R&M File #5 – A criminal study in aromatherapy.


My Vancouver jaunt is but a distant happy memory. My sleep patterns have returned to normal. My taste buds are in hibernation. I’m regular again. And my respiratory condition (known locally as Istanbul lung) is back.

This week I’ve knuckled down to some serious and intense work on Particular Stupidities R&M#5. I’m feeling confident that it hangs together well and that it is a worthy addition to the R&M Files. That’s really as much as I can ever hope for from new books in the series. I’ve been through it a couple of times and other than tightening up a sentence here and a paragraph there and fixing those English errors that I can see I don’t honestly know what else I can do with it. I’m a little concerned to be so… satisfied with it so quickly because usually I feel the need to go through my books at least five times before I’m approaching happy with them. It’s strangely worrisome that I feel good about it with so few run throughs.

Maybe I’ll leave it a week and read it again. Just to be sure.

I’ve been working on the blurb too:

The Particular Stupidities that blight Mankind litter this fifth Romney and Marsh File, which sees Dover CID taken to the outskirts of their jurisdiction, the edge of reason and the verge of self-destruction.

The sea and country air of the district has competition in this criminal study in aromatherapy. The pong of putrefied remains, the distillation of duplicity, the odour of opposition and the infusion of inanity combine to produce a pungent bouquet to clear the most congested of blocked nasal passages.

A rotting corpse is discovered in one of Kent’s old coal mining communities. In their search to uncover the identities of the victim and those responsible for the death and concealment of the body DI Romney and his team must confront and deal with issues of prejudice, bias, loyalty and betrayal (and that’s just amongst themselves).

8 thoughts on “R&M File #5 – A criminal study in aromatherapy.

    • Thank you. I’m looking forward to getting it available. The guy who does my covers always impresses me. I think that the cover will mean more to readers after they’ve read the book.
      Best wishes.

  1. I’m off to The Paradee beach resort in Koh Samed, Thailand, next week with the wife. I know that I will get bored, just sitting around and being massaged by young and flirtatious beauties. So, please release R&M 5 asap. Thank you in anticipation.

    • Hi Russell
      Of course, I only wish you the best of holidays. (unclench teeth). One day I’ll get to live the high life. (I’ll probably only be able to afford one day.) Going as fast as i can this end but I fear it won’t be fast enough for your hols.
      Best wishes.

  2. That “Blurb” is one of the best bits of prose I’ve seen in a long time. Mind you, I have been overwhelmed with “Vote for me” !

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