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From the 17th – 26th of November the Folkestone Book Festival will be taking place. It’s quite a literary event on the south coast.

As well as the big names that make the festival calendar (see above) there will also be a number of smaller events taking place throughout the week as something of a fringe festival. I am excited to share that I will be appearing at The Steep Street Coffee House on Thursday 23rd November at 6.30pm to talk about self-publishing and my particular journey.

I’ve visited Folkestone a couple of times recently and I’m really impressed with the way the old high street and the harbour area in particular continue to benefit from an extensive regeneration programme. It’s very diverse and interesting and arty and bohemian round there these days.

The Steep Street Coffee House is located in Folkestone’s old high street. It’s a book-themed coffee house (just like Bookers from my Booker & Cash series). I fell in love with the ambience of the place when I paid a visit last week to speak to the very friendly and enthusiastic owner.

It would be brilliant if one or two of my local readers were able to come along and say hello. The one and only time I’ve attended anything like this as a speaker only one hand went up when I asked if anyone had ever heard of me. Awkwarrrrrrd. (Shelagh – thank you. You made my night 🙂 )

Spaces will be limited – it’s a cosy establishment – so be sure to get there early. Even if I turn out to be boring, the coffee and cake on offer are well worth the trip.

Just a thought: I’m thinking about having a box for attendees to pop an anonymous question into. You can ask me anything you like. I’ll attempt to answer as many as time allows for, and as honestly as I can.


12 thoughts on “Now appearing at…

  1. I wish I could be there but too far away for me. Good luck though and you will have to give us a run-down of your speech.

  2. Oliver, as you know it is not possible for me to attend – flights to the Uk from Dalaman are few and far between at this time of year! However, could you appoint a proxy to raise a hand when you ask if anybody has heard of you? I am sure the rest of the audience will be suitably impressed when the proxy says she lives in Turkey!!

  3. Contrary to popular belief, Mr T is a modest man. He is far from boring and, although I may just be a wee bit biased, was actually the most entertaining speaker at the event. The only members of the audience who didn’t have a good laugh were the ones that were already asleep before he started!

  4. I live in Ohio, currently at a criminology conference in Philadelphia. I would be happy to pop over to say how much I like your books if you would pay half of the plane fare.

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