26 thoughts on “Nice work…

    • That must be from the conversation I had with my loving other half before she left five minutes before this photo was taken. Don’t think I’ll be lying down on the sofa when I hear the key turn in the lock. Just out of shot is the hoover. Waiting…

  1. Alright for some. I wish I had a woman that does for me, or man for that matter, I’d sit on my arse all day working on my books, but Hubby breaks out in a rash when I even mention the Dyson or the duster, and he can’t even stack a dish-washer. If he’s left to his own devices the house would be a mess and there’d be nothing in the fridge. The other year I went to visit our son in Sweden and when I came back I found the fridge bare apart from pork-pies and wine, my husband’s staple diet when I’m not around.
    And also, while I’m having a bit of a rant, have you gone off me? I sent a short comment after your blog posted 3rd November and you’ve not replied.
    Best wishes.

    • Morning, Pat
      The look on her face when she came home several hours later to find me asleep on the sofa (no reflection on the book) with empty beer bottles and crisp packets I thought that she was going to ‘do’ for me.
      I’m a bit fortunate/clever in that I always seems to break any household appliance I go near. Consequently I’m banned from touching anything mechanical. Works for me.
      Your husband’s diet sounds something I could live on if I had to.
      Go off you? One of my oldest (in terms of how long I have known you) online friends? How could you ask such a thing? 🙂
      Best wishes and have a good writing week.

      • Really hoping I can get my head down this week to finish No.6 as it’s almost there. If I can spend a couple of hours tarting-up our abode, along with providing some culinary delights, I am then hoping to spend the rest of the time tucked away in my little book-nook. Here’s hoping.

      • Forget the house for a week. Make that two. It works for me. As for culinary delights, how about a pork pie with some pickle on top and a glass of wine. Easy and you know it’ll go down well. Then you can crack on with #6. No need to thank me.

      • Hubby’s addicted to pork-pies, hence the triple heart by-pass two years ago. Even the Doc’s nagged him to stay away from them. Up-hill battle to get any man to do as they’re told. And Oliver, if you think you can get away with anything, you’re wrong, we women know everything that you men get up to when we’re not around.

      • You obviously know the male of the species well – most of us hate to be told what to do, even when it’s clearly good advice. For example, my mum told me to stay away from women and look what happened? Did I listen? 🙂

  2. A thought Oliver – if, on discovering the beer bottles and crisp packets surrounding your slumbering form, your wife really had “done for you” – and leaving aside areas of jurisdiction, which of your creations would you want to investigate your untimely demise and why?

    • haha what a good question.. Definitely not either of the women: Joy or Jo – being the smartest of my detectives they’d work it out pretty quickly and probably do the right thing.
      To be fair I’ve probably had it coming for a while and I wouldn’t want the Halfling to be without his ma AND pa, so probably I’d stump for Grimes and Spicer aka Laurel and Hardy because I doubt they’d be able to solve the mystery even if my killer still had the bread knife in her hand. 🙂

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