Deep State’s official birthday!

Deep State (Large)

Today is the official release date of Deep State (Acer Sansom#4). Anyone who pre-ordered this title should now find it on their Kindle. Thank you for your support of my writing.

For a couple of weeks now pre-official-release copies of the book have been with readers who voted for it in Amazon’s Kindle Scout programme. Long enough for some feedback to be posted on Amazon. I’ve been genuinely thrilled with the response so far. My particular appreciation to all those involved.

Dirty Business (Acer Sansom#1) was the first book what I ever wrote. I vividly remember bashing away at the school computer in the staffroom of my first Istanbul school during free periods. I would never have believed back then that I would be putting out my fourteenth book and the fourth (and possibly final installment) in Acer’s journey.

When I released R&M#7 I said it could be the last one. Similarly, Deep State could well be the last Acer. As with R&M I haven’t decided whether I want to write another and even if I do it won’t be for a good while. As I said regarding R&M, I have other projects that I want to try in other genres.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this series of books. I like Acer. He’s not a cold-hearted killer. He is flawed. He makes mistakes. He has been naive and suffered for it. A reader once commented that Acer is a ‘poor man’s Jack Reacher’. If I had responded I would have told that particular reader that he just didn’t ‘get’ Acer. I ‘get’ Acer. I’m happy to say that lots of readers seem to ‘get’ Acer.

One of my greatest fears as a writer is that one day I might turn out a stinker in an otherwise generally well received series. That would bother me greatly. Quit while you’re ahead, my dad would sometimes say. I feel that I’m ‘ahead’ with both Acer and R&M. It’s a good feeling.


6 thoughts on “Deep State’s official birthday!

  1. You know you are “ahead” when readers are moaning about the possibility of the books being the last in a series and you are in that fortunate position with both Acer and R&M. I still think you should go with an R&M public/private partnership though

    • 🙂 I feel ‘ahead’ with both series. I’ve seen some writers write one book too many in a series and I’ve read writers who can make the twentieth in a series as rewarding a reading experience as the first. I have no doubt that one day both Acer and R&M will be gnawing away at my current resolve, whispering tantalising plot lines in my ear in the hope that I’ll fold and resurrect them. I’ll never say never because one just never knows.
      Best wishes

  2. I have read most of your books and i voted for Deep State but i have not recieved a copy on my kindle as yet …

    • Hi Veronica,
      Thank you for your comment.
      You should have received your free copy by now. About two weeks ago Amazon sent emails with links to voters. Those links then had to be clicked on by voters and the book was delivered to the Kindle. Can I suggest that you take a look back through your emails for May. My email came from Kindle Scout on May 17th. It could be that it went into your spam folder. I hope you find it there. Let me know. 🙂
      Best wishes

  3. Hi Oliver,
    My wife and I have both read the R&M series and thoroughly enjoyed them. Not since Joseph Wambaugh’s heyday, have I enjoyed fiction so much!
    Personally, I like stories that seem to be true to life and just ‘chug along’. I do not like too much high drama and I gave up reading the Harry Bosch novels because they always seemed to end with Harry spurning advice to wait for back up and going in alone. I do not know whether my preferences are based on wanting to keep high drama out of my life, or maybe because I have watched too many ‘repeats’ on TV? I still enjoy watching Dad’s Army, although I already know the ending of every episode!
    The reason for my message is a response to your remarks about the potential failure of a new novel which is a continuation of a series. In R&M life goes on, new cases arise and the characters deal with whatever gets thrown at them. The characters are well established and I more or less know how they are likely to react to any given situation, except in the case of Romney himself! So when I read these books I am transported down to Kent for a few days to see how the characters are getting on with the current caseload.
    In my ‘world’ where I admit I might be in a minority of one, I do not finish an R&M book and think ‘that was not as good as book 6’. I just say ‘that was a good read’. Using the ‘Dad’s Army’ scenario, if the writers had been concerned about whether the next episode might not be as good as the ‘Don’t tell him, Pike!’ one, then maybe there might have been a lot less episodes for me to enjoy.
    So I do hope (as my wife does) that you do continue to feed us a staple diet of R&M files.
    Kind regards

    • Hello Graham,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to post here. I sincerely appreciate hearing from readers.
      Thank you for your kind words for my writing. It is always gratifying to learn that the R&M Files are being enjoyed.
      Once I’d found Bosch I devoured the first few and then I became stuck on City of Bones. I didn’t manage to finish it. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood, or all Bosched out. I felt it was a slow read. Too slow.
      I appreciate your thought-provoking comments regarding the continuation of the R&M Files. Your approach to each new title is just what I would hope for from readers, ie pick up the new R&M hoping to be entertained for a few hours. I harbour no delusions about my writing – as one reviewer said: he’s not going to win any prizes. If I can turn out what Graham Greene used to call ‘an entertainment’ or two then I’m happy. (I think it was Greene.)
      You’re absolutely right that fear of churning out a duffer should not come into the creative mix. In truth, it is not my chief consideration for putting the brake on the series. I have other writing projects that I’m itching to start and time is limited. It’s satisfying for me to leave R&M (for the moment at least) on a good note. (Why does that remind me of Pavarotti, who, it could be argued, went on too long?) I may come back to them in the future. I’ll never say never again.
      All the best to you and your wife and thanks again for your support.
      PS I can watch Dad’s Army all night and not be bored.

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