A good week.


This blog is essentially my writer’s diary. As such I like to record noteworthy events, like the above. Amazon’s British Detective chart is just a sub-genre of a sub-genre… but, as Maureen Lipman might be moved to say, it’s a sub-genre! (I wonder if anyone will actually get that reference or is it just too obscure? [Reading through this prior to clicking publish I thought I’d relive my youth by looking up the Lipman reference I’ve just mentioned. And I had to include a link here. It is very, very funny. Hang on for the last thing she says. Priceless. An ology! The Internet truly is wonderful sometimes. And credit to whoever was behind that ad – decades later I still remember it.]) and for a brief spell this week Unhappy Families (R&M File#6) edged its way up to #3! Many thanks to all involved. You know who you are.

On the subject of Unhappy Families I’ve had lots of positive feedback, which I am very grateful for. I’m not in the habit of quoting feedback on my social-media sites but this week I was tagged in two Tweets that just about summed up what I hoped to encourage readers to feel when they read this book.

The first said: Started reading the latest yesterday couldn’t stop laughing. Should I find it funny??

Definitely, yes.

The second said: I’ve just finished the latest . It had me in floods in places. His best yet.

I’m thrilled to hear it.


With Acer #4 Deep State with my gentleman friend for proofreading etc I have been free this week to continue working on my latest project.

Last week I reported that I was currently engaged in writing a Booker & Cash short story to go into a compilation of three short stories (one in each of my series) I was intending to put together.

It was going well. In fact it went a little too well. I got to ten thousand words and realised that actually there could be a full-length story in it. That was both good and bad news. Good because I’ve got ten thousand words of another story – a good start. Bad because then I had to start again with another Booker & Cash short story.

So I did. And Thursday evening I finished the first draft. Its eleven thousand words – about forty pages of a paperback. I’m happy with it. Very happy.

So that’s my three short stories written in their first drafts. And I have a title for the book, Three Short Blasts, and I’ve ordered the cover and I’ve written a rationale for the compilation – something to go in the front of the book to, hopefully, engage readers.

I feel that it’s been a very productive writing week. I am feeling good about this project.

10 thoughts on “A good week.

  1. This writing full time seems to be going well. Quite a bit of output so far and I for one am very Happy.

    I’m looking forward to the short stories too. I really liked the crossover aspect in Unhappy Families and am curious to see if you have taken it further.
    I really hope the short stories do a good job of introducing new readers to your work too.
    A belated Happy New Year and I hope 2016 is a good one for you

    • Hi Denise,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Things do seem to be going well on the writing-life front as far as output goes. And I’m enjoying myself, which is more important – for me.

      I do have a plan to write a full-length story that gets ALL of them together. I have an idea for it. Whether I’ll ever have the nerve, i don’t know.

      Pretty excited about the short story compilation. I look forward to seeing what my ‘regulars’ think as much as how it impacts on sales.

      Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks. 🙂

  2. Glad it’s going well, never thought it wouldn’t, but not got around to reading it yet. It’s in a queue. But fear not, I will read it when I’ve critiqued another book I’m reading for a friend of a friend. 🙂

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