One month gone.

St Mary in the Marsh jpeg 350 w

The church at St Mary in the Marsh

I missed my blog post entry last week. In truth there wasn’t anything of note to record in my Diary of a CWAP. I did some more DIY. And then some more. And then some more.

My big sister came for a visit at the weekend. The weather was fabulous. On Sunday my big sis, my little sis and I dug out the push-bikes and went for a cycle ride across Romney Marsh. It was wonderful out there. The Marsh was beautiful, fragrant and alive with the sounds of spring: lambs, frogs and birdsong. Perfect.

We stopped at the church of St Mary in the Marsh and paid our respects at the grave of E. Nesbit. She of The Railway Children fame and a certain Booker & Cash short story. I said to my sisters, ‘So, have you read my Booker & Cash short story in Three Short Blasts?’ They looked at each other and then at me. There ensued a deafening silence as the lambs, the frogs and the birds held their collective breath. I rode the next three miles some hundred yards out in front, sulking. Their loss.

Still waiting for Amazon to release Deep State Acer#4 into the wild. They are taking their time. And they don’t say much. In fact they remind me of an ex: hard to get hold of and when you do, you wonder why you bothered.

I have been working on a writing project at night and for an hour before work in the mornings. And this weekend I’ve been able to have a concentrated bash at it because the plasterer is in upstairs and I’m keeping out of his way. It’s nice to get back to the desk and my laptop.

I’ve been back in the UK for a month already. How time really does fly. Overall, I’m enjoying the change in my circumstances. It’s nice to have a bit of variety in life. I just wish my little boy wasn’t so far away for so long.

The renovation project has turned the corner and things are starting to come together. Another month should see things finished. I hope so because my wife called to let me know she’s changed her tickets and they’re coming earlier than expected.

15 thoughts on “One month gone.

  1. We’ve got the builders in too and finding it tricky to write because of general disruption. It’s given me an excuse to take a break! Can be quite all consuming this novel-writing business!

    • Hi Kath
      Good luck! I’ve really struggled to keep my hand in with the writing this month. In fact, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the break from it. Takes a bit of pressure off. And I’ve quite enjoyed getting my hands dirty again. Certainly makes me appreciate my desk and comfy chair.
      Best wishes.

  2. So a couple of sunny Sundays ago I dropped my husband and his bike by Orgaswick Farm, and arranged to meet him at the free car park in Greatstone that has the toilet block. He was there before I had even had a chance to park the car. Traffic, surfers and half wits …. I had to go to Dungeness ranges to get over it. Peace.
    I read something about the border agency being notified of an abandoned boat on the slipway on Friday. And a huge concrete skate park being built in Martello car park costing £90 grand or so!

    • “Congratulations! Your early, free copy of Deep State is available for download.

      Happy reading, and when you’re through, please consider taking the time to leave an honest review for this reader-powered publication. By leaving reviews or sharing with friends, you can continue to champion this book you helped bring to life.

  3. Glad you’re keeping busy. Thought you’d like to know that I have just received my free copy of Deep State Acer#4 via Kindle Scout and can’t wait to read it but in the middle of another book at the moment. Still I’m sure the wait will be worth it and looking forward to seeing what he is up too in this episode.

    • Andy, tyres would have been a good idea, but the pub was still to come and they had the money. Thanks for sharing re DS. Hope the writing is going well for you.

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