Get ready for launch!!!

Deep State (Large)

Another great cover in the Acer series. Worth a vote, no?

Fiends, Romanians, country-bumpkins…that doesn’t seem right.

Readers! Lend me your… support.

I can’t remember the last time I left my writer’s desk. Plates of food just turn up. I clear them. They disappear. There’s a bucket under the desk for you know what. It gets emptied. Don’t ask me who by. I smell and I need a shave. These are busy, busy days in my writing life. And now I have something else to attend to.

Consider this a cry for help, a call to arms. I’m seeking assistance from my lovely readers. (I’ll even accept it from the horrible ones. No names – Betsy.)

I’ve enrolled Acer #4 in a fairly new Amazon initiative. It’s called Kindle Scout.

Here’s a link to see what it’s all about. Click on ‘How it works’. Pleeeeeeease look.

Kindle Scout

Here is my submission page. Pleeeeeeeeease look.

Acer #4 Kindle Scout submission.

I truly believe it would be a great boost to me the writer and to the first three of the Acer Sansom novels if my campaign was successful. (Does anyone who reads this blog really want me to have to go back to teaching little children? Would you want that on your consciences? I’m thinking of them for a change, not me. No one wants someone who took a year’s sabbatical to follow a dream and who failed to end up in a room with thirty screaming five-year-olds. That’s never going to end well. Just think about what could happen. You could be legal accessories to something terrible if you don’t help me.)

Before you all rush off to share this link and re-blog and spread the word. I have one word to say. STOP! PLEASE, DON’T SHARE THIS BLOG-POST ANYWHERE. That’s eight words.

Why don’t I want it shared? Am I insane?

Apparently, the best thing to do when running a Kindle Scout campaign is to spread out any votes you can hope to count on from readers, friends, family etc. If everyone votes on day one then the book might become ‘Hot’ for a day and then end up as frozen as a snowman’s todger by the end of thirty days. (I wonder how many votes that simile just cost me.) It’s up to me to try to find a way to keep my submission on the boil so to speak. I will be sharing on Facebook and Twitter etc. But later. NOT NOW! This campaign lasts for thirty days. I thought I would make my blog followers my first port of call. (Feeling privileged or disgracefully used?)

OK. All that said, and I hope understood, I want to say this in all seriousness. I’m only asking you to look at my submission. If it’s something you would like to support please do so. If you don’t like what you read who will know if you vote for someone else? (God will know, that’s who. And He and I are in regular contact. JOKE!) You get three votes by the way.

What’s in it for you? Whoever you vote for you’ll know you’re helping them to achieve a dream. And if they get taken on by Amazon, if you voted for their book, you get a free ebook of it when it gets published. Good, eh?

I said please don’t share this blog-post but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want all of you who will back me to tell everyone you know who has an Amazon account to get stuck in. Just whisper it or text it or stop people in the street or make a quick call to a family member. It’s not a secret!

Now don’t waste another moment. Follow the link above and vote for ME!!!!! (or whoever.)

Do it for the children or be prepared to live with the consequences, maybe while rotting in jail.

35 thoughts on “Get ready for launch!!!

  1. Oliver, did you realise that Kindle already have book title Deep State by Anders Jallai, so when anyone trys looking for your new book this other one comes up?
    If you didn’t know this, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

  2. You are a great writer. I am a very critical reader (several advanced degrees) and know you will be successful. I’ve read everything you’ve written and enjoy it all.

    • Hi Dawn
      Sorry, I realise I wasn’t clear about that: every reader can nominate up to three different reads.
      Any word spreading that you could do would be much appreciated. I have a feeling that it will be a tough one to get through. Thanks for your vote and good wishes. 🙂

  3. I’ve voted and am going to “persuade” all of my friends and family to vote too. I suspect I may need some sort of bribe but I’m pretty sure a promise to stop “going on about that author” might do the trick . With husband I may need to promise not to put my kindle on at midnight so your latest book gets downloaded as soon as possible.

    Denise T

      • Hi Oliver,
        I just might do as you suggested, but will have to wait for my agent/son to get the time as I’m totally a dinosaur when it comes to technology, and I know I would cock it up as I did so when I tried to nominate your book. Made it in two goes after consulting my son. I know – idiot, you are thinking. But better things to do. As long as I can type my stories on my computer and use my smart phone, I’m happy.
        All the best.

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