Female ejaculation and gay men.


Still engaged on the final, final proof read of Rope Enough – The First Romney and Marsh File. Half way through the book. Had to stop for reflection after reading a sex-scene. It’s the only sex-scene that I have included in the three books. It’s a bit graphic and involves female ejaculation that ends up all over Detective Inspector Romney’s trousers. Don’t ask. And to think that I got my aged mother to read this for me. No wonder she avoided me for a while afterwards and stopped answering the phone. At least she had the good manners and good grace not to mention it in her critique.

I remember at the time feeling that to include the sex-scene was the right thing to do. I still don’t reflect on it at gratuitous, however, that doesn’t stop me feeling a little uncomfortable with it. But such is art. Those two who played the leads in Blowjob Mountain, or Backdoor Mountain, or Bummer’s-Moon Mountain, or whatever it was called probably felt the same way when they had to French kiss each other on screen and consign themselves to cinematic gaydom – uncomfortable but, as artistes, committed and professional. That’s me (not gay, but committed and professional).

Disclaimer: I have nothing against gay people and I am in no way homophobic. In fact I might even include some gay people in one of my future novels to prove it. Hang on, I’ve just remembered that there are two lesbians in my third Romney and Marsh book – Joint Enterprise – but they do not feature in a graphic sex-scene gratuitous or otherwise. Sorry for that if you are disappointed. They do hold hands once across the table in a restaurant.

And finally, with a title like that I will be interested to see if my blog hits suddenly increase from approximately one view (and that’s just me re-reading it after it’s gone viral. It still gives me a buzz.)

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