On your marks…


Can’t progress with R&M#6 in my editing process until I have a hard copy to work with. Still trying to find someone to help me out with a printer for that. (I don’t want to buy one!)

In the mean time I might as well use my time productively by getting Acer#4 started. And the distraction of writing seems to take my mind off the urge to scratch. (See previous post.)

I’ve relocated for writing this one – I’m out of the writing room and on the balcony. Acer is an outdoorsy type and I need to get in the mood for that. It’s a sunny day here in Ankara. Blue skies and a good autumnal chill in the air.

Here goes.

10 thoughts on “On your marks…

  1. Your industry is exhausting! Me, I’m still under the duvet, the sky is grey and although it’s not very cold, it’s about 8 degrees and it’s hard to get motivated. Instead of writing, I’m reading and enjoying the second Romney and Marsh, Making a Killing. I’ll get out of bed eventually!!

    • Weather here is certainly more conducive to being creative. If it makes you feel any better I was in bed asleep by 9. 😦
      Good to know you’re enjoying R&M#2. Thanks.
      Best wishes.

  2. Glad you’re back with Acer, as I like to read a good thriller/adventure. In fact I like all of your series, R&M, B&C, and Acer, so look forward to No. 4.
    Keep at it 🙂

  3. For a split second there I thought “on your marks” meant get ready to read ! !!!!!
    but then remembered R&M 6 hadn’t gone for editing yet

    I’ve got a printer you know !!
    Not sure hubby would be ok with me offering use of it though ha ha

    I’m trying to decide if another re-read of 1-5 might be a good idea but it could be tricky to judge the timing
    Heaven forbid I should be part way through when 6 becomes available !!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’ve definitely been very industrious recently but I’m still reading the books too fast
    I believe it’s possible to do courses to speed up reading skills I wonder if there are any to help with reading more slowly ?

    I’m depriving myself of hours of enjoyment by reading the books too quickly

    So I hope Acer flows well and that you manage to get R&M 6 edited soon

    • Hi Denise
      Thanks for your comment.
      I’d really like to move the books along the conveyor belt but I can’t miss out the vital stage, for me, of going through it a few times with a pen and paper. It’s at times like this I miss not having access to the school printer.
      I keep thinking that I should re-read the earlier ones and then I get cold feet. What if I hate them?
      I hope to have #6 out for Christmas but I can’t promise that. Much will depend on the commitments of my proofreading friend.
      haha not sure what to suggest to slow down the reading. Maybe I could send you my printed version when I’ve finished with it… one page at a time. Mind you it would be covered in highlighter pen, coffee and tears. Maybe some blood.
      Thanks for your good wishes for Acer. I’m just about to start on him again.
      Best wishes.

  4. Hi Oliver
    I’m struggling to read anything on my kindle at the moment so paper “covered in highlighter pen, coffee and tears” could be an improvement on a screen with a sliver of light from which two grey lines fan out across the “page” which is now patterned with pale pink blotches.
    The most frustrating thing is it just did this all on it’s own. It was fine when I put it away last night and the problem was there when I took it out of it’s case this morning

    My husband reckons it’s just given up because it’s worn out
    So I decided it’s back to the library for me until I remembered !! No Booker and Cash no Acer and even worse No Romney and Marsh,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I’ve just ordered myself an early Christmas present. This updated version apparently has a longer battery life of two months but the small print says this is based on 30 minutes use per day

    So that’s why my husband rarely charges his up and mine is being charged pretty much every other day
    I guess reading fast probably helps in some ways as I must get more books per charge

    So when it arrives next week I’ll get it up and running ready for R&M 6
    I hope you’ve sorted out the issues with Acer and that the words are flowing
    Best wishes

    • Hi Denise
      Thanks for your comment.
      “covered in highlighter pen, coffee and tears” made me smile. Is that one of mine 🙂 sounds like one of my editing experiences.
      ‘sliver of light… two grey lines… patterned with pale pink blotches’ sounds like my face at the moment.
      Sorry to learn of your Kindle issues but on the bright side you get to buy a new one! I’ve had my eye on the Kindle Voyage for a while. I’m just waiting for my Fire to pack up and then I’ll get one. Obviously I need to read more on it.
      I’m still hoping to get R&M#6 out for Christmas. Hoping, hoping, hoping.
      Thanks for your good thoughts for Acer. I think I’ve fixed it. I’m a lot happier with the way it starts now.
      Best wishes.

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