Plodding along/plugging away.

Unhappy Families (Large)

Just a note to anyone who drops by occasionally and might not have visited for a few weeks: the above book will be the next one out. It’s currently with my gentleman friend who corrects my English mistakes among other things. When I have a publication date I’ll post news here.

Not much to report this weekend in my writer’s diary as I reflect on the week’s work. It happens. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been plodding along/plugging away. But because I made a rod for my own back by calling my blog my writer’s diary and vowing to make an entry every week I’ve got to write something.

I did blog earlier this week with news that I’d finished the first draft of Acer#4. That was a good feeling. Since then I’ve read it through once. The ‘narrative arc’ (listen to him) is good, I think, i.e. it’s got a beginning, a middle and an end. (Keep it simple.) And I do like the ending. The beginning’s not bad either. Come to think about it the middle made me happy as well. The read through encouraged me to realise that I’ve been a bit mean with physical descriptions of some of the characters though. I didn’t really get a flavour for them, especially the bad guys.

I’ve since gone back to the beginning and I’m slowly, painstakingly, working my way through the text rewording phrases, sentences and paragraphs to make them as concise as I can. I’m also fleshing some characters out. Not padding but adding the necessary detail that I think will encourage the reader to see certain characters the way I want them to be seen and quickly.

From the way this initial edit has started it looks like it could be quite an intensive and time consuming first edit. My karma for writing a quick first draft, perhaps. Que sera sera. Those good old swings and roundabouts.

And finally, I try to write in a different style for each of my three series so the following comment that I received on recently gave me a good-natured chuckle. (Well the first bit did. I’m focussing on the positive.)

I honestly cannot believe that there is one Oliver Tidy. He is too prolific and his writing style so different, novel to novel to be the same person. I have to believe that all the Tidy novels are written by different people, Anyway, this wasn’t a bad book although the end was completely underwhelming. I cannot believe that the villains in the book would do what they did for such trivial gains.

(If it matters to anyone, it was for He Made Me.)


12 thoughts on “Plodding along/plugging away.

  1. Good blog, on the theme of characters, Romney is pretty set has a male chauvinist, more detail about Joy Marsh would be good, she is a great counter balance to his ways. I hope I am not being too presumptuous saying this sinceI have no aspirations to being an author.

    • Hi David
      Agreed. I’ve come to realise, mostly from readers’ comments, that Marsh has been the slowest to take form in the series. Working on that with each new book.
      Thanks so much for your continuing plugging of my books on FB sites. Just noticed your input today. Your efforts are truly valued and appreciated.
      Best wishes.

      • Please do not make Joy Marsh have too many hangups and neurotic. A humorous normal person would go down well,. too many butters in the crime book world and thats the police not the criminals.

  2. Even when you haven’t been up to much I still enjoy reading your blog!

    I could do with you getting a book out though as haven’t got anything that takes my fancy to read at the moment!

    • Thanks, Sarah. It’s really good to know. So looking forward to getting the next R&M out.
      Sometimes, when I’m undecided about what to try next, I re-read an old favourite. I always know it’s going to be time well spent.
      Best wishes.

    • Thanks, Kit. I currently live on the sixth floor of an apartment building. Cutting wood and carrying water would be more likely to give me a heart attack than karma. (Or would a heart attack be karma for me?) There’s a thought.
      Best wishes.

  3. Hi Oliver,
    I know I’ve been ‘dark’ for a few weeks – which might be a giveaway as to the storyline of my 6th book – which is now in the proof-reading stages, and won’t be out until next year. It’s totally different to the others. As for writing across different genres, I find it odd that some think we writers can only write for one genre. We are creators of stories, whichever way we tell them: whatever the subject.
    Busy time for me, though, family-wise, this time of year, as Xmas is almost upon me – I get reminded every time I walk into a shop. And, I’ve just had my 10th grandchild. Also not blogged for a few weeks, but I intend to remedy that, toot-sweet, and by tomorrow: got a draft already in the pipeline. BTW can’t wait for R&M and Acer.
    Take care.

    • Hi Pat
      I was chuffed with that reader’s comment. I have intentions to stray into other genres one day. Like you say, why shouldn’t we be able to?
      Can’t say I’m missing the Christmas build up – I’m spared all that living in a Muslim country. But I always miss my mum’s Christmas dinner.
      Sounding a bit prolific yourself, by the way. 😉
      Best wishes.

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