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I had an idea the other day. The idea is based on another idea that I had a good while ago.

The older idea isn’t really an idea. It’s more of a belief. The idea/belief is based on property ownership. I’ve always considered physical property, particularly of the bricks and mortar kind to be the best kind of property investment one can make. I’m still keen on that kind of property ownership, but I’ve changed my mind about whether it’s the best kind of property to own. So what it the best kind of property to own? Could it be intellectual property?

Owning the right intellectual property can prove quite profitable in the right hands. I would even go so far as to say that owning any intellectual property can be quite profitable in the right hands. This all got me thinking about the intellectual property that I own: the rights to my books. OK so I’m using the word ‘intellectual’ in the broadest sense. (Thought I’d get that one in first.)

When I started thinking about my IP (intellectual property) I wondered if I could profit from it in a different and more immediate way that might appeal to some investors.

If I were to make for sale the rights in every shape and form to a series of my books would I get any takers? That got me thinking two things: which series and what sort of money would I want for it.

I’ve decided to  sell my Acer Sansom series to the highest bidder – all rights to every book. I will happily sign a contractual agreement that I won’t write another. The  purchaser can do what they like with them: keep my name on the cover, change it, whatever, change the titles, change Acer’s name, whatever. All a prospective purchaser would need to do would be to meet my reserve price or better it and then the four book series is theirs to do what they like with. In the right hands the four books could bring a nice monthly income for as long as the world reads books.

In the hands of a savvy business person I’m sure there is good money to be made with these books. As well as continued sales of ebooks (a market that with my limited enthusiasm or nouse for self-promotion  I have hardly scratched) there is the physical book market (none of the Acer books has ever been printed). There is also the audio book market to take advantage of (again something that I haven’t touched and something that is growing in popularity and is quite lucrative). And, who knows, maybe film rights one day. I repeat: who knows. All for a one-off lump sum.

Why would I do that? Because I need a one-off lump sum.

I’ve given this a good deal of thought. It’s the right thing for me. The package as outlined above is now open to bids on ebay at the following link address. So, if you’ve ever fancied owning your own series of thrillers to do with as you wish just click on the link and make a bid. There is a modest reserve.

Ebay UK Acer Sansom series: full rights auction.

Now that the date has passed  I’m posting below the information that the link above provided.

Yes, that’s right it’s an April Fool’s Day joke. That’s why I haven’t allowed comments on the original post.

Did I get you? If you want to pass comment (swear at me), please do it on social media WITHOUT GIVING AWAY THE APRIL FOOL. I’d like to get as many people as possible. 🙂

PS: Anyone seriously interested in the Acer series let’s do lunch. (Bring your cheque book.)