Say it with a killer thriller.

Just a quick post to let UK readers know that Deep State (Acer Sansom #4) should be on sale today through the Amazon Daily Deal programme. (That’s what they promised me anyway.) I won’t be able to check because I’m away from home. (This is a scheduled blog post. Ain’t technology great?)

Normally priced at £3.36 it should be reduced to 99p, just for today. So forget wasting money on chocolates and flowers for your loved one on Valentine’s Day – say it with a killer thriller. Click the link above to go to Amazon UK site. (And for anyone who sees this and wishes they could start at the beginning of the series with a free download click the link below.)

I’ve scheduled a newsletter to go out today to all subscribers. If you joined the mailing list I hope that went through OK.

4 thoughts on “Say it with a killer thriller.

    • Hi Ruth
      Much as I enjoy working with R&M I am having a break from them while i try some other projects. I might come back to them one day. Glad you enjoyed the reads.
      Best wishes

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