A Room of One’s Own (Finally!)


I’ve been writing for about six years now. Like a lot of writers starting out I’ve had to make do with finding space for my hobby where I could along the way: the dining table, the kitchen table, the school library, the staff room, the coffee shop  – the usual suspects.

The Guardian do/did a regular feature on famous writers’ rooms. As a reader and a writer I’m always interested to see what other writer’s spaces are like. I’m expecting a call from that esteemed news organ any day now because…

I now have my own writer’s room! Last weekend I went to Ikea and bought a desk and a chair and a lamp. (Ikea is awesome. I want to throw everything out and start again. Every room.)

I don’t want a lot else in my room. Certainly not too many distractions. A comfy chair for reading. Check. (Not included in this photo) My guitar for musical interludes. Check. A bookshelf with shelves of inspiration, just to get me in the mood and remind me why I’m there. Check. Oh, and the trusty old laptop, of course. Check.

We’re on the top floor of our building. I’ve got a small balcony off my writer’s room and despite Ankara being incredibly hot at the moment (38 degrees today!) I get a lovely breeze. The one problem with the top floor (sixth) is the pigeons, or rather pigeon shit. But I’ve worked out how to get rid of them. I only have to reach for the guitar – I don’t swat them, I play it.

In common with most writers I’ve also had to shuffle time for my writing. Make and grab opportunities. I’m still doing that. The Halfling doesn’t start school until the beginning of October. Then, in theory, I should be good to crack on at pace with something in peace and quiet.

And finally, like the mercury in my balcony thermometer, the word count continues to rise slowly on R&M#6. I dawdled through the eighty-thousand word barrier yesterday. This could be the furthest I’ve got into a book without having a title for it. (I hope I haven’t got writer’s-title block! Not when I’ve just got my own writing room! Oh the irony of it!)

20 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own (Finally!)

  1. Hope all goes well for the title ,have enjoyed the other 5 R an M books and must be nice to finally have somewhere to create .

  2. His Oliver,
    Love that quirky bookcase, did that come from ikea?
    38 degrees? Hmmm lucky you it’s about 8 degrees here in the morning, the last few days it seems “autumn is upon us!” Get writing! Lol. Sandie

    • Hi Sandie
      Yeah, mum said it’s pretty cold back home. Not sorry to be missing it.
      The bookcase didn’t come from Ikea. It was bought a few years ago in Turkish furniture shop by my wife. It is very nice. I think it cost more than my table, chair, lamp and guitar put together.
      Best wishes.

  3. Hi Oliver, great to hear the next R&M is coming along so well. Have read nearly all your books and have really enjoyed them all so far! Your writing room looks great – no need to eat giant bowls of food now you can write at home. Have fun at the pool, cheers, Annie in Australia

    • Hi Annie
      Thanks for your message. Good to know that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far.
      I’m very happy in the new room. But I’m often hungry. (Maybe they could do a delivery service!)
      How wonderful it is to have access to a pool in this heat. Taking of which…
      Best wishes.

  4. Hi Oliver
    I’m so glad to read that you are cracking on with R&M6 I can’t wait to read it as I am missing my old friends already.
    I can’t wait to curl up with the next instalment now the nights are drawing in. I’m not sure how you can even think in temperatures like that I struggle with anything over about 23 degrees
    So glad you have your own room for writing now, you’ve earned it !!!!!!!!!!!

    Denise x

    • Hi Denise
      Thanks for your message. It’s truly warming to know read that the members of Dover CID are considered ‘old friends’. For me too.
      I must admit to being aware of strange bubbling noises around the middle of the day. I think it’s my brain simmering in its juices.
      My room is my oasis… apart from when my son bursts in demanding my attention.
      Best wishes.

  5. It’s 9degrees here this morning, could do with some of that warmth. The room sounds lovely, I think a visit to Ikea is in the cards!

  6. How lucky you are, Oliver, having a whole room to yourself surrounded by your books and other things you enjoy. I have to write in a wardrobe in the bedroom. It’s very dark in there, so I bought a cheap lamp from IKEA 🙂

    • Seriously? You’re in a cupboard in the bedroom? Why do I feel like you’re pulling my leg? (Kidding a kidder and all that.) Funny you should mention the wardbrobe though because my writer’s room has a large fitted wardrobe with sliding doors. It’s perfect for recording those audio books I’ve been wanting to. And I am serious! 🙂
      Best wishes

      • I kid you not, Oliver. Tried every room in the house – for writing, that is – even the conservatory, but it was far too cold in winter even with a heater, and its a walkway to the back garden which was like Oxford Street tube station on occasions.
        As we’ve been refurbishing the house for the past two years, I wanted to rip out the fitted wardrobes in the main bedroom, but it would have meant demolishing an internal wall then rebuilding it. In a flash of inspiration I removed the double doors from the two wardrobes that sat either side of the bed, filled in all the holes, and removed the bases so I could wheel my computer chair in. I did leave the top units, that ran the length of the wall, for storage.
        I then volunteered Hubby to build a desk inside one of the wardrobes with shelving for my reference books etc. The other wardrobe also has a shelf at the top and the opening now houses a dressing table with large art-deco mirror and a stool I can tuck under.
        It took me three weeks to paint the Mahoney monstrosity light grey, having to use three coats, then finishing the process with a clear matt varnish. The room now looks very Scandic. I still have a big wardrobe but it’s a free standing one, also from IKEA.
        I love my little writing nook which is very cosy as it’s by the window right next to the radiator, so during the winter months I can roll out of bed straight onto my computer chair without donning copious layers of clothing.

      • You’ve sold it to me, Pat – painted a picture with words and I can see it. Sounds inviting and because it’s somewhere you’ve created yourself it must be satisfying to be in there.

    • 🙂 I was just composing my little witticism by way of reply when your second message beat me to it. The breeze funnelling through the top floor is heavenly and does the job. 🙂
      Best wishes.

  7. Should have mentioned what a good idea it is to use your wardrobe as a recording studio. The acoustics should be great, especially if you want to put in any special FX. It just goes to show, wardrobes are far more versatile than people might think.

  8. It is very cosy, Oliver, as I’m tucked right away at the far end of an L shaped bungalow with two aspects to look out upon: the back garden and a large green which we border. As we live in a conservation area it is also very quiet. Hope you don’t mind, but you’ve nudged me into putting a picture of my cosy nook onto my blog and writing about what I’ve got pinned up around my desk. You might find it amusing 🙂

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