A slow news week.

 Get it?

Get it?

This is my writer’s diary. Because it’s a diary I have to make weekly entries. It’s that kind of diary. The entries must have something to do with my second life as a writer. Sometimes there is not much to report to myself.

I have been working on the first draft of Booker & Cash #2. I reported last week that I’d ‘finished’ the story and now I’ve gone back to the beginning. Reading and pruning.

I’ve blogged about my new commute ad nauseum. It’s funny what you get used to. I suppose that’s one of the things that makes the human race so successful. We can get used to pretty much anything and life goes on; we adapt and get on with it. I’ve been using the hour and a bit each way to do some reading on my Kindle. Naturally, being a tight git, I downloaded as many free titles as I thought would appeal to me. Verdict? A mixed bag. I’ve had some good reads but several of them I’ve only given about 10%, and that includes all the necessary guff before the opening chapter. It’s given me a lesson though. In the ebook era when 1000s of titles can be stored on a device it is crucial to hook the reader early. It’s just too easy for people with short attention spans, like me, or too little reading time in their lives, like me, or a virtual mountain of ebooks waiting to be read, like me, to tap a button and move on the next freebie in search of something… sufficiently engaging. I wonder if I would be so intolerant if I only had physical books to read. Probably not. Probably I’d give the books more of a chance.

I did read one brilliant book this last week: 1984 by George Orwell. I’ve been meaning to read it for years and found it online as a PDF document being offered for free. The guy was a prophet. But more than that (and the man’s creative genius of aside), based on the evidence of this book, he was, in my humble opinion, simply a brilliant writer. Full stop. Loved it.

Something else I’ve been doing over the last few weeks is some research for a new series of books I think I might move on to next. I brought half a dozen reference books back from the UK after the holiday and I’ve been working my way through them. I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, although I often enjoy it when I do. To be reading books in the name of research for a fiction book I want to write has brought an extra tickle to the reading experience. I think that as soon as I have He Made Me how how I want it, I might make a start. I have the opening scene in my head.

Oh, and this week I got in touch with the nice man who does my covers asking for one for He Made Me. Looking forward to seeing how he realises the fairly scant information I provided for this one.

Interesting statistic for the week: as I write, Rope Enough has 666 reviews on Amazon.co.uk. Ominous?

Best wishes to all.



7 thoughts on “A slow news week.

  1. You seem to have had a quiet sort of week, whereas, mine’s been hectic: so hectic I had to blog about it yesterday, whereupon, I ask the question: ‘are writer’s selfish?’. Would like your view on this.

    I too, have been reading a lot of freebies lately, but have become more selective and bought a few. Reading a book at the moment from an author who has been successful enough to get a TV series, but was more impressed with the TV series than the book. No books coming out of the Oliver Tidy stable yet, but keep hoping it’ll be soon.

    Is it me? or is our virtual world rather quiet at the moment? Everyone must be writing their socks off.

    • Hı Pat
      Only a quiet week in my second life. (The first life – work, home, family was ıt’s usual draining self.)
      I wonder if I know the debut author’s book you’ve mentioned. Has he got a couple of freebies of shorter fıction available at the moment? If so, one of his books is one of the ones I gave up on.
      Just waiting on my gentleman friend to finish proofreading Ace r#3. He’s a busy man these days. But I’m still writing and having fun.
      Can’t comment on the chilly quiet ın the virtual world as I really don’t get out that often. But I wıll comment on your post later. However, ıf you want to know the truth about whether I’m selfish when I’m writing, perhaps you’d better speak to my other half. Second thoughts, don’t.
      Best wishes.

      • Hiya Oliver,
        I’m still writing too, trying to have fun, but keep being disturbed.
        As far as I know the author has only written one book, with no short stories, and has, for the past 3 years, brought it out under a different cover several times. I dipped into it but not my cup of tea. It must have something, though, as I discovered a famous female Hollywood star is taking the lead.
        If you remember Margaret Mitchell only wrote one book, GONE WITH THE WIND and made a fortune. And that one line, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,” is priceless.

      • Hi Pat
        Doesn’t sound like the one I’m thinking of. You must let me know what it’s called! so I can fix up my voodoo doll with the author’s description. Bitter and twisted? Moi?

  2. Mr. Tidy,

    What’s the forecast for a release date on the next Booker & Cash? Working title (as a hint)? I can’t wait to see what might happen (or not!) between those two. Happy writing!


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