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  1. My wife and i have read all the R&M books,in 4 weeks, and we have never laughed so much. The characters were great (shame we lost Grimes). I just hope you reconsider and write some more R&M.
    We have read the first B&C which we enjoyed although not laughing so much but will read the rest.
    Will have to start a campaign for more R&M.

    • Hi Nigel,
      Many thanks for getting in touch. It’s always good to hear from satisfied readers. But above all else, I prize hearing from readers who’ve enjoyed my idea of humour in the books. I had such a lot of fun writing the R&M Files. I might come back to them one day. For now, I have other projects that I want to have a go at.
      Best wishes to you and your wife. 🙂
      PS Thanks for giving another of my series a go.

  2. Hi Oliver, I’ve just finished reading Particular Stupidities – I’ve enjoyed the whole series and have downloaded the final two and will start reading number 6 tonight. I just want to point two things out to you:

    Number 1) I can’t remember which book,I think it might have been in book 3, you mentioned a date being the 4th of the month. Unfortunately, the fourth was spelt forth (as in go forth and prosper) rather than the spelling for the number four which in this context is fourth – the letter ‘u’ was left out. I’m happy to reread and find out exactly where this occurred if you need me too.

    Number 2) is the big one – you made out that the girl with Down Syndrome has a disease rather than a disability. My nearly 12 year old has Down Syndrome and he is not sick in the true sense of sickness – he has a disability. There is a difference in having a genetic disability and having an illness like leukaemia or the flu. I would like you to re-write the references you made in the two books regarding Down Syndrome and correct the paragraphs concerned to show that it is a lifelong disability and not a sickness that she was going to get over which to me is the way it was written. People with Down Syndrome have the condition all of their lives and many go on to live a full and fulfilling life – they don’t know any difference and it is just part of their makeup as a human being.

    Anyway, I’m off my soap box and would be glad to work on this with you if you would like any advice etc.

    Keep up the good writing and perhaps write number 8 in the Romany and Marsh Files.

    Regards, Geraldine

    • Hi Geraldine,
      Many thanks for getting in touch. Good to know that you’re enjoying the R&M Files.
      Without having the text to hand I cannot reply in detail regarding your comments on Downs Syndrome, but I will look at it again and I will examine my description of the condition. I am well aware that it is not an illness and would certainly not seek to make light of it in any way.
      My sincere apologies in advance for anything I may have written that caused you any ill feeling for the read.
      Best wishes

  3. Hi Oliver
    my wife and I have worked our way through the Acer Sansom series ad moved on to Romney and Marsh. I enjoyed the AC books but love the humour of the Romney and Marsh Files even Romney’s occasional foul ups. I have just finished the last one White Knuckle and loved it particularly the TV interview and the CC response. My wife is just finishing the fifth one and loves them as much as me. Shame about Grimes but like the final tribute, perhaps you could write James Peters Book with Pg as the DI and maybe even pen Romney’s book.
    About to try out Booker and Case, having just worked through the three short stories and think they show promise. Like the link to Booker’s just before Peter’s demise.
    Best regards
    Andy R’.

    • Hi Andy, Many thanks for getting in touch. It’s always good to hear from readers who are enjoying the books. Thanks for your support.
      I had such a lot of fun writing the R&M Files. I miss the characters. I don’t have any plans to write another in the series but never say never. I have actually considered having a cross over with B&C in a one book.
      I hope you enjoy the B&C stories.
      Best wishes

  4. I read the Booker and Cash books and was sorry to see there were not any more to read. I reluctantly began the Romney and Marsh series thinking that I would give it a try since I enjoyed your writing style and character development. I have finished the first one and think these characters may be better than in the B and C. Certainly a good read and look forward to finishing the remainder of this series. Keep up the great storytelling and I shall keep up the reading end.

    • Hi Carolyn, Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to comment. That and your kind words are sincerely appreciated. It’s really good to know that you’re enjoying R&M after B&C. Here’s hoping the series continues to provide you with reading pleasure.
      Best wishes.

  5. I have read the entire Romney & Marsh series and I, too, enjoyed your humor immensely. I found myself reading certain passages over and over just so that I can keep the vivid images in my head just a little longer (and smile just a little longer as well!). I checked Amazon site frequently to see if a new R & M book has come out and I discovered this site. And that’s how I just found out from reading your comments that you have no plans to continue the R & M series. I am so bummed and shocked! Best of luck to you and I sincerely hope you will come back with a new Romney & Marsh book one day! Thank you so much for making me laugh with your words.

    • Good morning Angel,
      First, thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to get in touch over the R&M Files. Your comment and the nature of it cheered me up this morning. I enjoy hearing from readers who’ve enjoyed the series, especially when they say something nice about my idea of what’s funny. I had such a lot of fun writing those books.
      It is true that I had no plans to continue the series. It was of a time and place for me. That’s what I believed. But I never said never. And guess what? R&M#8 is my current writing project. It’s going well. I hope to have it ready for self-publication sometime later this year.
      If you would like a free short story involving R&M you can subscribe to my newsletter on the landing page of my website at and download it in Three Short Blasts. Alternatively, you can buy the book for 99p from Amazon. I think it’s got some laughs.
      Best wishes and thanks again.
      PS I have a character in my next book out called Angel 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply! I’m so thrilled to hear that R & M is coming back. I actually bought Three Short Blasts about two years ago because I couldn’t get enough of Romney & Marsh. I read that story about three or four times since to give myself a good laugh. It works every time. Thank you!

      • My pleasure, Angel. I’m happy to learn that you enjoyed the R&M in TSB. This might amuse you: I originally wrote the R&M short story as a stage play. And then, because I also compose music and write songs, I had an inspired idea – how about Romney and Marsh the musical? The idea of DI Romney bursting into a song about a tramp never gets old for me. If i ever make any money from my writing I’ll pay to have that performed in the West End 🙂

      • Best news that R&M are coming back hope it’s back in time to read on our September holiday. I’ll get the short stories anyway.
        Thanks and can’t wait.

      • Absolutely thrilled that R&M will be back! These are some of the best books I have read – many laugh out loud moments – and I cannot wait for #8. Thank you for bringing them back and continuing to delight your readers.

  6. Absolutely love the R&M books, even though I receive quizzical looks and raised eyebrows, from my spouse, as I laugh out loud whilst reading. Having read the Booker and Cash offerings as well, it is refreshing to note that you sir, are able to weave labyrinthine plots for each book. My only reservation regarding your books is your continual, repeated, ad nauseum, atheism. Please, don’t misunderstand. I believe that you are totally within your rights as a human being and a writer of fiction to express any opinion you wish. It is with a pinprick of irritation that I say to you; how would you feel if you found an author you truly enjoyed, only to have that same author denigrate your personal belief system in every. single. thing. he wrote?

    • Hi Debi,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to comment. Good to know you’re enjoying the reads and thanks you for your kinds words. All much appreciated.
      You’re right, I do let my atheism shine through – perhaps a little too much sometimes. I’ll try to rein it in. Honestly, I’ll try. 🙂
      Best wishes

  7. Love the R &M series and have just finished reading the series again for the 3rd time. Surely you can’t leave it with us not knowing what decision Marsh made regarding the baby and Romney made with the job offers … least one more book, please

    • Hi Phil, I’m amazed and flattered that you would read the R&M Files not twice but three times. What a compliment you pay me as a writer. Thank you for sharing. I am currently engaged on writing #8. It’s going slowly because of other commitments but I hope to have it out by the end of the year.
      Best wishes

  8. Just finished PARTICULAR STUPIDITIES! Even though I liked each of the previous Romney and Marsh books, I especially enjoyed this one. Learning more about the backgrounds, personalities and quirks of the individual characters helps to the reader become emersed in the location and storyline. Was a little disappointed in the ending as I wanted Romney and Julie to continue their relationship even if it remained stormy? Loved the book anyway. Please continue to write about their adventures. Great escape.

    • Hi Nigel, Sincere apologies for the delay of my reply.
      Thank you for your interest in R&M#8. I’m sorry to report that I can’t even begin to commit to a publication date for this one. My writing has entered something of a hiatus owing to other life commitments. When I have news I will post on the blog.
      Best wishes.

  9. Just read book one and thoroughly enjoyed reading a story based around our local area where places are known. Thank you for a great story line with a good ending.

    • Hi Jan,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to get in touch. Always good to hear from a satisfied reader. I can only hope that the R&M Files continue to interest and amuse. Please let me know.
      Best wishes

  10. I know many people have spoken of the humour in the Romney and Marsh Files, but may I go further and say that some passages have truly given me roll on the floor moments. I’ve laughed so much my tummy has hurt. Being a glutton for punishment I have to go back and read the bit again, and again and again…

    Out of all the crime books I’ve downloaded to my e-reader (a shed load) Romney and Marsh are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most. Not only for the humour but for the plots, twists and the relationships that you develop between characters.

    Thank you so much for giving me and countless others so much pleasure and enjoyment.


    • Hello,
      Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment. It is much appreciated and valued, particularly given the context of your voracious reading habit.
      I very much enjoy hearing from satisfied readers, but when those readers go on to let me know that my idea of what’s funny strikes a harmonious chord with them then I am doubly pleased.
      I had so much fun writing the R&M Files – many laugh out loud moments of my own. It’s warming to know that they are still being read and enjoyed.
      Thanks for putting a smile on my face this gloomy and wet Sunday morning. Best wishes.

      • Sorry I missed this comment, Nigel. The next R&M is temporarily shelved while I deal with a dose of real life ie working for a living instead of living the dream. I’ll get there eventually.

      • Understand your situation. Will look forward to the next book when it is ready, Have read and loved all of them.

  11. hi oliver just read the first romney marsh book, eagerly await the second later. interestingly my eldest son taught english as a second language, his letters arrived and they were written as though he was talking to me, i find your book descriptive in that vein too. living in dymchurch for a few years helped the scene come alive. i am aware my capital letters are missing, a new keyboard is my next purchase. keep writing please

    • Hi, Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to let me know that you enjoyed the first Booker & Cash title. I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope that the other two currently available also give you some reading pleasure.
      Best wishes.
      PS Apologies for the tardiness of my response to your comment. For some reason I just didn’t see it and I don’t log onto my webpage that often these days.

  12. Just finished the last of the Romney and Marsh series. Feeling bereft … would love more. It’s like losing two friends 😦

    • Hi Siobhan, Many thanks for your comment. So pleased to learn that you enjoyed the series. It is a true compliment that you came to view Tom and Joy as ‘friends’. Thank you.
      Best wishes

  13. I have thoroughly enjoyed your Romney and Marsh books – there are not many books which make me laugh out loud, and I had a tear in my eye when Peter Grimes died – and am really sorry to read that you are undecided about writing more. The Romney and Marsh story in Three Short Blasts was the funniest thing I have read for ages. Please write more of them! I am now moving on to your Booker and Cash novels with high hopes.

    • Hi Pat, Many thanks for your welcome comment and kind words. I had a great deal of fun writing the R&M Files and it’s always good to hear from readers who share my sense of humour. I originally wrote the short story in Three Short Blasts as a stage play, a musical actually, with my own songs. I would die happy if I could see DI Romney bursting into a song about tramps on the stage.
      Here’s hoping that the B&C titles reward the investment of your reading time.
      Best wishes

  14. Just finished the Romney & Marsh book 1. Thoroughly enjoyed it and now bought the rest of the series. My mum is 92 and still loves reading books – she keeps reading until 3 and 4 in the morning and I know she’s going to scamper through your books. It’s an invaluable gift to be able to gather a story together where readers can’t wait to see what happens next and engage with believable characters. Well done for providing such great escapism and books which you can’t put down.

    • Hi Chrissie, Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment. I’m always made happy to learn that the books are providing reading pleasure.
      I enjoy writing and had a great deal of fun scribbling the stories, getting wrapped up in the characters’ lives.
      I sincerely hope that your mum does enjoy them. Still devouring books in her nineties! That’s brilliant.
      Best wishes to you both.

  15. Hi. I picked up Romney and Marsh Making a killing last week and couldn’t put it down. Reading a novel based in an area I know really well, born in Folkestone, was a new experience and it was great to recognise parts of Dover as the story unwound. Loved it and have now started Joint Enterprise and looking forward to reading other novels by yourself once I’ve read all the R and M ones.

    • Hi Mary, Sincere thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment here. Much appreciated.
      Good to know that you enjoyed MAK. I can only hope that the JE will encourage you to go on and enjoy the rest of the series. And in case you weren’t aware, the first book in the series ‘Rope Enough’ is currently free to download from Amazon.
      Best wishes.

  16. Hello oliver,
    I bought all the R& books as they came out and greatly enjoyed them.
    Finding myself between books, as it were, I returned to them, and found them as fresh and as funny as always.
    Simply, a thourouly good read, please revisit them soon.
    Kind regards
    Ray Edwards

    • Hi Ray, Many thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. You have paid me a high compliment. There are not many books that I have wanted to read twice and to think that mine might have made the grade for another reader gives me great joy. Thank you.
      Best wishes

  17. Hello Oliver

    The problem with the kindle is that, whilst being an avid reader, my predilection for downloading new books (via recommendations, book reviews etc.,) is even greater, and therefore my kindle library backlog merely continues to grow.

    So it was when I recently decided that I really should look at the earliest downloads in the most distant pages of my kindle library (page 47 and therefore 281 books still to read!) that I discovered I had actually downloaded ‘Rope Enough’ in 2014…yes, five years ago!

    What a brilliant and captivating read! I really enjoyed your writing style, the characters and the interweaving story lines, so much so that I have now downloaded the remaining six books in the Romney and Marsh series in readiness for an imminent holiday.

    However, should my wife subsequently elect to divorce me following our holiday (on the grounds of my failure to interact with her for the whole two weeks we are away, and in the process citing, as evidence of my unfaithfulness, both Romney and Marsh as the guilty parties) then I would likely have to seek recourse from you, since I would be looking to you to share some degree of culpability for such a marital outcome!

    Thank you again for such a thoroughly enjoyable novel, I very much look forward to reading the remaining books in the Romney and Marsh series, as I do to reading your other work, and I wish you continued literary success.

    All good wishes.

    • Hello Malcolm,
      Many thanks for your time and trouble to leave such a positive and encouraging comment.
      Firstly, let me say that I know exactly how you feel regarding the backlog of reading material on the Kindle. Mine is the same. So many brilliant reads I might never get to. From a self-publishing perspective, just getting a reader to notice your offering is hard enough in such a cluttered and competitive environment. I’m always grateful to the guy who did such a good job on my cover designs – that thumbnail image is the only ‘bait’ I’ve got to ‘hook’ another reader and hopefully ‘land’ them. Enough of the fishing analogy.
      As someone who must have a good read on the go at all times, I know from experience that a holiday can be made better by good reading material to go with it. A bit like decent gravy on a fine Sunday roast. So, I can only hope that the rest of the R&M Files don’t disappoint. But if they do, at least you have a good safety net on your Kindle to fall back into. Please let me know.
      I appreciate the need for balance between social interaction, especially with a spouse, and quiet reading time. As a veteran of three marriages I should probably be the last person to offer advice on anything other than a decent divorce lawyer. (Why did theirs always seems so much more competent and motivated than mine?) However, if your wife is also a reader you could always recommend the R&M Files.
      Best wishes and enjoy your holiday.

  18. Before reading white knuckle Christmas,! I decided to refresh my memory of characters and re read the book before it. I enjoyed so much, I re read the entire series. I will be sad to never have the anticipation of a new R/M to read. Best wishes and thank you for outstanding writing.

    • Hi Beverly, Please accept my apologies for the tardiness of my reply.
      Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch with a positive message for the R&M Files. I had an enormous amount of fun writing them and am always chuffed to learn that others are getting pleasure reading them.
      Best wishes.

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