Poor Hands (Booker & Cash #3) – finally!

Poor Hands (a Booker & Cash Story Book 3) by [Tidy, Oliver]

For more reasons than I care to recount, Poor Hands has been a long time in the making by my standards. It’s finally here. Available for downloading and reading now from the following links. Only 99p and $1.28 for a limited time. Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy the read.

Amazon UK   Amazon US

20 thoughts on “Poor Hands (Booker & Cash #3) – finally!

  1. I’m just about to finish ‘Deep State’ and it would have been my final OliverTidy read. This is perfect timing for me. Thank you Oliver.

  2. So excited! Love Booker and Cash and have been looking forward to this one. Thanks Oliver. Will be saving it to read on the weekend.

  3. Thanks so much. Just purchased it. Far too inexpensive, I will pay top dollar for your books. Love your writing.
    Susan Hollers

  4. As you so rightly say – finally! I’ve been waiting patiently to see what B&C get up to next. Downloaded and ready to go…

    Cheers, fella..

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