Yet another free book!


Cold Kills is free to download this weekend. See links at the foot of this blog post. But please read the post first. It does contain important information for readers looking to be made aware of other free and discounted offers I’ll be making in future. Thank you.

As most of those who follow this blog will know I have recently set up a mailing list. The purpose of the mailing list is to centralise information for readers regarding forthcoming publications, discounted books and giveaways. Until now I have been using the usual social media suspects to inform readers about what’s going on in my CWAP life.

The mailing list is different from the blog, which is essentially my writer’s diary, and the other social media outlets. That there will be some cross over of information is inevitable. However, to be absolutely certain of not missing anything regarding forthcoming publications, discounted books and giveaways I urge anyone interested in those things to subscribe to the mailing list here  (Click the big blue button at the bottom of the page that says, ‘Click Here’. There is a free book offer to all subscribers.)

I wondered if I might be able to import blog followers’ email addresses into the mailing list list but I’ve discovered that is a big no-no. People must voluntarily sign up to these things or it can constitute spamming and a violation of human rights punishable by unspeakable things. Makes sense.

Anyway, because of any confusion for readers who might think that following the blog is enough to keep abreast of those offers, I’m posting here in conjunction with the first newsletter, which I’ve sent out today to subscribers. In the newsletter I’ve mentioned that I’m celebrating the setting up and wonderfully encouraging reader response to my mailing list idea by giving away a book this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s never been free before. Sorry if you’ve already bought it. I can only thank you sincerely for your support.

In future I will be giving away to subscribers to the mailing list original short stories not to be found anywhere else. Another good reason to sign up, perhaps.

Because I don’t want any of my readers who haven’t yet had a chance to sign up for the mailing list to miss out on anything here are the links through which you can pick up a free copy of Cold Kills. If you download it and read it, please think about leaving an honest review and rating at the Amazon store you got it from. Thank you.

Amazon UK  and   Amazon US


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