaker and writer of the Queen’s English.
    As you say, may you soon be a writer who teaches.
    Best of luck,
    Bill (Austin,Texas)

    • Bill
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch. I always appreciate hearing from readers. Very good to learn that you enjoyed Rope Enough. I’m having a lot of fun self-publishing. The whole phenomenon has been a tremendously liberating experience. I’m always grateful to anyone who can give the R&M Files a mention anywhere. Word of mouth, or the modern day technological equivalent, is the only way for someone like me to get known.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  12. Dear Mr Tidy

    I had a kindle as a gift sometime ago and have downloaded masses of free books, amongst these was Rope Enough. I have just got round to reading it and I couldn’t put it down. I started it at 10pm last night as a bedtime read and found myself reading right through to the early hours of this morning!! Good job I haven’t got to go to work today.

    This book was spellbinding, extremely well written and what could have been a gratuitous storyline was handled quite sensitively. I am off to look through Amazon to find the other books in the series and actually PAY for them!


    • Hi Cid,
      Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to write to me with such a positive and encouraging message. It makes my day when readers let me know they’ve enjoyed one of my books.
      I particularly appreciate your remarks regarding my handling of the storyline.
      As an unknown in publishing terms I, along with an increasing number of writers, offer the first of my series for free in the hope that readers will enjoy it enough to try the next. So, it’s gratifying to learn that works now and again. I look forward to seeing what you make of the next when you get around to it.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  13. Dear Mr. Tidy, I just finished Rope Enough. I really enjoyed it. As a fan of Agatha Christie, I felt the same suspense while reading your book. Rope Enough was well written and the characters were well developed. I am off to Amazon to order book #2 in the Romney Marsh files. Keep them coming. Excellent work!!

    • Lyn,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to let me know you enjoyed the read. It’s always very gratifying and encouraging to hear. I hope that Making a Killing doesn’t disappoint.
      There are four of the R&M Files at present. I’m having a lot of fun writing them.
      Thanks again and best wishes.

  14. Hi Oliver, just finished a dogs life, another brilliant story, loved the ending. Nice to find out more about marsh and crimes personal lives. I have enjoyed all of your books. Recommended your books to my mum who uses a mobile library but didn’t realise that your books are only available on e readers. Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Stella Byfield

    • Hi Stella,
      Good to hear from you again.
      Thanks so much for your positive feedback for A Dog’s Life. Glad you gave it a go and enjoyed it. I really wasn’t sure about the ending but on balance thought Romney would, given the chance.
      Thanks for the recommendations. It all helps. Sadly, no ‘real’ books yet. I can dream about them though.
      Best wishes.

  15. Hi Mr Tidy, Just finished Joint Enterprise in two days. Gripping, great pace, and some genuine laugh out loud passages.Loved every line. Found you by accident and thoroughly enjoyed the first two Romney & Marsh. You have the knack of producing characters and situations that I can “see”. I am sure that they would also all translate well to TV. Have just purchased A Dogs life (so that’s the next few days taken care of) and Bad Sons in the certain knowledge that it will be as good if not better. Thank you for the pleasure I have had from reading the first three R&M and the enjoyment that I am sure will follow from the next one and Bad Sons. Would happily pay more to support your writing. I wish you every success.
    Sincere good wishes. Les Brown

    • Hi Les,
      Many thanks for your wonderful message. It’s always really good to know that readers are enjoying the R&M Files. I have such a lot of fun writing them, especially since I found my stride with the humour. I always appreciate it when a reader comments positively on that side of things.
      Seeing the scenes is a large part of how I write them. I’m a very ‘visual’ writer, I realise.
      I do hope you enjoy A Dog’s Life. And then Bad Sons, which you’ll find is a little different. Please, let me know what you think when you get around to them.
      Many thanks for your support.
      Best wishes.

  16. The only thing wrong with the Romney & Marsh books is I can read them way faster than you can write them. But I guess there’s not much you can do about that, is there?

    • Haha thanks, Michael. I’m taking that as a compliment. I have a couple of sub-plots simmering away for R&M#5 but other writing projects are queued up and waiting. I certainly hope to have the Dover detectives out and about later in the year.
      Best wishes.

      • I’ll take whatever you have. Also, I’m thinking it’s time to light a romance between Romney and Marsh. No doubt you’ve already considered that, but I think it might add an interesting element to their relationship.

  17. I have just finished Rope Enough and loved it so will no go on and read as much Oliver Tidy as I can as once I find a great author I read everything I can get my hands on. Please keep writing as fast as you can…

    • Dawn,
      Thank you so much for dropping by to let me know. It’s always good to learn that someone has enjoyed a R&M File. I hope you enjoy the next and look forward to hearing from you on that score.
      I’m always writing, but sadly I’m not very fast.
      Best wishes.

  18. Hi just wanted to leave you some positive feedback about rope enough . I am not someone that reads book after book I read one book a year on holiday,this year it was yours and I have to say I loved it every little detail. I have already downloaded another and started reading. You have given me the love for a good read that so many people seem to have and I thank you for that keep them coming .
    Thanks again

    • Hi Lee
      Thank you sincerely for a comment to treasure. Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures, in my humble opinion. So, as an author, to think that one of my books might have given you the nudge to increase your interest is a special feeling. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the second in the series and go on to read the others and enjoy those too. I had a lot of fun writing them.
      Best wishes.

    • Howard
      Thanks for getting in touch. It’s always good to know readers are enjoying the R&M Files. And thanks for your purchases. All much appreciated.
      Best wishes

    • Hi Cathy
      Sorry for delay of my response to your very kind message. I’ve been on an extended Internetless (!) holiday.
      Glad you enjoyed the read. Thanks for letting me know. If and when you get around to others in the series, please let me know what you think.
      Best wishes.

  19. Hi Oliver, currently only ‘Enough Rope’ is available on the Apple iBook store… just wondering when your other books are coming to the iBook store so I can read the rest as I don’t use kindle.

    • Hi Pete,
      Sorry for delay of my response to your message – I’ve been on an extended Internetless (!) holiday.
      Currently, I’m tied to Amazon with their KDP lending scheme which demands exclusivity. I have plans to reassess my books’ availability in the coming months. I just need to find the time and get my act together.
      Thanks for your interest.
      Best wishes.

  20. I came across Romney and Marsh #1 on the Kobo even-book Traditional British mystery and thriller most popular list. It’s number 10 on the list. Instead of saying “buy now”, it said “read now”. I just thought it was a book I had already purchased but not read. I was surprised when I discovered at the end of the novel that it was self-published and free. Better written than some books I paid for. I would be willing to purchase the rest of the series, but unfortunately it is the only one of your books they have. Hilariously, they do have free books by a Charles Meymott Tidy who wrote about the treatment of sewage and also legal and forensic medicine. You should get your books on the Kobo site.

    • Hi Kim
      Sorry for the delay of my response to your very kind message. I’ve been on an extended Internetless (!) holiday. Never again.
      Many thanks for getting in touch.. I’m glad you enjoyed Rope Enough.
      Currently, I’m tied into Amazon’s KDP lending scheme for the rest of the series and my other books. Amazon demand exclusivity for the privilege. I’m looking at doing something about this in the coming months because, as you know, I’m probably not reaching as many readers as I could be.
      Thanks again for your time and trouble to get in touch. I’m now off to Google Charles Meymott Tidy. He might be a relative!
      Best wishes.

  21. I have read the first 4 R&M books that I thoroughly enjoyed. Well written and believable characters.
    I liked the way in A dog’s life you set out the problems of novel publishing.
    I usually pick up a few errors but I only found one (I think) in a dog’s life you spell window sill as window cill.
    I look forward to your future novels.
    Kiffin Miller

    • Hi Kiffin
      Many thanks for getting touch to let me know that you enjoyed the R&M Files. That and your downloads of the series are much appreciated. My spelling of cill/sill is something I’ve been guilty of before. Thanks for pointing it out.
      I hope to begin R&M#5 sometime in the New Year – I’m working on other writing projects at the moment.
      Best wishes.

  22. Oliver. Just finished Rope. Excellent. I’m a retired Police Officer. In the police, male Inspectors are addressed formally as Sir. Male Detective Inspectors are addressed mor informally as Guv, as in Guvnor. Note the spelling. You spelt the term as Gov. For info.

    • David,
      Many thanks for getting in touch to let me know you enjoyed the first R&M File. Much appreciated. It’s encouraging to know that someone who has worked in law enforcement, can give it a thumbs up.
      Now that you’ve pointed it out, I can see that Guv looks better than Gov. I’ll add the correction to my list and update the text when I get a chance. I do hope I haven’t made the same mistake in all four books. More work.
      If you should get around to the second in the series, please let me know what you think.
      Thanks again and best wishes.

  23. Have just finished ‘A Dog’s Life’ – the best of your R & M books so far! Well done – also big improvement in accuracy and detail. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Paul,
      That’s good to know. Thanks and thank you for your continuing support. Glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun writing it. I’m always looking to improve the procedural aspect of the books as well as the writing.
      I hope to start #5 when I have a couple of other writing projects finished.
      Best wishes.

  24. Oliver. Thanks. Am on the second book now (which I purchased, rare for a skinflint like me, so good was the first) and Gov does appear in that as well. For info and again well done.

    • Dave,
      Thanks for the download. I hope the book doesn’t disappoint. I must confess to not buying too many ebooks, myself. Plenty of good reading in the ‘frees’, I find.
      Just checked #3 and #4 in the R&M series. Gov in both. 😦
      Thanks again.

  25. Oliver, as a retired law enforcement officer, a detective, a patrolman, and finally a chief of police, I was so enthrall end with “rope” that I completed it in two afternoons. It is well written, typos aside, and not knowing that much about British law enforcement, quite intriguing. Looking forward to rest of the series. KUDOS!!

    • Myron (that’s a great name by the way)
      Thank you very much for your positive and encouraging comment. Much appreciated. It always means a little something extra when someone the business side of the badge gets in touch to let me know they’ve enjoyed a Romney and Marsh story. I hope that you enjoy the next in the series, when you get around to it.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  26. Hi Oliver
    I have read all the Romney and Marsh and Acer Sansom books now and I am looking forward to reading the Booker and Cash that I have just downloaded from Amazon.
    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed them all and after reading the first one for free I have bought all the others.
    I very much like your style of writing and your themes and plots of your books and look forward to you writing many more.
    Stewart Tutt

    • Hi Stewart
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch here. I really appreciate it when readers let me know their thoughts on my writing.
      It’s a bonus that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far. Thanks, too, for your downloads. I hope the first Booker and Cash doesn’t disappoint.
      Currently, I’m in the proofreading phase of Acer#3 and the first draft phase of B&C #2. I hope to get on with R&M #3 later this year. So lots more to come.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  27. Hi Oliver
    Just read 2nd R & M am now almost read 3rd love the humour you’ve injected into 2nd & 3rd books Grimes is becoming a great character he makes me laugh especially in the 3rd book. Really enjoying your books and will eventually get around to them all. I live in Kent so know most of the area the story lines take. Keep up the good work. Just a thought any options on a TV series for R & M??????

    • Hi Steve
      Good to hear from you again. And very good to know that you’re working your way through, and enjoying, the R&M Files.

      The humour has become more and more important to me the further I get with this series. I didn’t really occur to me in RE to push it, after all these are crime novels, although I do remember just one or two minor incidents that slipped out. I was about halfway through MAK when I realised where I wanted to take these characters and how. Hence the growth of what I find funny. So, when a reader mentions it it makes my day. If you’re enjoying it in JE, I know you’ll like #4. I had so much fun writing that particular one.
      As for a TV series, if you know anyone, please point them in my direction. Maybe I could give up the day job with the proceeds. On that note, I got a bit drunk one evening a few months ago and emailed Simon Pegg’s and Nick Frost’s production company. I thought they could play Romney and Grimes. I’m not surprised they never got back to me.

      Paul Henry was Diana’s driver? I can’t lie. I had no idea. Or maybe I did but it was just buried deep in my subconscious and came out when I was scrabbling around for a French name I could spell. I like it. Thanks for pointing it out. I can pretend I knew and seem clever.

      Do let me know what you think of #4 if and when you should get around to it.

      Best wishes and thanks again.

  28. Incidentally I’m sure your aware of the coincidence in the name of the Frenchmen Paul Henry being princess Diana driver when she was killed ?

  29. I downloaded the first book for free and really enjoyed it so have now purchased second one in series and look forward to reading it.

    • Hi Mary
      Many thanks for dropping by to let me know that my try-before-you-buy initiative has hit the mark with you. I’m glad you enjoyed the first R&M File and look forward to learning what you think of book two.
      Best wishes.

  30. Hi Oliver,
    Just finished reading Rope Enough. Great plot and the detective work was drawn out just right. I found a couple of spelling mistakes (I hope you don’t mind my pointing them out). The body was interned – it should be interred, as in Julius Caesar – Friends, Romans etc – the good is oft interred in the bones. I can’t recall the others but they were minor, don’t affect the story. Kindle is a great way to read; so convenient. have a look at my own first endeavour – The Butcher.

    Keep it up. For a self-published author it was a brilliant endeavour. Enjoyed it tremendously – five stars on Kindle review.

    • Brian
      Good to hear from you.
      Thanks for your kind words for the first R&M File. Glad you liked it.
      I’m always grateful to readers who take the time and trouble to let me know about any errors they spot in my books. ‘Interred’ is a new one and I shall correct it in my next edit. Thanks.
      Kindle certainly is fantastically convenient. I read every day on it on my lengthy commute and I do get through some books. I’ll check out The Butcher when I’ve finished here. Very best of luck with your writing.
      Many thanks, also, for the great Amazon comment and rating.
      Best wishes.

  31. Dear Oliver
    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading your books. I have just finished the 4th Romney, Marsh and I must say, I thought they were all great. Riveting at times in fact!
    I love all the central characters. They are very well developed as one reads through the series.
    Having worked with the Ferries for many years (I live near Dieppe, France these days but I travel for meetings in Dover regularly) I am lucky enough to be able to associate with many of the locations and scenes in your books. Yes, this is what initially attracted me to download the free version of “Rope Enough” but having read that one I just had to have more.
    One particular moment of note was at 3am one morning when I just hadn’t been able to put the final book down and I started roaring with laughter at one of Grimes’ jokes! My wife wasn’t impressed but I certainly was.
    I sincerely hope there may be another Romney, Marsh in the future Oliver but in the mean time I send you my thanks for the super reads.
    Kind regards,

    Andy Hutchison
    Dieppe, France

    • Hı Andy
      Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to get in touch over the R&M Fıles. And thanks too for your downloads of the series. All much appreciated.
      I can honestly say that there is little in life that gives me as much pleasure as learning that the books have pleased a reader. That might make me sound like I live in a cage, but pleased be assured my life is rich and varied (compared to someone who lives in a cage). It’s just great to know that the characters, who I have come to love warts an’ all, are making impressions on people. It’s a big part of why I write.
      I hope to start R&M 5 later this year when I’m done with a couple of other writing projects I’ve got on the go. I think there are a few more books in this team before I feel the need to kill them all off in something appropriately spectacular.
      Best wishes and thanks again.
      PS Your 3am incident gave me a good chuckle. I suffer from bruised ribs myself occasionally, courtesy of she who must be dismayed.

  32. Thanks Oliver,
    Nice of you to take the trouble to reply. In all the years I’ve been reading books (I also sell them to the Ferry Industry I should perhaps mention) I have only ever once before felt compelled to write to an Author. Feel free to take that as a huge compliment and to further enhance that compliment I have just downloaded “Bad Sons”
    Kind regards,

    PS: If they are ever available in printed form let me know as I’m sure they would do well on the ships running out of Dover!

    • Andy
      My pleasure. I sincerely enjoy communicating with readers. Among other things, I’ve learned a lot from them. Compliment humbly accepted, thank you. And thanks for the download of ‘Bad Sons’. You might be amused by some of my French in that one when you get around to it. Still, I hope you enjoy it.
      The day I get my act together with all the possibilities that print on demand etc can offer the self-publisher I will look you up. Selling on the ferries could be a good marketing ploy. But don’t count on me for a book signing session on the waves – last time I caught the ferry I was as sick as a dog for most of the journey.
      Best wishes.

  33. I have just finished the third book in your Romney And Marsh series of books and cannot wait to start the last one. Can you please let me know whether or not you will be writing any more in the series? My wife has read all four and cannot wait to find out whether there will be another.
    You certainly have the perfect lifestyle with your teaching and writing in Istanbul.
    Good Luck in the future and may you continue writing such good books.

    • Hi Albert
      Many thanks for getting in touch over the R&M Files. It’s always good to know that they are being enjoyed. I had a lot of fun writing them.
      In answer to your question, I certainly have plans to write more in the series. The Dover detectives are more like friends to me now than just fictional characters. I hope to make a start on number five before the end of 2014.
      At present I’m working on books in my other two series.
      Life is pretty good. I enjoy my day job and I have a hobby that I love, and then there’s my wonderful family here. What more could a man want? (Maybe English ale, I suppose.)
      My sincere thanks to you and your wife for the downloads of my books and thanks again for getting in touch. I hope you enjoy number four when you get around to it.
      Best wishes..

  34. Typos as promised:
    ‘He appears, that is, there is no cassette in the machine , sir.’ Should be “It” appears.

    black regalia they put him in mind of a cluster of crows gathered around carrion. With a heavy sigh, – actually for crows it’s a murder of crows – might add to the imagery too.

    temporary of otherwise. The short time that he had snatched from – should be “temporary OR otherwise”

    work with the kind of excitement fermenting in his gut that he associated with first dates. He’d
    “fomenting in his gut” ??

    remained patiently persuasive. ‘What we’re talking about doing is giving the little scrota – someone who we both know – “scrotum” is singular; “scrota” is plural

    Detective Sergeant Joy Marsh was new and young enough not to have had known the seventies.
    “and young enough to have known” ??

    Rope Enough was thoroughly entertaining despite the reprehensible acts committed by your perpetrators. Let me know if you want me to write a review.

  35. Dear Oliver Tidy

    Thank you for being a self publishing author enabling us to read your Romney and Marsh books. Really enjoyable. I am reading ‘A dog’s Life’, a very good read and super to follow regular characters. I love Grimes and now Boudicca- I expect you have met a Boudicca in your teaching career!! – I know I have in my career.
    Also you have helped me get to grips with my Kindle – so many thanks for the books – looking forward to the next Romney and Marsh – in the meantime I am going to try your other series.

    Best regards
    Su Rollinson

    • Hi Su
      Many thanks for your lovely message. I’m genuinely thrilled to learn that you are enjoying the R&M Files. I had a lot of fun writing them and the characters are like old friends for me now. I’m looking forward to making a start on number five sometime soon.
      Funny you should say that about Boudicca. It is a true coincidence that I started the book with that character and THEN the embodiment of that character joined the school I was at. It was almost as though I created her (and I know how Dr Frankenstein felt).
      Kindles take a bit of getting used to but they are brilliant machines. I love mine now, even though it will never replace a real book for me.
      If and when you get around to either of my other series, please let me know what you think.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  36. Oliver
    Is it possible you e mail your readers if you have a new book going global??
    My husband and a friend thoroughly enjoy your books (so will I when I retire in 2 years, 1 month and 6 days,) but your mother let me down and didn’t tell me at country mice that you had released the two latest books!!!
    Hope you’ve had a good break back on the marsh and enjoyed your xmas dinner!! Lol
    Many thanks

    • Hi Sandie
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I will happily email you to let you know when the next book is out. Good to know that your husband and friend are enjoying them.
      I will certainly have a stiff word with mother over her lapse. I’ll do it by phone. I wouldn’t risk it to her face. She can be quite violent.
      I had a lovely break thanks and that Christmas dinner was absolutely wonderful! She is still god for something.
      Best wishes.

  37. Having retired nearly 4 years ago from the Metropolitan Police after serving 31 years ,and finding myself with more time on my hands,it was nice to come across the Romney and Marsh books which I really did enjoy.You obviously did your homework well.Keep up the good work
    Oh and by the way,you used to be my doubles partner at Badmington at Southlands Comprehensive in the late 70’s,and if I remember you were a very good Table Tennis player

    • Hello Phil
      I remember you well. Hope all is good with you. (If you’re retired that’s half the battle won, surely.)
      That’s a lot of years you put in. You should write a book now you’ve got time on your hands :-))) Surely you must have many great stories to tell.
      Thanks for your kind words for my efforts with pen, paper and imagination. They’re just a bit of fun. Good to know you enjoyed them.
      I miss my table tennis.
      All the best.

  38. Hi Oliver. Just finished Rope Enough (in 2 days) and felt that I had to compliment you on thoroughly good read – and this is the first time in hundreds of books that I have felt the need to do so. There is so much self published dross out there that it is refreshing to come across something where the characters are well rounded and believable – in conjunction with a plot that works. My only criticism is the use of the word ephemera – twice… once is good, but as it is such an uncommon word, the second useage denigrates the first. i could also pick up on the expression ‘elephant in the room’ but as the second useage was ‘elephant in the car’ it works…
    Well done and thank you for the entertainment – I shall read more!

    • Hello Chris
      Thanks for getting in touch. I always like hearing from readers, especially when they have positive feedback for me.
      Good to know that you enjoyed the first R&M File.
      I know exactly what you mean with word repetition. I really try to avoid it as a writer because it jars with me as a reader. The thing is spotting them all.
      If and when you get around to the next in the series, please let me know what you think.
      Best wishes.

  39. Hi Oliver

    How are you getting along with your next book?, I can be sure of a good read with your writing and I’m looking forward to whichever series you’re working on at present. Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Penny
      Good to hear from you.
      I’m wrestling with Romney and Marsh 5 at the moment, which I think I will call Particular Stupidities. I hope to have it on Amazon in a couple of months.
      Best wishes.

  40. Hi Oliver,
    Just finished “Rope Enough’. What a great book, couldn’t find any fault at all. Loved the story and the outcome, will be looking out for more of your books.


    • Hi Marie
      Many thanks for getting in touch. Good to know that you enjoyed the book enough to comment. I appreciate it. If and when you get around to the next in the series, please let me know what you think.
      Best wishes.

  41. Well, here we are in Australia for our annual 3 months, looking for good crime stories, and came across your first Romney and Marsh book. Neither of us could put it down, we’ve bought the second title already and love the pace and excitement of your writing. We wish you fame and success as you certainly deserve it. Thank you!

    • Hi Barbara
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch. Much appreciated, as are you kind words and your downloads of my books.
      I hope the second book doesn’t disappoint. There are four in the series at the moment with a fifth on the way.
      Enjoy your break down under.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  42. Dear Mr. Tidy,
    I found your books on my kindle whilst on holiday and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the characters and seeing them develop through the stories, descriptions and interactions. You have mentioned, at the end of each book, that grammar is something you aim to correct s, at the risk of seeming pedantic, could you arrange for your characters to say ‘there’ll’ instead of ‘they’ll’ when that is clearly what they are meaning? I realise that the spoken word is often incorrect but it looks strange in print. Keep the books coming though. I am just about to download book four.
    Yours faithfully,
    Elizabeth Jackson.

    • Hi Elizabeth
      Many thanks for getting in touch. I always enjoy hearing from readers who have enjoyed a R&M File or two.
      I’m always grateful for readers’ suggestions for improvements to the texts. Thank you for yours. It is noted.
      I hope you enjoy book four. Thanks for your downloads. All much appreciated.
      Best wishes.

  43. Dear Oliver, at the risk of being repetitive, I just wanted to say that the ‘try one free, buy the others’ certainly did lure me in – first to Romney & Marsh and now to Acer Samson. I am a prolific reader and have read all the currently available R&M books in the last few days and finished the first Acer Samson novel last night. I have to admit that I have found enough free Kindle books to keep me entertained and only part with my hard-earned money when I feel something is really worth it……………..well done you……………. For what my opinion is worth, including the whole self-publishing phenomenon as a strand to the last R&M story was a real eye-opener. I had no idea it was such a competitive and cut-throat industry. I am pleased that you are being successful at it. Writing stories that people want to read is a real art – many congratulations!!! Lucy

    • Hi Lucy
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch. It’s always good to hear from readers, especially when they’ve enjoyed a book or five! Your contact and your downloads are sincerely appreciated.
      And it’s good to know that the try before you buy thing works. I think that as a self-publishing nobody I have to do something like that to encourage people to read my books. There are so many good cheap books now on Amazon. Competition is tough and can be like I portrayed it in A Dog’s Life. It’s all good fun.
      I love writing and I have a lot of fun with my hobby. It’s nice to know readers want to read me. Thanks for your kind words.
      I’m working on both R&m#5 and #6 at the moment as well as a R&M short story. Hopefully they’ll start becoming available in the summer.
      Best wishes.

  44. Dear Mr Tidy

    I have just left a comment on Amazon regarding “Making a Killing”. This was fantastic, I couldn’t put this one down either. It’s 3 in the morning, I started it at just after 1am as I went to bed (had a really long walk tonight with friends up and down dale along the country park and foolishly had a nap when I came in, hence the 1am!) and just as with “Rope Enough” I couldn’t wait to get to the end to find out who done it! Only slightly let down by Arda being introduced by name towards the end, it might have been good to bring him in earlier so we readers could have him at the back of our minds as one of the suspects, and then thinking aha I was right, it was him!!

    But never mind that (bad grammar) just keep on writing the Romney and Marsh books – the humour in this one was really really good! It wasn’t out of place either, you should be writing up scripts for tv programmes, although Peter Robinson ruined Alan Banks, he agreed to Stephen Tompkinson playing the lead and he really wasn’t the fans impression of him as written down in the books, plus the man can’t act. So (bad grammar again good job I’m not a writer), if itv comes calling make sure they get the choice of leads correct!!

    Best wishes

    • Hello Cid
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch over the books. It’s always good to hear from readers who are enjoying the reads.
      Naturally, I take it as a huge compliment that the book kept you reading (even if you weren’t tired) till the small hours. Glad you liked it. I’ve had a lot of fun writing the R&M Files and hope to have a few more in me yet.
      The humour has become increasingly important to me. I really only got going with my idea of what’s funny half-way through MAK. Book 5 is in the post-production phase and it’s made me laugh a lot.
      Funny you should mention scripts. I have recently written R&M The Musical. I’m not kidding either. Writing a script was different but I loved it. One day, even if I have to pay for it myself i will put the show on.
      Every time I think of someone to play Romney it either turns out that he’s too old or too dead. Liam Cunningham was a big favourite for a while but he’s just past it. (Sorry sir.)
      Anyway, thanks again. Back to the the grindstone.
      Best wishes.

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