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#1 – Dirty Business

#2 – Loose Ends

#3 – Smoke and Mirrors

#4 – Deep State

Three Short Blasts is a collection of three original stories that are not to be found anywhere else. There is one story in each of the three series that I write: The Romney and Marsh Files, Acer Sansom and Booker & Cash.

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Dirty Business

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Loose Ends

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Smoke and Mirrors

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Deep State

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Three Short Blasts

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Dirty Business  #1

Acer Sansom, a British soldier believed long dead, resurfaces, shot in the guts in the home of a still-warm dead man.

With the help of a high-profile British politician, Acer becomes embroiled in a mission for retribution and justice for the loved ones and the life he has lost.
Acer’s search takes him from the south of England to the teeming metropolis of Istanbul and beyond where the action twists and turns as the story builds to an explosive climax.


Loose Ends  #2

Having narrowly escaped death in Turkey, Acer Sansom is persuaded to return to the UK. He is now seeking British justice for those implicated in the events that robbed him of his family.

However, the protection he has been promised is compromised by his powerful and shadowy enemies – men who are determined that their secrets will remain safe.
Acer must once again rely on his wits, his mettle, his training and his luck to outwit those he seeks to bring to account so that he can honour his debts to the living and the dead.


Smoke and Mirrors  #3

Reeling and vulnerable from devastating personal news, Acer Sansom has agreed to do a one-off job for Crouch of British Intelligence. He’s not doing it for money. He’s not doing it for his country. He’s doing it for the children.

Acer goes undercover in Iran looking for evidence that missing British scientists are being forced to work in one of the regime’s nuclear facilities.

The straightforward reconnaissance assignment quickly becomes something far more complicated and dangerous. In light of new knowledge and reason, Acer finds himself with no alternative but to risk his life and the lives of others with a change of plan.


Deep State #4

Acer Sansom has discovered that the daughter he believed was dead is alive and well. He even knows where she is. Now he wants her back. But the Turkish patriarch under whose protection she is living requires Acer to do a job for him first.

With limited options – each of them involving him risking his life – and a ticking clock, Acer is destined to find out how far he will go to get his child back and that luck has its limits.


42 thoughts on “ACER SANSOM BOOKS

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for your interest. I had hoped to have these two on Amazon by the beginning of June, but I’ve missed my rather ambitious deadline and I’m now looking at the end of June at the earliest – life and work are the enemies of the self-publisher. If you would like me to notify you when I have them available I can email you if you would like to let me have your address – you can let me know privately at – or you can just keep an eye on the blog for news. Best wishes.

    • Hi Jules
      The short answer is sometime next year. At present I’m working on other writing projects. As soon as they are finished and off my hands I will be back writing about Acer.
      Best wishes.

  1. Post Romney&Marsh I have just finished reading Dirty Business and what a read it was! Just after reading some of Robert Harris’s books I have thought “what a good film that would make” and lo and behold they were made into films. I have had the same feeling throughout “Dirty Business”! Am about to start Acer2 but would like to ask first if the use of “Alfred” at location 514 (Kindle) was intentional.

    • Hi Bill
      Thanks for your positive and encouraging message. And thanks, too, for your support for my writing. Much appreciated.
      Nothing would make me happier than to have Acer turned into a movie. I wonder if they’d let me play Acer? Probably not.
      I am so embarrassed about Alfred. An unforgivable error. Thing is, I know it was Harold. I’ve always known it. I learned it at school. Why on earth I wrote Alfred is a mystery to me. Another gent pointed it out to me and I changed it a few weeks ago. I imagine you downloaded your copy before then. At least I hope you did.
      I look forward to seeing what you make of Loose Ends.
      Best wishes.

    • Phill
      Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked them. I’m writing the third now. All being well it could be out by the summer. Naturally, I’ll be announcing here.
      Job Finished? haha I like it.
      Best wishes.

  2. Hello again, I have just finished Making a Killing and am about to start Joint Enterprise with Bad Sons waiting on the kindle guidelines and I am really starting to get into your writing big time. I prefer Acer as that is my sort of thing, but as an ex copper I am really enjoying my tour of Dover. Thank you for keeping my interest and feeding my needs, I am a big fan. Also thank you for the replies to my feedback.
    Regards, Steve.

    • Hi Steve,
      Good to hear from you again. Thanks for your message. It’s great to see that you’ve given Romney and Marsh a try after the Sansoms. And even better to know that you’re enjoying them. I really appreciate hearing from readers who take the time and trouble to get in touch and it’s my pleasure to communicate with them.
      I hope that Joint Enterprise doesn’t disappoint. I recently released the fourth R&M File, A Dog’s Life, which I think is the best of the series so far.
      I look forward to seeing what you make of Bad Sons. It’s different in style to my usual.
      All the best and thanks again.

    • Hello Sheila
      Hand on heart, I had never heard of Embden11.home. So I looked it up. A great online reference.
      I would guess that the reason I am not on there is because I’m not a ‘real’ author. By that I mean I’m self-published, an amateur, a nobody, just me. (I’m nearly making myself cry.) I suspect that all those mentioned on the site have ‘real’ books and are traditionally published authors. Standards must be observed!
      Best wishes.

  3. I can’t believe I missed Smoke and Mirrors !!!!!!!!!!

    Never mind it’s on my kindle now. I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms. I am pining for my old friends in Dover CID though but Acer can keep me going for for little while.

    I might even re read 1 and 2 first. That might keep me going for a few days

    • Denise
      I’m very sorry to learn that you missed the Smoke and Mirrors give-away. I really wanted all my readers who’ve enjoyed the first two to get a Christmas present from me by way of a thank you. I advertised it on the blog for a few posts as you’ve probably seen. You’ve made me think again that I should try to set up a mailing list. One day.
      good news: I’ve taken a break from R&M 5 to reply to you. Started it a couple of weeks ago. It’s going slowly.
      When you get around to Smoke and Mirrors, please let me know what you think.
      Best wishes.

      • Wow what a good idea that was to re read 1 and 2. Despite having read them before I still found myself gasping out loud (to the amusement of the other customers in the cafe, it’s a good job they know me!)
        The shooting of ???? (don’t want to give anything away to anyone who hasn’t read them yet) was just as shocking as the first time and brought tears to my eyes just like the first time. You write your characters so well that I feel I really know them.

        I can’t wait for R & M files 5 and have just decided on the basis of what happened with re reading Acer I am going to start at the beginning and re read 1 to 4 while I’m waiting for you to finish 5.
        You haven’t got long though I don’t suppose you remember an earlier post but I’m a fast reader.

        Best wishes

      • Hi Denise
        Thanks for your lovely message. Of course I remember your previous contact.
        I am made happy that you thought enough of the first two Acers to re-read them again, and that you enjoyed them again. That’s a real compliment.
        I am not making it up when ı say that there were times when ı was writing the Acer novels that I became…emotional. That felt very special to me. So encouraging to know it’s not just me.
        Thanks for your very kind words for my writing. I sincerely appreciate your comments.
        Currently I’m banging away at R&M 5 and it’s going well. I hope to have it out in the late spring.
        Best wishes.

  4. Denise, you will love smoke and mirrors, I know I did.
    Now Mr Tidy, get back to your writing ha ha, we are so looking forward to R&M 5.

  5. Hi just read all three Acer Sansom books back to back (2 of them this weekend) couldn’t put them down. When is number 4 due for release? Janet living in Cairo Egypt

    • Hi Janet
      Thanks for getting in touch about the Acer books. Great to know that you enjoyed them. I’m working on a couple of other projects at the moment but I intend to get back to Acer in the Spring. I have some ideas already.
      I wonder how you found my descriptions of Egyptian soil, bearing in mind that I’ve never been there.
      Best wishes.

  6. Having passed under the Suez Canal many times I did get a real feel for the area although not sure how easy it would be to getting on and off one of those huge container ships would be in reality :).

    The only thing I would question is an Egyptian girl talking to a strange man and then taking him home albeit with Mrs Hammond and Zoe ………… I know some things have changed here in Egypt since 2011 not sure about that – it did not spoil my enjoyment of the story though.

    The local bus ride, well having done that many years ago from Luxor to Hurghada I can still remember it and the so called ‘toilet/cigarette stops’.


    • Janet
      Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate your thoughts. I quite understand your reservation for those couple of elements but I’m glad to have given a feel for the area.
      Best wishes

  7. Oliver is getting better and better, this one is a humdinger of a pacy novel. After 20 pages it fairly rocks away – and doesn’t stop – Acer is as credible as ever, with damned good luck and intuition following his every move.
    That you know Niki is a ‘wrong’un’ does not detract from the very fast and wrought ending. But bloody hell, it leaves you wanting to know when you can get hold of Book 4!! So Oliver, she.n can we?

    • John
      Thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch with such a positive comment. It’s always good to hear from readers who are enjoying the books.
      I hope to make a start on Acer #4 a little later this year when I’m finished with a couple of other writing projects.
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  8. Just finished reading Dirty Business and left a review under the name Kind, Jovial, Decisive.
    Nice work. Good story, believable characters, great ending with a nice twist.

    I have a couple of editorial comments to share offline, if you are interested in hearing from an irascible old author/editor email me at: news@kerryjdonovan[dot]com. .


    • Hi Kerry,
      Many thanks for getting in touch here and for leaving a very positive comment on Amazon. Much appreciated. Good to know that you enjoyed the read.
      I will be getting in touch via email because I never turn down free advice.
      Best wishes.

    • Hi Leanne,
      Many thanks for your message. Good to know that you enjoyed the read. Unfortunately because of exclusivity clauses the other books in the series are only available through Amazon. Sorry for that.
      Best wishes

  9. It’s not often I get ‘hooked’ on a writer. I get through about 3 books a week and somehow downloaded Dirty Business…the start of an obsession! Downloaded the others in the series and at 3am this morning started Deep State. I also D/L Rope Enough ready to hit the Romney & Marsh Files series. Thank you for your writings, I have thoroughly enjoyed every book. Why a publisher with a bottomless cheque book hasn’t snapped you up leaves me totally bewildered.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Ann,
      Sincere thanks for your time and trouble to drop me a line over your Acer experience thus far. Much appreciated. I enjoy hearing from readers who are enjoying the reads. Thank you for your kinds words. It’s a very tough and competitive writing world out there and, while getting picked up would be brilliant and every writer’s dream, I’m content doing what I’m doing. I look forward to hearing from you again on any other books of mine you might read.
      Best wishes.

  10. Hi Oliver just finished Cold Kills really enjoyed I have read all the Acer.R&m .and B&C books and this book really surprised me not a bit like the others .im waiting for the next Acer and R C. So I thought I’d give this book a whirl and enjoyed what a twist in the end remember the similar crash that happened in Chile ……I suppose the will to survive is amazingly strong in all of us thanks again will look up some of your other books Dave

    • Hi Dave
      Many thanks for feeding back so positively on Cold Kills. I really appreciate you giving it a try. Very pleased that you enjoyed the read. Sounds like you’ve read all my books, now. Thank you for your support. Next out will be B&C#3.
      Best wishes

  11. I have just finished reading the four Acer books one after the other. What a writer! I am a fast reader and the fast pace of the books was just perfect. If you write another Acer book I will be first in the queue. Now to try one of your other books…….

    • Hi Stan, Many thanks for your comment. Great to know that you’ve enjoyed the Acer books. No plan to write another in that series, but never say never.
      Best wishes

  12. After reading all of your other books, I finally completed the 4th Acer Sansom. This series was totally different and I was delighted to spread them out between Romney & Booker reading.

    Congratulations on the Bloodhound move, btw.

    What is next!?

    Booker and Cash need some more adventures.

    Romney and Marsh are fondly missed.

    Acer should relax a little.

    • Hi Steve,
      Many thanks for your comment and your ongoing support of my writing. All sincerely appreciated. Good to know that you’re enjoying the reads.
      What’s next? I did make starts on both a new B&C and a new R&M but real life has got in the way. It keeps me away from the desk. But I hope to get back to writing sooner rather than later.
      Best wishes
      PS Acer has definitely earned the right to enjoy life a little.

      • Hi Oliver
        I was only thinking i hadn’t heard from you for a while so i was pleased to read you’d started 2 books but sorry to hear real life got in the way
        I do hope the real life bit was some of the good stuff but if it wasn’t and if, like me , you’ve had a bit of a bad time I hope things get better soon
        I’m looking forward to meeting Acer and my old friends in Dover CID again

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