Cold Kills

cold-kills-mediumCold Kills is my next book out. I intend to list it for pre-order around the beginning of December for a Christmas Day release.

Cold Kills is not a Romney and Marsh File; it is not a Booker & Cash story, and it is not an Acer Sansom novel. It’s a departure from the stuff I usually write and it’s a one off i.e not the start of a new series.

Cold Kills is a snowy survival story. It’s an idea that grabbed me earlier this year. It’s  about 200 pages in paperback terms. I came back to it last week after 6 months away from it. The break was really useful. I’ve been working on it most days since and I’ll be tinkering with it for a while yet.

If I found myself sharing an elevator with Ridley Scott and he asked me to pitch Cold Kills  to him in one floor I’d say: The humour of The Martian. The haunting of The Grey. The horrors of The Silence of the Lambs. (And then go back to cleaning his boots with my tongue.)

Cold Kills is a story based in the real world. By that I mean it’s not fantasy or science fiction – no vampires, paranormal activity, aliens, or magic. I know it won’t appeal to all of my readers in the same way that each one of the three series I’ve written to date doesn’t appeal to everyone. It was never more true than for a writer that you can’t please all the people all the time. So why try? I won’t stop writing different stuff and I can only hope that readers won’t stop giving my different stuff a try. You never know, you might like it better than anything else of mine you’ve read.

For a while I considered putting Cold Kills out under a pseudonym because it’s not in my usual line of writing country. And then I got over myself. Like I’m that effing famous! Ha! I wish. I like this story a lot. I want my name on the cover.

And here’s the blurb I’ll be using to promote the book: When a plane crash lands in the Alaskan wilderness the survivors must battle harsh elements, hostile geography, a hungry wolf pack and horrifying moral dilemmas if they are to live to be rescued.


31 thoughts on “Cold Kills

  1. Looking forward to reading it Oliver. Will buy as soon as it is on pre-order and then wait patiently (ha ha) for it to be delivered!! It must say something that when you have a new book out, no matter what I am reading at the time, I drop it immediately.

  2. What wonderful news !!!!!
    The last R and M kept me sane back in April whilst stuck on a plane that was going nowhere with the baggage man popping in and out to describe various suitcases to the passengers in an attempt to discover the owners
    It took an hour and a half to sort out but I spent the time with Dover CID so I survived ok
    I’m currently re reading the R and M files from the beginning
    I’ve been recuperating after several bouts of pneumonia in the space of a couple of months and have been hoping you were going to get back to writing so I’m thrilled
    I’ll be pre ordering the new one and what a cracking Christmas present to myself
    I’ll really be counting down the days to Christmas now

    So carry on the good work

    • Hi Denise,
      Thanks for your lovely message. I’m so glad to hear that R&M kept you sane in such trying times 🙂
      Very sorry to learn that you have been unwell. My best wishes for a speedy recovery. I’m chuffed that you are reading the Files again. That’s a real compliment. 🙂
      I hope you like next one as much.
      Best wishes.

  3. I am looking forward to this very much Oliver. I am glad it isn’t any of those things you listed because that really wouldn’t appeal to me. (Heck – I haven’t even read all of my own daughter’s book as it involves more than one of those things!)

    When did you say we could pre-order? 😉

    • Hi Dawn,
      As one of those readers who’s been around and supportive from the early days, I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of it. I know you’ll give it to me straight, love it or hate it. 🙂
      Your daughter is writing? Best of luck to her.
      Best wishes

  4. That sounds good. Not amazing if I’m honest, because it sounds like just another survival thriller. That said, I know it will be unputdownable (yes, I know, that looks like it should have a hashtag on the front of it) because you write so well. Your books are so easy to read, and that is why I’m your greatest fan. Or one of them. I’ve been with you from the start, I know this will be brilliant. You just need to ‘big up’ (sorry, just back from the States) the tag line. Cold, wet, lost and praying you’re not prey. Or something….

    • Hi Richard,
      Thanks for your comment and ongoing support and your very kind words for my writing. I know you’re one of those who’s been around from the early days.
      I’ll definitely look at that tag line. Maybe it could do with some ‘biggin’ up’. I like that praying you’re not prey. 🙂
      Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t I’m sure you’ll let me know 🙂
      All the best.

  5. Happy Christmas to me! That’s one book earmarked for the HUGE amount of Amazon vouchers I’ll be getting for the festive celebration (are you listening, family?) Excellent news Mr T – I’ve missed your work this year so of course I’ll be buying it! Love an author trying new things (but also holding out for a new Romney & Marsh) Love the cover too. It’s about time you got the recognition you deserve, maybe this new one will be the one that does it….Good luck Oliver, its so nice to have you back xx

    • Hi Louise,
      Thanks for your comment and your support of my writing. All much appreciated as is your continued support.
      I hope your family is listening and you get all the Amazon vouchers you can use.
      And here’s hoping that Cold Kills doesn’t leave you…cold 🙂
      Best wishes.

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