Looking for reader feedback.

I,CWAP.pngI’ve been playing around with a free online e-book cover design programme this afternoon. This is the result. If anyone has an opinion they’d like to share I’d love to read it – good or bad. Thanks in advance.

22 thoughts on “Looking for reader feedback.

  1. It’s a good cover but I’d leave out the self-indulgent CWAP and just use the title. (Even I had to look it up because I’d forgotten what it stood for… and I’ve been following you for years.)

  2. I liked it, but agree with Dianne that most ppl wont get it. Your regular readers will buy anything you write but “newbys” may pass it up not knowing what it means. Celeste

  3. Like it but feel that the uninitiated, when they ‘google it’ may be confused by “California Weighted Average Price (CWAP) Dairy industry USA ,Clean Water Action Project, Certified Wireless Analysis Professional and,I understand,and around 22 other known meanings including Chicago Womens AIDS Project!
    Sorry to keep banging on about it but I do think you should consider punting Tom and the Ginger Ninja together briefly!

    • Les, thank you for the laugh (and the serious point you make). Much appreciated. It’s my aim to get CWAP into everyday usage. Could this be a step in that direction? (The wrong one.) 🙂
      Tom and Ginge… the jury is still out.
      Best wishes

  4. I will be honest. I don’t get the Title and I don’t like it. I have read all the Romney and Marsh books and I tried an Acer Sansom one ,thinking I wouldn’t like it as its not my genre, But I really enjoyed it. Anyway, personally I don’t like short stories no matter who’s written them, .I’d change the title to appeal to a wider audience

  5. I didn’t get it until I re scrolled down your post and saw the very top title. Personally I don’t like the title. I suppose its intended that it sounds like ‘this is a load of crap’. I know you put humour in your Romney and Marsh books but I think the title would be misleading to new readers. BTW I downloaded a free Acer Sansom thinking its not my genre I wont like it, but I really enjoyed it and intend to read the rest of the series.

    • Hi, Many thanks for your time and trouble to comment. Much appreciated. I take your points and I don’t disagree with them.
      Very good to know that you gave Acer a try and enjoyed him. I hope you like the others as much.
      Best wishes.

  6. Hiya from a wet soggy Wakefield Must say the cover makes you stop and take a look, certainly pops out at you, Love or want to read it as well 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️💕💕

    Sent from SherleyB


  7. Sorry Oliver, I think that the inner schoolboy has taken over again. That title is, as has been stated elsewhere, a little self-indulgent (you know that you expect most people to misread it which will make you laugh) and most people will not get it. It does you no favours and doesn’t give a proper impression of your work. Please do not undermine all your efforts for the sake of a lame chuckle.
    Best wishes

    • Morning Dawn
      As always, many thanks for your honest and valuable feedback. You are right. Sometimes I think you know to me too well. I am listening to suggesions and taking on board what readers are saying – it’s why I asked. I’ve slept on it and I think I have a solution – a compromise 🙂
      Best wishes and thanks again.

  8. Covers for Kindle Books have never been a high priority for me but I would not be impressed by seeing CWAP on the cover (my first thought would be ‘is this an opinion given by Jonathan Ross’?) Happy with the picture but the title has to go 🙂

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