Acer Sansom#4: Deep State


On the 26th October I posted the above image with this text:

Can’t progress with R&M#6 in my editing process until I have a hard copy to work with. Still trying to find someone to help me out with a printer for that. (I don’t want to buy one!)

In the mean time I might as well use my time productively by getting Acer#4 started. And the distraction of writing seems to take my mind off the urge to scratch. (See previous post.)

I’ve relocated for writing this one – I’m out of the writing room and on the balcony. Acer is an outdoorsy type and I need to get in the mood for that. It’s a sunny day here in Ankara. Blue skies and a good autumnal chill in the air.

Here goes.

Today, 25th November,  I’m chuffed to be able to post the image below.

acer 4 the end

It’s just a first draft. But it’s the whole story and I like it. Especially the ending. Yeah, I really like the ending.

Quick coffee and back to work. I’ve got a Booker & Cash to get on with and I have a title in mind for that already: Find Shirley Moor.

6 thoughts on “Acer Sansom#4: Deep State

    • Hi Malcolm
      I post all information on forthcoming publication here on the blog, so the best thing to do is to check back from time to time or sign up to ‘follow’. Thanks for your support. I’m glad you are enjoying the reads.
      Best wishes

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