Blog (noun) good

I’m very new to blogging. I’ve currently been doing it for about a week. Most of that time has been spent trying to understand how to set up my blog rather than actually writing anything. Tonight, for instance, I worked out how to add links and a blogroll and new pages. I’m really impressed and astounded that I can customise my own piece of cyber space with all these widgets and none of it costs a penny. That’s brilliant and a wonderful thing.

When I was figuring out my long-game plan for my self-publishing I thought that I’d need a website. I even bought my domain name in advance – Now, I’m not so sure. Having spent a couple of evenings getting to know and understand the options and possibilities of a blog I’m beginning to think that a blog might be all that I need.

What I need from a weblink for anyone whose interest I can attract to my titles is simply somewhere that they can visit to see something of my proposed publishing time-line and maybe a bit of blurb on each of the books. As I have been able to set up two new pages on this blog to incorporate the two series of books that I have written/am writing this would appear to have satisfied that need.

Looking around at what I’ve managed tonight I’m really quite pleased with the way it’s shaping up. For the first couple of days I felt like I’d just moved in to a new flat. My blog was bare and functional. There were no pictures on the walls or books on the shelves. Now, I have both. Now, it’s beginning to feel like home.

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