Social media and the CWAP.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to be a writer using social media forever. (Mahatma Coat)

Wise words from a sage who understood a thing or two about life and learning and having extra arms. At least he did until he was assassinated by an Internet troll who took exception to having their one star review of Coat’s seminal work, ‘Social Media and the CWAP’ torn to shreds by the man himself.

But what, I hear you cry, has this pithy saying about life and learning got to do with being a CWAP?

As CWAPs we are constantly encouraged to believe that using social media is imperative to getting the word out about our writing, in particular forthcoming releases. I continue to wonder at the true value of social media as a CWAP tool.

This week I posted the following status update on my Facebook homepage:

Just received some really upsetting news: After seven years of medical training and hard work, my very good friend has been struck off after one minor indiscretion and I think it’s outrageous . He slept with one of his patients and now can no longer work in the profession that he loves.What a waste of time, training and money. A genuinely nice guy and a brilliant vet.

This received 63 likes, 30 shares and 16 comments. It could be the most feedback I’ve had on anything I’ve ever posted on FB. (And I ‘borrowed’ it from somewhere else.)

My next book out is Cold Kills. Since it became available for pre-order on Amazon I’ve posted three times about it on FB. Those three posts have generated a total of: 32 likes, 13 comments and 3 shares.

As the saying goes, you do the math.

In case anyone who reads this should find themselves tutting, rolling their eyes and thinking I’m whining about stuff, again, I’m not. Really. I’m not. I’m simply chucking a statistical experience out there, wondering about marketing on social media, making an entry in my online writer’s diary. I reckon what a really savvy (desperate) CWAP would do now is go back to the popular thread and post a comment about Cold Kills being available for pre-order. That would then show up in the notifications tab of all those who’d engaged with the thread.

Another thing I could do next time I find something really funny to steal and share on my FB page is to include a link to my books with it.

I think Mahatma would be pleased with my savvy CWAP thinking.


6 thoughts on “Social media and the CWAP.

  1. Its a shame you seem to disregard those that found your books through social media, do they tell others I wonder? Your Goodread ratings have doubled in the last twelve months, Why I wonder?

    How useful social media with regard to moving books is open to discussion, though I suspect without it you may not have the kindle contract (maybe it was not worth the effort).

    Anyway have a good christmas from a social madia fan of your books.,

    • Hi David
      Thanks for your comment.
      I certainly don’t disregard those that found my books through social media. The point of the post, for me, was to highlight what people on FB seem to be more interested in and I think those figures speak for themselves. Just an observation shared.
      As for social media, I suppose like most ‘tools’ it depends whose hands it’s in.
      Compliments of the season to you and yours. 🙂

  2. People will share and like the funnies and read and move on from stuff that interests them. It’s the nature of the beast

  3. Morning Oliver,
    I’ve given up putting my novels on Facebook, and I only did it a few times, but then I don’t have the energy or the know-how to put myself out there it takes up too many writing hours. I’m a writer who still thinks I’m writing just for myself and am pleased when anyone wants to read my work. But then it is easy for me to say that as I don’t have to rely on book sales to pay the bills. Being retired does have its benefits, especially when the pensions start rolling in. I’m of the mind-set that, what will be, will be, and if it is meant to happen it will happen, and success will come when you least expect it. I’m signing off now as I’m beginning to sound like a horoscope writer. Hope you and yours have a prosperous New Year 🙂

    • Hi Pat,
      My snapshot just illustrates the nature of the beast, as someone else commented. Probably in the right hands FB is a great tool. Just not mine.
      I do need to get a grip with this marketing though, I understand that. Usually when i list a book for preorder it gets placed in Amazon charts. Cold Kills is nowhere on the radar. It could be because it’s not the usual from me or it could be because competition is just so intense on Amazon these days. Sigh. My trouble is that if I don’t make money from this writing lark I’m going to have to find a proper job again. Groan.
      Anyway, compliments of the season to you and yours. I hope you all have a happy and healthy Christmas. 🙂
      Best wishes.

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