Cover reveal: Unhappy Families (The Sixth Romney and Marsh File)

Unhappy Families (Large)

I always like to go large on the cover reveals.

Three years on (nearly) and I’m still very happy with the style and themes of the R&M Files covers.


I’ve always said, it’s who you know that counts. In this case I know a man, who knows a man who runs a place that prints stuff and binds it with one of those spiral spine thingies. Now I just need to decide which order to go at it with the pens.

16 thoughts on “Cover reveal: Unhappy Families (The Sixth Romney and Marsh File)

  1. I like the bold style (with their subtle? hints) of your covers as well, Mr. Tidy, but what I L♡VE is their CONTENT. Covers are great, but your writing style, characters & plot are what really draw me back, keep me (not so) patiently waiting the next publication. Thank you for the hours of amusement your novels provide; their (your) ability to allow me to suspend the drugery of life is a great skill on your part for which I am grateful.

    Accolades & lauds aside, I’d go with BLUE to start, as the sky’ s the limit, right?

    Your ardent fan,

    • Hi Lucy 🙂
      What a lovely and encouraging message. Thank you very much for it. It’s very touching to know that you enjoy the reads to that extent. 🙂
      Blue it is. That’s one decision I don’t have to waste time on in Starbucks tomorrow.
      Best wishes.

  2. Just can’t wait. All your novels are excellent but Romney and Marsh have always been my favourite. Just love the cantankerous, almost bumbling manner of Romney and the patient parental manner of Marsh. Lucy is spot on up there ^^^^^^^ with her comments. It’s been a VERY long time since I can’t put an author down, you are top of that particular list by a country mile.

    • Richard,
      Thanks very much for your touching and encouraging comment. Sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
      Finished the first read through of R&M#6 today. I’m liking it a lot.
      Best wishes.

    • Hi Denise
      Thanks, again. I’ve just finished the first read-through so that’s another step along the way to self-publication. It’s great to know that you’re looking forward to it. I hope it lives up to expectations.
      Best wishes.

    • A thousand pardons, Pat. I have no idea why I didn’t reply. I remember seeing your comment when it came through. Glad you like the cover. I think I’m ready for passing the book along the production line. :-).

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