Calling all Romney & Marsh fans!

Hello all,

This is me trying a bit more self-promotion. It’s bound to come across as desperate because I am.

Here is a link to a regular feature that The Guardian is running about self-published authors.

If anyone who has read and enjoyed the R&M Files and has five minutes on their hands would care to give me a shot at a potential boost, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance. And if you’re going to do it, please do it quickly before approximately ten million other self-pubbers see this and get the same idea 🙂

Also, in my last blog-post titled ‘No Comment?’ I regret not including that I wanted to hear from readers about how they feel regarding authors like me commenting on their comments on Amazon. Please, feel free to chip in. All contributions valued. But not till you’ve filled out that on-line form. Please!

18 thoughts on “Calling all Romney & Marsh fans!

    • Deborah,
      Many thanks for your support with this. Brilliant. Autographed photo of me in the post first thing tomorrow. Would you prefer the one of me at the piano in my sequinned suit or the one of me dressed as a woman? Best wishes.

    • Hi Brenda,
      Thanks so much for doing that. I’m sincerely grateful. I hope that you enjoy the next book as much as the first. Please be sure to let me know what you think when you’ve finished it. If you see a free gift being offered here, please accept my apologies for making it all up. Best wishes.

  1. All done and dusted.
    As for your comments on reviews – I for one appreciate the fact that you even read them and I do like the fact that you interact with your reviewers. Out of all the authors whose books I have reviewed I would think maybe 5 have bothered to respond. It does encourage readers to
    A. Read more of your books (if they are good enough),
    B. Write further reviews
    c. Feel that the author cares enough about his/her work to bother about the reviews.

    I suppose we shall know when you have “hit the big time” as an author when you don’t have the time to respond to your reviewers. *tongue firmly in cheek there*

    I have appreciated your wit in dealing with ignorant, ill considered reviews.

    Keep chilling the loo roll

    • Hi Dawn,
      My sincere thanks for your support and response. Fantastic.
      And thank you for providing your views on the comments question. I am encouraged to continue from what I’m learning, although almost threw in the towel when received a comment today saying Joint Enterprise was ‘boring’. I nearly cried. That’s how much they bother me.
      If the big time ever hits me you can rest assured that I will regularly update my legions of readers on daily life in the Bahamas. Also if they day should ever ‘dawn’ I’ll be sending out free Romney and Mush (that’s why they were cheap) T-shirts that I’ve managed to get a good deal on. Sizes are XXXS or XXXL. Genuine polyester. Let me know which you’d prefer.
      Off to check the fridge when the wife’s out of the WC.
      Best wishes as always.

  2. Done like a dog’s dinner! And reviews and comments? An earlier comment refers to when you find fame and stop responding! I am already in awe of the volume of work required to be a self publisher!

    • Terrific. Thanks very much, Colin. Your continued interest and support is much appreciated. Please see above for my response to keeping touch with my readers when fame and fortune comes knocking. Please also see other comments here for my amazing R&M reward scheme. I’ve just put in an order for another dozen novelty R&M ties if you’re interested, but I’ll understand if you’re not. They have blue flashing lights and make a police siren noise when pressed. Not for the faint hearted. Best wishes.

  3. I’d love to fill out the form for your R & M books but didn’t find a form on the page. What am I missing? Can you help me out?

    Your first 3 books were a pleasure and I’m looking forward to the next. Also, I really appreciate your comments and time to interact with your readers.

    • Hi Julie
      Thanks for your interest to support the R&M cause. Much appreciated. Here is the link to the Guardian website. I hope that it works now. Just go down the page and there is a simple form.
      Thank you too for your encouraging comment regarding the books and for stating your opinion on comments on comments. It’s good to see that people like yourself appreciate the thought.
      If you see the above comments you’ll notice that I’m offering all sorts of wonderful incentives to readers to bribe (encourage them) to support the R&M books. Make a choice while stock last!
      Best wishes.

    • Emma,
      Many thanks for your time and effort to support my cry for assistance. To be honest, I’ve been a bit touched by the people who have rallied and let me know.
      At the risk of sounding odd, I have a few Romney and Marsh books inside me gestating. It’s like a kind of pregnancy.
      Best wishes.

  4. I have read all three of your books and have really enjoyed them. I am anxiously awaiting the fourth. I have been an avid reader of Peter Robinson (Banks) who I predicted would become television material and I hope the same happens for you. Hurry up and bring out the next please

    • Alayne,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It makes my day to hear from readers who’ve enjoyed the series. Thanks also for your purchases.
      I wanted Daniel Craig to play Romney, but he was busy playing James Bond. Maybe next time.
      I hope to start a fourth this summer.
      Best wishes.

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