My Amazon daily deal joy.

pasul-nash-exOn Tuesday Deep State (Acer Sansom #4) was part of an Amazon Daily Deal promotion. I was, naturally, rather excited to see how it would do. And I was pleasantly surprised.

There are four books in the Acer Sansom series. Deep State is #4. Amazon had reduced it for the Daily Deal from £3.38 to £0.99. Before the DD it had been fluctuating between 7000 to 10,000 in the overall ranking positions for a while. Its best chart position during the DD timing was #174 in the overall Kindle chart, which is pretty impressive. I’ve never had a book go that high before. In fact I’ve only ever broken into the top 1000 a couple of times and they were R&M Files #6 and #7.

What really made my day was the immediate effect that the DD had on the rest of the Acer series. Book #1 is a perma-free book that has been hovering around #1600 chart position-wise. (It does baffle me why Dirty Business doesn’t sit higher than that – it’s a free book and it’s got a great review average). Anyway, on the back of the DD Dirty Business surged up the charts to #50 in the free downloads chart and it’s still in the top 100 a couple of days later. I’m not making anything out of that, of course, but it means readers are downloading it and that increases the possibility of knock-on sales for the rest of the series.

Even better than that books #2 and #3 in the series were both in the Amazon top 1000 by the end of the day. That was a really good boost for sales and visibility for Acer. Neither of those titles has been near the top 1000. (I know that doesn’t sound much but for a CWAP like me the top 1000 is something, when you consider there are millions of books available to download through Amazon.

I get why readers would be encouraged to download book #1 because it’s free but I don’t understand why readers would also download books #2 & #3 in the series when they haven’t had a chance to read the others. I’m not complaining.

What has that image of a Paul Nash exhibition at Tate Britain got to do with my writing life? Not much. But I was standing on a train station platform on my way home from Gatwick at the beginning of the week when I noticed a big billboard poster for it. It was like the sun came out in my heart. Like David Booker, I am a big Paul Nash fan. Also like David Booker, I have a Paul Nash fake hanging on one of my walls. I’m so looking forward to going.

8 thoughts on “My Amazon daily deal joy.

  1. Glad your books are doing so well! Keep them coming. I’ve read them all but Cold Kills and it’s just too darn cold here to enjoy it yet. Saving it for a July treatwhen it is in the upper 80s. (That is Fahrenheit) Hope that new Booker & Cash is out soon.

  2. Some of us avid readers are odd too I’ve read book 1, nearly finished book 2 don’t yet own 3 but downloaded book 4 on the daily deal. Nowt as queer as folk 🙂

    • Hi Laura,
      Good to know you’re making your way through Acer’s trials. I do recommend reading them all in order, although they should all work as stand alone reads.
      Best wishes

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