Happy Christmas!


Just a reminder that Smoke and Mirrors should be free to download from Amazon today from the following links. (I do hope I set it up properly.)

Also, please bear in mind that from experience Amazon doesn’t reduce the price to zero on promotion days until late morningish.

I wish all my regulars a Happy Christmas and a great 2015.




8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Many thanks Oliver just down loaded,  the link worked ! It can wait a while as I have received one of those old fashioned print thingies, the latest C J Sansom novel in the Shardlake series. Best wishes for 2015 and keep writing.  Bob G

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    • Good to know, Bob. In case you didn’t know, Acer Sansom is named after Shardlake’s creator. One of my favourite series of books. I’m eager to read Lamentation but no way ı’m paying five pounds for an electronic file. (I did order three signed fırst editions of it for my collection. Can’t read those though.)
      Happy Christmas.

  2. Happy Christmas! Thanks for the book – just now managed to get it on to my Kindle once hubs explained that the newish BT hub’s code had to be imput or it wouldn’t download… fine sunny day in Dymchurch, we flew a kite at Greatstone. ♥

    • Happy Christmas to you too. My pleasure. Good to know that you managed to download a copy. I hope you enjoy it.
      Sunny in Dymchurch? I blame global warming.
      Have a great 2015.
      Best wishes.

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