Another promotion!

Deep State (Large)Yes, another day, another cut price book.

Many of you may remember that last year I was successful in getting Deep State (Acer Sansom#4) picked up by Amazon’s Kindle Scout programme and then published by Kindle Press, an Amazon imprint. You may also have seen the blog post I wrote some time after detailing how disappointed I was with the outcome.

Eight months ago my book went live with Amazon (published by them) and in all that time I’d heard nothing and got none of the promised ‘featured Amazon marketing’ that made the Kindle Scout programme such an attractive proposition. I emailed them from time to time and they never answered. I sent them another one last week. I was getting a bit shitty (surely ‘shirty? ed.). They sent me an email soon after saying that they were going to promote Deep State. Yay! For one day. Oh. In a Kindle Daily Deal. Yeeeees. In the Amazon Australia marketplace. What? (Tumble weed). FFS. Well, at least I discovered that someone over at KS has a wicked sense of humour. Gits. It could have been worse, I suppose – Amazon India.

I wrote back. I was a bit sarcastic.

My disappointment boiled over in a series of rants on the Kindle Scout winners FB page. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Tonight I received the following from Amazon:


The Kindle Press team is excited to let you know that Deep State will be promoted via February Kindle Daily Deal in the UK marketplace, starting 2/14/2017 and running through 2/14/2017. Your book will be offered at 0.99 GBP during the promotion period.

This is a one-day deal on customer favorite books or sets of books featured on the Kindle Daily Deals webpage in the Kindle Store. Titles included may also receive high-visibility presence in subscription emails, on the Kindle eBooks homepage, and on Kindle device special offer advertisements, but this is not guaranteed.

Getting listed for a Kindle Daily Deal in a country where the book might be of interest to readers is, I understand, quite a big deal. I would hope for knock-on downloads for other books in the series, especially as it’s Valentine’s Day – show that you love them with a killer thriller. (If you really love them, you’ll buy all four – book #1 is a free download. Terms and conditions apply.)

I look forward to reporting how this went. Anything for a blog post.

I just had a thought: it will give me an excuse to put out another CWAP newsletter.

The moral of this story is everything comes to he who… bitches and moans and complains until the only way to shut him up is to give him what he wants.

13 thoughts on “Another promotion!

  1. Pleased it worked out in the end for you, Oliver, I usually just wind up being labeled as the ‘crazy ranting woman. Avoid contact’. The real winner, however, are readers, who will be able to download an excellent read for free. Well done, you!

    I remain,
    (not so patiently waiting new Romney),
    your faithful reader,

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    • Hi Val, Yes, my experience to date is not very positve. Mind you they are giving me a Daily Deal spot next week, so I will reserve judgement until after then.
      Best wishes.

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