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Deep State (Large)

Hello all my dear readers/followers.

I have submitted a book that I’ve written to an Amazon publishing scheme. The book is called Deep State. It’s the fourth in my Acer Sansom series. The Amazon scheme is called Kindle Scout.

How Kindle Scout works is that readers with an Amazon account can view the submissions made by writers like me and select up to three books that they’d like to see published by Amazon. It doesn’t cost the reader anything to participate except a bit of time. In fact, if one of the books that the reader shows their support for gets taken on by Amazon at the end of the process then that reader receives a free ebook copy of that title.

If you have an Amazon account, please would you take a look at my submission here Kindle Scout – Deep State and if you think it’s a book you would be happy to support, I’d be really grateful if you’d click on the ‘Nominate’ button. That’s all there is to it. Oh, and if you could see your way to sharing this post on your social media, I would be sincerely thankful for that. Thanks. 🙂

Best wishes and thanks for reading.
Oliver Tidy

16 thoughts on “Kindle Scout

  1. Already done, Oliver. I think you have 25 days yet to go, so garner the troops during that time. It’s actually fun browsing the books they’re featuring, all divided by genre. I’ve also passed the site on to friends. Good Luck! P.S. Preordered Three Blasts…. Dianne

    • Hi Dianne
      Many thanks for your support and for spreading the word. Much appreciated. Early days but it does seem like it will be a demanding and uphill struggle just to stay ‘Hot and Trending’. I’ve almost run out of people to ask and it’s only been going five days 🙂
      There seems to be a lot of fantasy and sci-fi on the site but not much crime writing.
      Oh, and thank you for your pre-order of TSB. I hope you like it.
      Best wishes

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