It’s a book!

Smoke and Mirrors 0602 (Medium)

It’s a book!

Name: Smoke and Mirrors

DOB: 18th December 2014

Gender: Mixed

Weight: I think it was worth it.

Should be live on Amazon sometime tomorrow.

Copies will be free to download on Christmas Day. I’d love to think that my regulars will help themselves then, but please remember that Amazon’s Christmas Day starts later than GMT. (Last time I advertised a free give-away the price didn’t drop to £0.00/$0.00 until sometime in the morning. It all got a bit tense.)

15 thoughts on “It’s a book!

  1. Many thanks for your email Oliver. I have a problem with emails which means I currently can’t send them, despite being able to receive them, hence I am replying here. I appreciate you ensuring that I knew about your Christmas giveaway, I have put a reminder on my Tablet to ensure I don’t forget in the busy-ness of the day. Merry Christmas to you too.

  2. Very excited to see the new book out. I feel a bit guilty about waiting for it to be free on Christmas day knowing how hard you must have worked on it but thank you in advance!

    • Sarah
      Thanks for your message. Please don’t feel the slightest bit guilty for waiting. I want my regulars to have a Christmas present from me. It’s part of the fun.
      I hope you find something in it to enjoy. (I do feel a bit cruel for making people get their Kindles out on Christmas day.)
      Best wishes

    • Pat
      Many thanks. It was some pregnancy, particularly the last couple of weeks. Probably more stressful than real childbirth. (See how much hate mail I get for that one.) I am finally happy with it. Right now that’s what matters most.
      Best wishes.

    • Just noticed its been published online. I know you mentioned wait till Christmas – but I’m impatient. And the small sum of the book, I wanted to contribute in some way (I paid). My Christmas reading is now sorted out! I’ll review once I’ve read it! Happy Christmas Oliver.

      • Dan
        Many thanks for your ongoing support. It was ready so I thought why wait. I hope you enjoy it. I appreciate your financial contribution. I look forward to seeing what you make of it.
        Have a great Christmas.
        Best wishes.

  3. Hi Oliver,
    Hurrah, it’s been a long wait, but worth it. It’s going to be an Acer Christmas for me. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Hello Oliver, I’ve just started the first Acer Sansom novel and, I’m liking what I read. The Romney marsh books were great really enjoyed all of them. I did think and probably just my strange sense of humour that that there was an element of comedy running through the books. Sorry, but that was my impression. bet none of your other readers found the same !

    Best wishes and Thank You for your skill.

    Bob G, Margate, Kent.

    • Hi Bob
      Good of you to get in touch. And good to know that you enjoyed the R&M FIles. The humour is deliberate. I had a lot of fun writing them, especially #3 & #4. I was about halfway through writing the second when I realised the direction I wanted to take the characters and the series in. My idea of what’s funny hasn’t appealed to everyone so I’m always pleased to hear that a reader has got something out of it. I’m working on #5 as I type this.
      Good to know that you’re giving Acer a go. I think book two is better than book one and as you can see here book three, just out, will be free on Christmas day. Help yourself to a copy and let me know what you think when you get around to it.
      Thanks again for your support and message.
      Best wishes.

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