Particular Stupidities R&M#5 cover reveal!


Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Just thought I’d share the cover art for R&M#5 that came through today. As with every cover Kit Foster does for me, I’m very pleased with it.

Thanks to those readers who offered a suggestion for the effect. I wish I’d thought of a dunce cap. (Does that make me a dunce?)

12 thoughts on “Particular Stupidities R&M#5 cover reveal!

  1. wow! Indeed, that is a very striking cover. Kit Foster is a very, very good designer and for those who judge a book by it’s cover, then that’ll work well for you.

  2. Can’t wait for the release. I follow Romney and Marsh avidly because their characters are so finely drawn; not the cardboard cut outs featured in so many crime tales these days but real people full of faults and self-doubt as we all are. These stories are made all the more poignant than most as my Dad’s folks are from Deal (my Granddad was born in The Eastry Workhouse. Should I be proud of this?) and, although I live in south-west France, I can identify all the more with R&M because of the Kent locations.

    • Hı Kit
      Thanks for your kind words. Good to know that you’re enjoying the R&MFiles.
      Interesting family history you have. If nothing else, I’d certainly feel fortunate to be here given what I imagine to be the high infant mortality rates of those times and conditions. SW France is a far cry from the Eastry Workhouse and the wine is probably better.
      Best wishes.

  3. Hi Oliver, good to hear the latest tome is nearly done. Great cover, particularly as that monstrosity of a building, (which blocks our view of the harbour from our balcony!!), will be demolished before the end of this year.
    Can’t wait to read the book.

    • Hi Andy
      Thanks for your comment. Looking forward to making this one available. Still plenty to do but getting there slowly.
      What building is that that’s being demolished?
      Best wishes.

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