Particular Stupidities (R&M#5) available for discounted pre-order.



Particular Stupidities (Romney and Marsh File #5) is back from my gentleman friend. Thanks to him for a quick turn around of the book. Now I need to get cracking on reading it through again (probably a couple of times), formatting, and the myriad other tasks that go along with self-publishing a book. Good job I’ve got a week of doing nothing before we quit Istanbul.

I mentioned here recently that I would try the Amazon pre-order option with this title. See links for UK and US at the bottom of the page. Release date will be Thursday 30th July. I know that seems a long way off when I already have the book back but I have my reasons (good or otherwise).

One of my better reasons is that Thursday, 30th of July is the date I’ll be hosting my author chat with Crime Book Club (See previous post). I thought I’d combine the two dates. You might also notice that the pre-order price for this one is a mere £0.99 in the UK and $1.57 in the US. I will be changing that to the usual £1.99/$3.01. on Friday 31st July so grab a bargain while you can. I’m just trying something different.

One area of my self-publishing that I’ve been found wanting is self-promotion. I intend to devote more time and energy to that now that I have the time to. I need to. So expect to see more of that kind of thing here and elsewhere. (Apologies in advance.)

If you buy a copy and have Twitter or something like it, I’d really appreciate you spreading the word. Readers’ word of mouth is vitally important to self-published authors.

And here’s the revised blurb:

A rotting corpse is discovered in one of Kent’s old coal mining communities. In their search to uncover the identities of the victim and those responsible for the death and concealment of the body DI Romney and his team must confront and deal with issues of prejudice, bias, loyalty and betrayal (and that’s just amongst themselves). 

The fifth Romney and Marsh File sees Dover CID taken to the outskirts of their jurisdiction, the edge of reason and the brink of self-destruction.

12 thoughts on “Particular Stupidities (R&M#5) available for discounted pre-order.

  1. Pre-ordered and very excited to read this latest book. I would have paid full price, you know! Stop selling yourself short. You can’t get a decent coffee for under £2.50 these days let alone a good read! But thank you for the kind offer anyway. Bon Chance!!

    • Thanks so much, Deborah. Competition is so tough these days in the ebook market place that unknowns like me (cue violins) need to appeal to readers old and new. Just trying something different.
      Best wishes.

      • See, I told you you were under valuing yourself! Go and read this!!
        I love your writing, look forward to each new book and am happy to pay for the privilege! And clearly I am not alone…….. Have a great day x

      • Deborah,
        You’re very kind. Thank you so much. Interesting article. I’ll try to stop. I really will. 😉
        Have a good evening
        Best wishes.

  2. Hi Oliver, pre-ordered, now can’t wait for 30th July. Deborah is quite right, you are selling yourself short. You should be up there with the likes of Peter Robinson and Peter James, to name just two of my (other) favourite authors. Nice to know that you have given up teaching the little toe rags (for a year at least) and will be able to devote your time exclusively to writing. I am also waiting for the next Acer Samson as I am hanging on a cliff edge!! Pity you aren’t moving nearer this way, Fethiye in South West Turkey.

    • Thanks, Emma. Much appreciated as are you kind words of encouragement.
      Yes, can’t say I’m regretting my decision just yet. Looking forward to giving the life a go. And getting back to Acer and B&C. So many books to write, so little time. Sigh.
      I still need to see Fethiye. I understand it’s lovely.
      Best wishes.

  3. Please don’t release it before the 30th as once I have downloaded it my mouth will be watering to start reading it! I go on holiday on the 29 th so that’s me sorted for a few hours xx

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