A milestone to celebrate.


I think that milestones should be celebrated. Today, Rope Enough (Romney and Marsh File #1) received its 900th comment/review on Amazon UK. I have no idea how many times it’s been downloaded but it must be in the tens of thousands. (Don’t forget it’s free.)

(I’m both pleased and relieved that the 900th comment was a positive one. A 1* full of loathing for my alter ego could have spoiled things.)

4 thoughts on “A milestone to celebrate.

  1. I think January 2016 is going to be a very interesting one for you, RE is moving well, this is based on the increase in Goodread reviews. Is this down to pushing on media sites through December?
    The total number of goodreads reviews in January I suspect will more than double any other previouse month, and we are only on the 10th day . more about this at the end of the month.

  2. Six stars minimum for all of Mr. Tidy’s works. He is a major talent, deserving of a very wide audience. I wish him the best. If he keeps writing, he will be selling a lot of books. As a retired attorney and philosophy professor, I am cursed with the ability to read quickly, so am always on the lookout for well written books. Mr. Tidy, please keep on writing, although I fear your books will be selling at a much higher price. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Gail
      Thank you for your very encouraging feedback. You are too kind. It is much appreciated – everyone enjoys being told they’re doing something well.
      I wish I could write faster to keep pace with your voracious reading habit, but alas being barely human has its disadvantages.
      Thanks for your support
      Best wishes.

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